Blue Tansy for Heart & Liver Qi

Blue Tansy is an annual bloom and it's back in season, perfect for supporting your Liver and Heart energy Spring and Summer. Find out what it can help with.

Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum) is an annual bloom of the chamomile family. Harvested in the Mediterranean area, this flower has a compound called chamazulene that gives the oil that beautiful blue colour. Chamazulene is an antioxidant that has calming properties, making it a popular skincare ingredient.

Aside from using it for calming inflammation and acne-prone skin, Blue Tansy can also repel mosquitoes. A bonus for the summer.

Blue Tansy & Qi

According to Peter Holmes LAc, MH Blue Tansy is a Qi regulator to pay attention to, “one of the best oils for treating conditions of general Qi constraint.” He describes a person whose “body and mind are tense, reactive, irritable, and tend to heat, and immediately respond to stress in an injuries way. The result is systemic Qi stagnation or constraint.” For conditions such as hay fever, middle ear inflammations, and sinusitis, use Blue Tansy oil in steam inhalations. You may also consider adding lavender.

When Lung Qi stagnates instead of descending, Peter Holmes also suggests Blue Tansy oil. Other Lung-Qi descending oils he mentioned are Hyssop and Thyme.

What Blue Tansy Oil can help:

  • neuralgic pain
  • rheumatic pain
  • headaches
  • sciatica
  • depression with anxiety
  • asthma from stress
  • hay fever
  • sinusitis
  • middle ear inflammations
  • Liver Qi stagnation
  • Liver Yin
  • Heart Yin deficiency
  • excessive menstrual or postpartum blood loss (combine with Geranium)
  • skin rash with itching or burning pain
  • redness and swelling of skin
  • fibromyalgia
  • chronic inflammation of muscles and tendons
  • arthritis
  • ruminating mind

With Spring governed by Liver (and Gall Bladder) energy and Summer by Heart (and Small Intestine) energy, Blue Tansy essential oil may be a great match to balance body and mind.

First launched in June 2022, Earthley is bringing back their limited edition Blue Bliss products May 28 this year. It is a blend of Blue Tansy (COA), Lavender (COA), and Sandalwood (COA) essential oils. All are steam-distilled. (Use code NEWTOEARTHLEY for 10% off)

Blue Tansy for Liver Qi

Blue Tansy is well-known for its hydrating, calming, and clarifying properties in skincare. Discover how it’s used for liver energy.

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