Try this to Support Your Kidney Energy

Winter is Kidney (and Bladder) energy season. Do you have certain patterns, health concerns, or emotional challenges that feel more prominent in wintertime? If you do, I invite you to try the following suggestion and observe any shifts that may occur.

Each season has its own energy, the elements moving through a cycle. The Autumn is about letting go. First we have to decide that we are ready to release the past. Now it’s time to move it out of your system so that in the Spring, we are reborn and renewed, living our heart’s desires in the Summer. We also move through these cycles during the day and night, as well as seasonally.

Kidney and Bladder is about water circulation, elimination, and fear. The corresponding attitude/emotion is fear. What is fear? False Evidence Appearing Real is one perspective. Fear is contraction, stagnation, accumulation and the opposite of life, which is movement.

The Kidney Function Energy governs the development of bones, teeth, nails, and marrow. When disharmonized, a person may experience ear discomforts, hearing difficulties, dry throat, dizziness, flat feet, “hot foot”, bloating, reproductive challenges, nose bleeds, and accumulation in the body, such as cysts and bumps. As the flow pattern is close to the spine, harmonizing this energy helps with spine projects. The kidney is also important for filtering out toxins, key to our immune system.

Quick Hold to Balance Kidney Energy

Jin Shin Jyutsu offers 12 organ function energy flows for adjustment when the energy pattern has deviated or when energy circulation has become blocked. Flows vary from a few short steps to longer ones. The first step of each flow is called the anchor step, which activates.

Anchor Step for the Kidney Function Energy

  • Hold your left little toe with your right hand
  • place your left hand (fingertips, palm, whichever is comfortable) on your pubic bone

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