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Authority According to Human Design photo by jake-melara-30681
Human Design Teaches Us How to Make the Right Decision

According to Human Design, each of us has a unique way to make decisions that are aligned with who we are to connect to our life path and life purpose. Knowing what your personal authority is essential for us to eliminate unnecessary frustration and roadblocks. Find out what your Authority is and how to work with it.

surfing the waves
The New Humans

It’s 2020 and the New Humans have been incarnating and evolving for decades. Find out what their attributes are, according to Kryon.

Less is More A Path to Ourselves and Self Knowing with kevin McCarthy photo by j-balla-photography
Less is More; A path to Ourselves

Less is more isn’t only a design concept. Astrologer, Tarot Reader, and Human Design life student Kevin McCarthy discusses a path to ourselves, how to live as who we are.

themes of scorpio deep dive human design photo by francesca zama
The Themes of Scorpio Season

Scorpio Season begins October 22/23 2020. The Sun will move through Human Design Gates and Gene Keys, reflecting world themes the collective will explore. This article will share a brief description of these four Gates and Gene Keys for us to contemplate deeper and witness in our own lives