Pluto Returns to Gate 41

The talk is around Pluto's ingress into Aquarius. There is a deeper significance when we look more closely at Pluto's return to Gate 41.

The big news is not so much Pluto entering into Aquarius. It’s Pluto entering into a specific degree of Aquarius. Namely 02°0’0”.

In the Human Design System, 02°0’0” to 07°37’30” Aquarius is Gate 41.

Gate 41 is the fuel for the Human Experiential Way. It begins here. This is the Gate of Hunger and drives this experiential stream. This hunger for a new experience. This is also Decrease, “that it is only one feeling, one experience at a time. “the limitation of resources which maximizes the development of potential.” Like the gardener pruning back to encourage new growth in the spring.

The Human Experiential Way is part of the Collective Abstract Circuitry. It is about the experiential, progress and change that come from lived experience. The keynote for this stream is “sharing” and as Ra Uru Hu said, “every single Gate and Channel in the Collective has a social obligation to share whatever they’ve got.”

The 41st Hexagram is the fuel or the pressure of an abstract stream in the Sensing Circuit, the Stream of Feeling. This stream is a uniquely human stream. It is the evolutionary and genetic material necessary for us to experience incarnation in a human form. Without this stream, the human evolutionary process would not exist. Not only are we speaking here of a fundamental pressure for a life process; but in particular, to understand it is not shared with any other form of life. This is a very specific stream that is directly associated with what we experience as being human.

Ra Uru Hu

1781 & Start of the Pluto Interregnum

1781 was a pivotal time for humankind. A shift in consciousness was marked by the discovery of Uranus. Our bioform also evolved from 7-centred to 9-centred and a visual cortex mutation brought a new cognition. The 7-centred being was strategic and made decisions from mental awareness. Now we are also receptive and passive, with the ability to take in so much more of the information field. Significantly, from then, the direction of humanity pointed toward Spirit awareness. In that year, Pluto was in Gate 41.

Pluto signifies the truth and through death and rebirth, it brings mutation and transformation. As it transits each of the 64 Gates of the Mandala Wheel, it turns off one aspect and turns on something new. With a cycle of 248 years, Pluto remains in each Gate between three and seven years. Its impact is felt by everyone, though no one can see its process within their own lifetime. While Pluto asks a new question and changes the mechanism, it is Neptune that follows that will dissolve the old. As Ra Uru Hu said, “Neptune does the real work.”

By 1894, Pluto had been in the four Gates of the Human Experiential Way. Gate 41 in 1781, Gate 30 in 1793, Gate 36 in 1815, and Gate 35 in 1894. What’s been changing is the way of life for the 7-centred being. The Human Experiential Way as they knew it no longer functioned the same. When Pluto returns to Gate 41, we will begin a new incarnative process.

This is Pluto’s interregnum. Everything that has taken place, from the moment the 9-centered being emerged in 1781, to the mutation of the Solar Plexus Centre and the changing of the cycle beginning in 2027, is dominated by Pluto.

Ra Uru Hu

And then there’s Neptune

We cannot talk about Pluto without Neptune. While Pluto begins the mutation process, it is Neptune which dissolves the remains of the old.

While Pluto entered in Gate 36 in the 1800s, Neptune only entered in May 2021. It will move out in April 10, 2024 and retrograde back into Gate 36 for a new months. Gate 36 is the Gate of Crisis, a Design of a “Jack of all Trades.” Neptune has been dissolving the old way for Gate 36. It’s important to remember that change is natural for humans, as part of the experiential abstract process. Crisis comes when we insist on a certain passage and outcome, rather than be a witness to inevitable shifts in feelings.

“Crisis is not inherently bad, obviously…Crisis is a possibility of transition. All transition is crisis-oriented. how can it not be? If you go from inexperience to experience, there is always going to be that moment of crisis, whether it is tiny or insignificant or major. The moment that you’re above the surface and you dive into the deep you’re not on familiar ground. There are things that you’re going to have to deal with that you were not prepared for. That’s why it’s called the Gate of Crisis – it’s the Gate of Inexperience, inexperience in the transition to the change, inexperience in the moment towards the completion of desire.” – Ra Uru Hu.

While Neptune was in Gate 36, it was also veiled. What and how it was dissolved? One thing is certain – with nearly half of people have defined the Solar Plexus (where Gate 36 is), generally people are not taking time for clarity to arise to make decisions and jump into new experiences when those are not correct for them. This is also crisis and chaos.

Return of Pluto

In March 2023, Pluto returned to Aquarius. Because Capricorn is very different from Aquarius, Pluto moving into Aquarius is big news and highly anticipated. Capricorn is about structures, government, and the practical, while Aquarius is about innovation, technology, the people, and community. We’ve seen a tremendous of institutional change, such as defunding the police in parts of the United States.

On April 11, 2024 (7:33PM UTC), Pluto enters Gate 41 for the first time, retrograding back to Gate 60 (Capricorn and Aquarius) until January 2025. This is two years before the start of the new global cycle, and a new experiential way begins.

Gate 60Gate 41
Line 4 – 29°11’15” of Capricorn to 00°07’30” of Aquarius02°0’0” – 07°37’30” Aquarius

We have already seen the old breaking down. The institutions and structures we’ve built over the past 400 plus years can no longer be relied upon, even though people continue to believe in them. The proclamation of “God is dead” reflects the loosening of religion as the glue that binds together communities. We have been seeing a revival in Christianity; however, this is in faith and not necessarily in the Church as an intermediary body.

The background energies of our current cycle will still be anchored in those born before the Ides of February in 2027 and the change may not be obvious for another 100 or more years. Nonetheless, Pluto’s work will be done for this round when she returns to Gate 41. When Neptune moves into Gate 35, the Gate of Change, from 2056 to 2060, then the old Human Experiential Way will truly be dissolved.

The Human Design System was given to us via the Messenger Ra Uru Hu so we can be the library for this knowledge for the future. For those who will live in a very different world, so that they can know how to navigate from their personal authority, rather than their mind. Strategic living from the mental plane was for the 7-centred beings. It is much different for us, the 9-centred beings.