The Dynamics of Energy in Relationships

We are here to be in relationships with others. It's one of the most important arenas for growth and self-love. The Human Design System provides insights on the mechanics of connections that can help shift our dynamics and understanding of self and the other.

Communication skills matter in relationships and much focus has been placed on the different styles and approaches. What’s not often spoken about in mainstream therapy and coaching is the mechanics of energetic dynamics in relationships. These are mechanics of how we meet and connect with each other energetically. Understanding relationship dynamics from the Human Design System can shed light on emotionality, projection, and other common challenges.

Human Design and the Nine Energy Centres

The Human Design Bodygraph shows an energy map of nine centres, 64 gates, and 36 channels that correlate with biological functions and codons. At the time of our birth time, the Sun, moon, and planetary spheres are in a specific location and their placements activate specific Gates. These activations then can form channels, connecting centres. This shows how our energy flows. A defined centre has consistent energy flowing to and through it, while an undefined centre does not. Nothing is wrong or needs fixing for the undefined centres. Defined = transmitter. Undefined = receiver.

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Mechanics of Centres

When in aura (or in transit), the energy of a defined centre moves into an undefined centre. This means when in aura of someone with a defined Throat, a person with an undefined Throat will have it defined and there is mechanical pressure to speak. The effects on the person with an undefined Throat will depend on the nature of connection.

Each of the nine energy centres has a not-self theme that can be triggered. The not-self theme for the Throat centre is speaking to seek attention. So the person with the undefined Throat will feel that pressure, thinking if they speak they will get the attention they want/need. If this person does speak as a result of this pressure, they will meet resistance, a signpost they have acted from the mind, rather than from their Strategy and Inner Authority. Understanding not-self themes and being aware of the pressures can help a person not be triggered into inauthentic action and can come to see the wisdom of openness.

Energy Centre Dynamics in Relationship

In this article, I go into some detail about the defined and undefined Solar Plexus.

Undefined centres are what we are here to learn about. Because of that and genetic imperative, it is natural that we attract people who have those centres defined. Or we can define a centre together. However, just because someone has a centre defined does not mean that they are expressing that energy in a healthy way. This is one of the ways that as children, we develop adaptive strategies to protect ourselves.

There is a lot to untangle in relationship conflict, from known and unknown trauma and defense mechanisms to projections and general stress. The Human Design System brings a level of insight available from the mechanics as well as an energy that can help bridge two people’s perspectives.