Acupressure for Emotional Health : The Ring of Water

Good clean waters means emotional health and balance. We are over 75% water and how we work with our inner waters is essential to our overall state of being. There are many ways to achieve wellness – here we show you an easy technique – acupressure for emotional health.

In the mid-90s, Dr Norm Shealy began working with acupuncture points and testing for what would become the five sacred rings – the Ring of Fire, the Ring of Air, the Ring of Water, the Ring of Earth, and the Ring of Crystal.

The message he received about the Ring of Water is that “this is for balancing emotions and contacting the Christological Heart (Christ consciousness).”1 The Ring of Water helps with the flow of bodily fluids, edema, congested heart failure, and Aldosterone, the hormone for water and potassium balance. In Living Bliss, Dr Shealy writes that “biochemically, the Ring of Water normalizes aldosterone when the body circuit is stimulated with GHz – that is to say, both high and low levels of aldosterone return to normal.”2

When Dr Shealy combined the Ring of Fire with the Ring of Water he stumbled upon a fantastic natural weight loss method.

Here is an excerpt from Dr Shealy’s website about the Ring of Water 3 –

It brings emotional tranquility and assists rapport with other realms of life—animal, plant, mineral. It provides spiritual homeopathic energy to balance emotions.


Acupressure for Emotional Health

Some ways to activate the Ring of Water are:

  • Rub into each of the acupressure points of the ring the essential oil blend Water Bliss from Dr Shealy. There is an essential oil blend for each ring.
  • Massage and tap the points, with or without visualization
  • Visualize the Ring of Water as a meditation.

The 13 Acupressure Points of the Ring of Water

note: some are bilateral and some are single points

Spleen 4

This is located on the inside of the side of the foot. It is at the joint at the end of the long bone of the big toe. If you wiggle your big toe, you will see the joint. Apply to both sides.


Located below the breast bone in the middle is Conception Vessel 14

Conception vessel 8

This is located directly behind Conception Vessel 14 on the back.


You can reach Bladder 13 by laying your hands over the tops of your shoulders, with the long finger pointing down as far as it will go. Bladder 13 is an inch on either side of the spine. Do both sides.


An inch below the skull, Bladder 10 is one-half inch to either side of the spine. (2nd cervical vertebra). Do both sides.


This is an important point for heart energy. You can find it by feeling the space between the two tendons on the outer wrist, below the palm on the side of the pinkie finger. Do both sides.


Triple Heater 16 is located on the sternocleidomastoid muscle. You can easily find this by turning your head to one side. The opposite side of the neck tightens. Massage the back of that muscle below the lower jaw. Massage the other side by turning the opposite direction.

Governing Vessel 20

Top of the skull. “It is one of the 22 winds of the sky points, but it also overlies the pineal. My intent was, that by stimulating that, it puts the energy right into the pineal, which ultimately controls the pituitary.”4

You can find photos of where these acupressure points are located on Dr Shealy’s website.

The Five Sacred Rings of Dr Shealy for Health and Wellness

Ring of Fire

12 acupuncture points to raise DHEA (which can be increased further with transdermal magnesium, natural progesterone cream, and a combo of Vitamin C and MSM) and to regulate the endocrine system. Used with Ring of Water for weight loss. Good for helping adrenal burnout.

Ring of Air

12 acupuncture points for neurotensin and oxytocin, “stimulation of thought” (intuition), relaxation, better sleep, lowering anxiety, dealing with depression, and when used with Ring of Earth, autism and Down’s Syndrome.

Ring of Water

13 acupuncture points, to normalize aldosterone, when stimulated with GHz; for emotional balance.

Ring of Earth

13 acupuncture points, to raise calcitonin, helpful for those with thyroid dysfunction, for pain management and strong bones. When used with Ring of Crystal, it is useful for Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and Parkinsonism.

Ring of Crystal

13 acupuncture points, to reduce free radicals and oxidation and to balance overall energetic system and assist with regeneration.

Acupressure for emotional health is easily done with just a few minutes at a time. There are many ways to activate the Ring of Water for emotional balance as well as the proper flow of internal fluids. You can simply press these acupressure points, apply essential oils, or visualize these point.

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Applying Water Bliss Oil to the Ring of Water with Dr. Norm Shealy Try acupressure for emotional health and let us know how you feel.