Love of the Body

This week’s Sun transit calls our attention to the body and our love of the body. The Sun moves into Gate 46 on September 2022 at 6:07 UT and will transit through its six expressions in the following days.

Gate 46 is the Gate of the Determination of the Self, the body as the temple. As one of the transcendent love gates in Human Design, Gate 46 is about embodiment, being in the right place at the right time. It’s also dubbed the gate of being lucky. What may look like good fortune, it is the soul moving in serendipity, honouring the physical body and being aligned with our trajectory.

“Good fortune that may be perceived as the result of serendipity but derives from effort and dedication. To accept that one is in the right place is deeply spiritual. ” – The Definitive Book of Human Design

As an aspect of the Collective Sensing (Abstract) circuitry in our design, Gate 46 is about sinking into the experience, and coming to an understanding only when we surface on the other side. It is surrendering to a cycle without knowing its meaning or whether it will unleash chaos or fulfill a potential.

Channel of Discovery

Gates 46 and 29 form the Channel fo Discovery. This is a “design of succeeding where others fail.” The 46 recognizes the correct timing and the 29 provides the energy to endure through the cycle of experience. Since this channel connects the G centre and the sacral, this is a design of Generators and Manifesting Generators. It is therefore a commitment you enter into correctly through response. It is not something to initiate from the mind. Thinking ourselves into or away from leaping pulls us out of alignment.

The value of your experience becomes apparent afterwards, when you reflect back. This is the nature of abstract circuitry. It requires retreat and aloneness to allow what’s transpired to move through you before an understanding surfaces from the abyss. Who you share with also must come from response for it to spread to the correct people.

“The experience of the nature of ourselves in interaction with others is a deeply spiritual process, and can only be evaluated when the cycle is complete. If we cannot commit ourselves to the cyclical nature of life, our body will begin to fail under the stress of constant crisis.” – International Human Design School

The Temple & Global Cycles

The Love of the Body and Gate 46 is a key aspect of global cycles. We are currently in one of the 48 Global Cycles in the Round of Civilization that began 16,101 BC. Within this Round, we are in the last of six epochs, which started 379 AD. In 2027, our currently cycle, which lasts about 400 years, will end.

Each epoch has eight themes or eight locks that we learn about. In the current epoch, these are the eight G centre gates – 10 (The Nature), 1 (The Example), 46 (The Temple), 7 (The Leader), 15 (The Pattern), 2 (The Plan), 25 (The Way), and 13 (The Witness). The Program imprints on the world through individuals with these gates activated in their design. This includes everyone with the Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx and of the Vessel of Love.

For every lock there is a key and we have different keys each Global Cycle. The keys provide different connections and experiences relating to these eight themes. Until 2027, the key to the lock of Gate 46 is Gate 40, the love of work. For hundreds of years, we’ve dedicated our body to work.

The Temple is also where we find the value of life; again, work has been central. Work for security has been a big part of the tribal bargain in this Global Cycle. It’s been a huge harnessing of human energy and enslavement of human spirit on the collective level. Work that is correct for us brings great satisfaction when entered into correctly. One of the four aura types, the Generators and Manifesting Generators with their defined sacral, are here to work, to do what they love.

In the next Global Cycle, the key to The Temple will be Gate 59, the Gate of Sexuality, which is about “the ability to break down barriers to achieve union.” The interesting thing is that this gate will be in mutation. How will sexuality, intimacy, and fertility change after 2027? What will this lock and key relationship look like? In any case, it will be different and we won’t be using our body for labour as we have in the past.

This week, take some time to observe your relationship with your own body and the body as The Temple.

  • how well are you taking care of your body?
  • is your body something that supports you? Or do you believe it has failed you?
  • are you using and abusing your body for work?
  • what judgment do you hold about your own body and other people’s bodies?
  • if you have the Channel of Discovery, are you surrendering to the experience? Do you look for a meaning or a logical explanation before entering into it? What have you discovered?

Human Design is a system and tool for alignment with our trajectory and to live as our unique differentiated selves. It shows us our design and so the parameters for us to experiment for discovering our specific way of navigating this world. Discover your design – book a Human Design reading or a Self-Care for Deconditioning session.