2027 Global Cycle Change

In Human Design Cosmology, 2027 is a time of great interest. In February 2027 we come to the end of the global cycle we’ve been in since 1615. We shift from the Cross of Planning to the Cross of Sleeping Phoenix. These are very different background frequencies and imprinting. We are moving from a tribal to an individual energy.

Human Design & 64 Hexagrams and Gates

Human Design is a synthesis of several systems and philosophies, including the I Ching and the 64 Hexagrams. Our Human Design Bodygraph or chart shows which of these 64 Gates are activated in us. This gives rise to our aura and how we are wired to navigate this world.

While 70% of our imprinting comes from the Sun, looking at which planets activate our design provides important insight. Because the outer planets’ journey around the Sun goes beyond a human lifetime, tracking them through the ages is also informative.

Pluto in Human Design

Each planet is an archetype for us to explore. In our Human Design Bodygraph, Pluto shows us our truth. That is, what is true for each person. Known as the Great Revealer, this teacher shows us our greatest fears, what aspects of self we’ve been concealing or are unconscious about, and where we desire to use power or tend to misuse power.

We each have two Pluto qualities within, one we identify with, the other we have less direct access to. These two Pluto activations may or may not be the same. I have a school friend, born at the end of the same year as I was. While mine are in the same gate and line, hers are in two different gates, one of which is the same as mine. Astrologically we are of the same generation. The difference in gates is due to Pluto retrograde and also the same zodiac sign spans several gates. So we have different truths to uncover.

Because of its lengthy orbit of 248 years around the Sun, this planet stays in each of the 64 Gates for almost four years. This means that we have Pluto generations carrying the frequency of a Gate beyond Pluto’s stay in that gate. It is their incarnative prerogative to discover what is their truth about a certain aspect of life. Something we can look back and study through historic events.

1781 & 9-Centred Beings

1781 is another year of interest. This is the year commonly associated with the “discovery” of Uranus or at least seeing it not as the star others had previously thought. The entry of Uranus into the collective consciousness also marks the emergence of the 9-centred being.

That year, Pluto was in Gate 41, the only initiating codon in our genetics and will return there in 2027. In this period, Pluto will move through each of the 64 hexagrams and gates, transforming the human experiential way. With Pluto being about death and rebirth, we have the opportunity to experience differently aspects of being human.

We are in the process for example of moving away from the old 7-centred consciousness. This is rooted in what is strategic and control. Our splenic demands arise from seeking safety and security. History shows a tapestry of warfare, colonialism, conquest, subjugation, and objectification. It is a mind-led existence that is fear- and survival-based. We still live in a 7-centred consciousness.

The 9-centred consciousness and how we process information is different. A different brain architecture emerged. It is this receptive consciousness that did not previously exist. Along with this, we also have new sensory capacities such as auric feeling. This expansion in cognition is part of our evolution. The receptive personality struggles to find a place in our still-strategic world. Part of that is because 9-centred intelligence is not the same as that of the 7-centred being and is not recognized or treated correctly.

Global Cycles

Each global cycle provides different keys for us to explore and understand eight themes. In this way, the background frequency, the values we hold, and the perspectives we have change each cycle. This of course does not happen overnight. The frequency of the current cycle remains in the world until the last person born before 2027 dies.

The Cross of Planning

Wherever you look in our world, you can see evidence of the Cross of Planning. This is all the infrastructure and institutions we have built to support each other. This is tribal support and tribal* bonding is about contracts, bargains, and agreements. We do “this”, in exchange for “that”.

And it is about the material. The tribe is about securing resources to protect and take care of its members who perpetuate the tribe and species through reproduction.

With 2027 only a few years away, we can see evidence of the breakdown of the old cycle. Supply chain disruptions. Difficulties hiring staff. Transportation issues. Dramatic change in education.

We’ve taken much for granted, such as going to the supermarket and picking up food that is out of season where we are. We are also looking at many industries, institutions, and establishments with different eyes, especially in the last several years. This has also been the age of finding the truth.

*There are three types of circuitry in Human Design – tribal, individual, and collective. So the use of “tribal” here is specific to Human Design. The keywords for tribal, individual, and collective are support, empower, and sharing.

The Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix

The new global cycle beginning in 2027 is more individual than tribal. The Cross of Planning and the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix are two of the 768 basic Incarnation Crosses. Each cross is made up of four gates. The four making up the Cross of Planning – 9, 16, 37, 40 – are collective and tribal. Three of the four gates making up the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix (55, 59, 20, and 34) are individual. Two are connected with integration which has to do with individual survival.

We won’t know what this global cycle will be like until we are there and living it. We can make certain projections based on the changes. Here are some to consider:

  • Currently we are in a time where we are interested in investigating, in building strong foundations. This is the time of line 1*, an era of experts and authorities. Soon, this energy will end. We will be moving into a more detached even aloof energy. We will be moving to Line 6 and those with a line 6 in their profile or those with many lines 6 in their design will feel more at home. They are role models, rather than experts. It’s a different way to learn. They can only offer their truth and it won’t be defined in relation with others or with the construct of the world. More and more people over 50 will likely discover thriving work and career.
  • Gates 20 and 34 make up the Channel of Charisma, which is “a design where awareness must become deed” (The Definitive Book of Human Design). This is the energy of being busy. This channel is about self-empowerment and as it connects the sacral to the throat, responding to what is correct to focus your energy is very important. Otherwise we will have a world of busy people living from their automatic programming, conditioning, and trauma. We will also see busy people who are not available to others and manifesting what is not of benefit to themselves or society.
  • The solar plexus is undergoing mutation. This means our intimate and sexual relationships, connections, rules, beliefs, and values will also change. What this mutation will look like or how long it will take remains to be seen. We’ve already been witnessing a drastic decline in birth rates and new reproductive technologies. The way we’ve been bonding will also be altered as the tribal frequency will end.
  • The Channel of Synthesis will no longer be there. This has an impact on our relationship with animals, the needs of the tribe as a driving force, and the role of religion and spirituality. Again this will not happen overnight.
  • The infrastructure and support systems will deteriorate more quickly. We are moving from the communal to the spirit.

*Human Design works with six lines, each with a different energy. Our profile is the two lines of our personality sun/earth and design sun/earth.

This information about changing global cycle in 2027 is to remind each of us to (re)learn how to make decisions and live from our inner guidance. This means not relying on a mind that’s been conditioned. The mind is the spokesperson for our receptors, which is how we connect with others and the world. Receptors are where we are open, where we do not have reliable or consistent energy.

Human Design provides a map for deconditioning. It is also a tool for us to experiment what it is to navigate the maia according to the aura we have and to make decisions according to how we are wired. To live as our unique differentiated self.