16 Nov: Try this to Support Your Kidney Energy

Winter is Kidney season. If you find this season challenging, experience premature aging, have low energy, for instance, try this easy tip.

13 Nov: What is Quantum Resonance Technology? Here are my favourite ones

Quantum Resonance Technology is future medicine now. Check out how it can enhance all areas of life. Coupon code for sale inside.

10 Nov: Dragon’s Blood for Wound Healing (Mosquito Diaries continues)

Exploring Dragon’s Blood for wound healing. Here’s to learning about and experimenting with Dragon’s Blood.


According to the Chinese Almanac, Winter begins November 7, according to the Chinese Almanac.

The Chinese still use the Twenty-Four Solar Terms calendar that previously informed their agricultural practices and today continues to inform their diet and lifestyle. It’s still their cultural practice to eat with the season which is believed to support and strengthen our constitution, especially with changing weather. I invite you to explore these ideas and observe how you respond. Here’s an article on the winter diet.

Winter corresponds with the Kidney and Bladder Function Energies and the emotion/attitude of fear. It’s time for equanimity, stillness, elimination, and connecting with ancestral energy. Our pre-natal energy is stored here. The care we take to support and harmonize these energies at this time can have a profoundly positive impact on our well-being.


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04 Nov: DivaCup to Saalt Soft Cup, Exploring Menstrual Cups

Sometimes you need to try a few to find the right fit. Find out why I changed from a DivaCUp to the Saalt Soft menstrual cup.

31 Oct: Re-thinking Age, Aging & Longevity

Re-thinking age and aging means looking at our lifestyle and soul choices. If you struggle with your own age, here are some ideas for you.

25 Oct: Prosperity & Pearl Sequence with Richard Rudd

What is Prosperity? Richard Rudd of Gene Keys delves into what prosperity truly is and how to unlock it in the Pearl Sequence.

15 Oct: How Prayers work, Gregg Braden Explains

Prayers have been part of every culture. Words have power. Gregg Braden explains how prayers work and the science behind them.

10 Oct: Exhaling & Your Health

We breathe to live. Do you know your breathing pattern? Are you exhaling fully and how does that impact your health and well-being?

22 Sep: Is Your Diet Mucous-forming & Why is that important?

Are you consuming mucous-forming foods? What is mucous, what is its function, and when is it not supporting our health and wellbeing?

17 Sep: Reminder : We are not the Weather

We may be affected by physical and energetic weather. We are not the clouds, we are the sky. Thoughts on shifting through transits.

12 Sep: Finding Inner Peace in Times of Change

We are living in times of great change. Finding our inner peace helps us to stay centred and navigate these times as who we are.

04 Sep: Welcoming Autumn From an Eastern Lens

Autumn is marked by golden leaves, which eventually shed. Through an eastern lens, we see this reflected in the energies of specific organs.

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EAT pillar of health category What Therapy
Our diet is one source of life force energy and post-natal qi that builds, restores, and rejuvenates. Sourcing the most nutritious, clean, and sustainable ingredients is not only important to nourishing our cranial, heart, and gut brains. Our consumer practices and philosophies have an impact on our local ecosystem and the greater environment.


Move pillar of health and wellbeing What Therapy Power of Choice platform
The body is built to move. Physical movement has positive effects on and reflects movement on other levels, including mental flexibility and emotional harmony. Movement goes beyond exercising. Awareness of how we move helps us stay agile, responsive, and present. Conscious and embodied movement also illumines where we may have limited our state of being.
Pisces & Liver photo by Debby Hudson
Pisces & Liver

Pisces relates to the Liver. Learn three ways to harmonize this energy with Jin Shin Jyutsu. The Liver Flow is also known as the Cerebrum Flow – find how it affects our Human Assemblage Point.


Breathe Power of Choice What Therapy
The breath is the one thing we can do consciously and automatically. How we breathe, throughout the day, in moments of challenge, using pranayama techniques to direct our life force, or in meditation, has a profound impact on our health and well-being. We look at the different approaches to stress relief, resilience building, greater respiratory function, inner peace, and more.
Exhaling & Your Health

We breathe to live. Do you know your breathing pattern? Are you exhaling fully and how does that impact your health and well-being?

Virtual Oxygen Therapy


heal at what therapy
In Chinese Medicine, there are three levels of dis-ease and well-being – the earthly level, the human level, and the celestial level. Each one requires a different focus though the elements are linked and interdependent. At the earthly level, we work with the environment, including the climate and the diet. At the human level, we look at our patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviour. Our fixation and attachment can lead to imbalance and even suffering. At the celestial level, we look at how we follow our heart as a way to fulfill our “destiny”. At What Therapy we believe that there are more than physical factors in play and look at the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of healing.


glow what therapy power of choice
While inner glow comes from what we ingest and how we feel, we believe we can add to our glow with clean non-toxic products. What we put onto our skin is so quickly absorbed, we can easily enhance our health by consciously choosing our skincare, makeup, and sunscreen. We are advocates of using beautiful products that are a delight to use and are better for us and the environment , whether they are commercially available or handmade in your own kitchen.


Travel Pillar of Light What Therapy The Power of Choice
We live in a global village and most of us are travellers, whether it’s to the most remote reaches of Northern Norway or on a road trip to the next province or state. Travelling is a great way to engage with the greater world and see perspectives other than our own. It is an opportunity to experience local food, beauty rituals, healing traditions, and so much more. We believe travelling nurtures our curiosity and openness. It is a wonderful pause from our everyday routine to disengage from a set way of being. It is a positive disruption that asks us to live more presently.
earth chakra mt fuji photo by eea-ikeda
Earth Chakras

As a sentient being, our beautiful planet also has a chakra system. Some say there are 12 major and 144 minor chakras. What are these earth chakras?


live pillar of wellbeing What Therapy The Power of Choice Platform
At the end of the day, it’s about how we live – what we practice, how we choose to respond and connect, how we walk our talk, and what it all looks like. How do we put it all together? Do we believe the universe is a friendly one? What kind of garden are we tending? What is our impact on those around us? Here we look at the what, why, and how of the principles and philosophies of everyday life.


Sandra Shih
Sandra Shih
Wellness Advocate

Sandra is a HeartMath Trainer, Jin Shin Jyutsu and biofeedback practitioner, and writer. She focuses on helping clients instill a beautiful self-care practice based on traditional wisdom and modern technology.

Dr Taylor Bean Canadian Naturopathic Doctor Interview Singapore
Dr Taylor Bean
Naturopathic Physician

Dr Bean is a Canadian Naturopathic Physician who is passionate about what she does and aims to bring good information to the table, allowing her patients to make the best choices for themselves.

Tasneem Kagalwalla
Tasneem Kagalwalla
Coach, Author & Coach

US-based Life Certified Master NLP Life Coach and Trainer, author, and poet, Tasneem embarked on her journey into the world of alternative therapy began at an early age, focused on a strong commitment to self-awareness and development.


Diana is curious about how we can move through the world with greater ease. She offers mindful movement practices and listening touch therapies and hosts song circles. These include yin and yang yoga based on the five elements, womb yoga, active meditations, Tension Release Exercise, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Cranio-sacral Therapy.