Sandra Shih


Sun in Pisces into Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox is just around the corner. The earliest in 124 years! In these last days with the Sun in Pisces, we are closing one cycle before a new one. When the Sun moves into Aries, at Spring Equinox, we are embarking on another spiral.

unexpected fruits of massage session photo by Darya Ogurtsova

Connecting Threads in Life

Connecting threads in life can happen in unexpected ways. With Mercury in retrograde, we can get deepr with ourselves with contemplation and review. Here are some thoughts that connected in a massage session.

Open to Love photo by Toa Heftiba

Open to Love

How ready are you for love? How open are you to love? Rumi wrote back in the 13th century that the key is to remove the barriers we have created to love. Here are some potent ways to dissolve these walls, distances, and other barriers.

woman's arm in front of leaves innocent intimacy

Innocent Intimacy

Innocent intimacy is far more than being playful in our sensual expressions or enjoying potent sexual health. What is innocent intimacy and how can we all thrive from deepening through igniting it? Explore this meditation from Shashi Solluna.

full moon in leo photo by Morgan Mcdonald

Leo Full Moon

February’s Full Moon is in Leo. This is a bright moon, a Snow Moon that invites us to step up. Check out the Human Design aspect and Jin Shin self-help tip.