Rave New Year | 41 The Start Codon

Isn’t it interesting we have so many calendars and thus different cycles? The Gregorian calendar begins January 1 of each year. The Chinese New Year is the second new moon after Winter Solstice. The Rave New Year begins when the Sun moves into Gate 41. This year is January 21 11:49AM Pacific Time (January 22 3:49AM Singapore Time).

Why Gate 41? It relates to the only initiating codon in our genetics. In Human Design, Gate 41 forms part of the channel that belongs to the stream known as Human Experiential Way. So when the Sun moves into the Gate 41, we are starting a new human experience. This is the Rave New Year.

These are energies – the Sun in Gate 41 and Earth in Gate 31 (Gate of Leadership) – that we all have access to today and the next five days. Some of us have these activated in our design and so we have consistent conscious or unconscious access to them. However as the Sun moves through the six expressions of these Gates, we will also experience the energy differently during these transits of the Rave New Year than how we may normally do.

Prime Energies of the Rave New Year

Gate 31 : The Gate of Influence

The Gates in the Sun and the Earth are opposite. The Earth is our grounding. Gate 31 is logical and analytical leadership that brings together the tribes. Those with an activated Gate 31 is only a leader through election, backed by the collective. This is a powerful energy, fuelled by several motors, including our sacral, as well as the life force energy of nature and love of humanity.

The 31st Hexagram is called “Influence”. The imagery is that of a man allowing himself to become empty so that others may approach him. There is also imagery here of an attraction of the sets, a courtship between masculine and feminine. The courtship is also why this Hexagram is also referred to “Wooing”.

Brynja Magnusson, Animal Totems and the I Ching

The 31st Gene key : Sounding Your Truth

SHadow : Arrogance | Gift : Leadership | Siddhi : Humility

At the shadow frequency, where the collective currently operates from, people are deeply conditioned and are inclined to follow. Because rather than perceiving the frequency of what’s communicated, people are swayed by the words and style of the orator. This is why we are still electing people adept at manipulating information and presentation of this information.

In Gene Keys, we look at Programming Partners as they reinforce the other’s frequencies, like in a feedback loop. The Programming Partner of the 31st Gene Key is the 62nd Gene Key, whose shadow is Intellect. The primacy of intellect is indeed reinforcing a misjudgment of correct leadership, based solely on surface information.

The arrogance of this shadow is how humanity believes with our intellect we are making correct decisions and indeed controlling our reality. The arrogance is also that we can live out our destiny being so disconnected from Nature and the Divine. This shadow can manifest as false humility and a deference to others from a fear of being seen as arrogant, which is judged to be a social defect. It can also be scorn, seeing everyone else as below them and so fair game to be manipulated and used.

At the higher Gift frequency, this is influencing people to help them see the matrix and construct and follow their own sovereignty to bust out. All Gift frequencies are activated with an open heart. The mind can only understand human suffering as a concept; the heart feels compassion, empathy, and love. Those with the 31st Gift have clear sight of the conditioning in our homogenizing world and its patterns which gives them insight on how to communicate with the collective. This powerful skill is further reinforced with Precision, the Gift of its Programming Partner which together hones the languaging that can help break the spell for others.

The Siddhi of Humility, on the other hand, does not feel the need to awaken people. There is no hierarchy or division because there is no longer any separation. There is no awakened and unawakened. Its words are not their own. Unattached to meaning and effect, the voice of the Oracle is transmission.

Gate 41 : The Gate of COntraction

When this initiating Root pressure of desire builds in you, it may manifest as a vague expectation, a sexual fantasy or a restless need to experience something new with someone. Gate 41 drives you toward satisfying your desire and fulfilling your destiny, both of which rest in the hands of the fates. You bring balance to this unfocused and often confusing restlessness by writing or daydreaming about what it might be like to fulfill your wildest desires, or by vicariously experiencing them through literature and movies. Gate 41 holds the potential for all human experiences, but releases or initiates only one at a time. This is its limitation. Each new experience that you enter into through your Strategy and Authority holds a promise that a new feeling awaits your discovery. By letting go of your expectations, you can move freely through each encounter and avoid becoming pessimistic about future ones.

Lynda Bunnell, The Definitive Book of Human Design

The 41st Gene Key : The Prime Emanation

SHadow : Fantasy | Gift : Anticipation | Siddhi : Emanation

The shadow of the 41st Gene Key accounts for and reflects how so many people have unfulfilled dreams. This can be challenging for the nervous system because the mind is always racing, fleeting from one fantasy to another and not finding stillness. Do we live in the fantasy world as an escape?

The 41st Gene Key is really about our hunger to evolve and the Gift frequency attunes to different blueprints of evolution. People with the 41st Gene Key has a sense of what’s to come, this anticipation, and can have visions of the future. Richard Rudd writes in The Gene Keys, “when you are able to maintain a high frequency through this 41st Gift, you will be able to literally download all manner of beautiful things from the morphogenetic field. All works of genius emerge from this field.”

Every single start codon inside every single cell of your body is electromagnetically linked to each other. This is the foundation of the holographic body, which in turn is linked electromagnetically to the holographic universe. Every impulse inside you is therefore communicated to the whole, just as every impulse within the whole is chemically mirrored in your DNA.Once you have discovered the knack of influencing your own DNA, you can literally reprogram every cell within your body.

Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

The Ordinary as Extraordinary

I think many people, myself included, have looked outside for certainty, before looking for the truth within. Perhaps we have witnessed what we may have deemed as extraordinary and want some for ourselves, to live it as well. For people with an open head centre for example, chasing down answers for questions that really aren’t important to them is a common trap. And a waste of energy. For people with an open ego/heart centre, they trip up making promises to prove their worth. For people with an open solar plexus, speaking to others about feeling steamrolled over is a challenge and passive aggression can manifest. These are just a few examples of how each of us may be acting not as our true self.

Yet the extraordinary is rather ordinary when we are living in alignment. In Human Design, this is following our strategy and authority, whether it is waiting to respond as a Generator and Manifesting Generator or waiting to be invited as a Projector. For those with emotional authority, feeling out their emotional waves and nervousness is the correct process to make decisions. The mind’s role is to measure, and as our Outer Authority, it allows us to share our experiences.

This is the beauty for me about what it is to know your design. And what it is to know the design of others. This is the place where love grows. Because this is where you see helplessness. You are what you are. And you either take advantage of it or you get lost in what you’re not. See I’m not here to change the world. Neither is Human Design.

Ra Uru Hu, Human Design

When we see something as extraordinary, we distance ourselves from it. We can treat everything with reverence and still understand none of it is really out of our ordinary reality. We may believe this because the collective still functions primarily at the shadow frequency. This is why these myth making times are so exciting. We are moving towards the next wave of mass awakening.

My Rave New Year Invitation to You

Human Design and the Gene Keys are not dogma. They give us a “new” language and a way to experiment, contemplate, and live who we are. Human Design – to decondition, becoming aware of our Not-Self, and to trust our Strategy and Authority to navigate life. Gene Keys – to contemplate, embrace our Shadow frequencies, activate our genius, and to unlock the light within.

With the Rave New Year, we also have the Cross of the Unexpected. We are in Aquarius season after all! The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus. So let’s drop our expectations, ideas of limitations, and fears birthed from the past. Forget those New Year’s resolutions. And open ourselves to a new way to experience being human.

My invitation is to have some fun and experiment with these ideas. If you are a sacral Generator or Manifesting Generator, get in touch with your gut. Listen to your soundIs this energy creating in alignment? A projector? Wait to be invited to share your wisdom. Manifestor? Yep, you can initiate. Your Strategy is to inform others. And for the rare Reflectors out there, wait out the lunar cycle to feel all the energies before making your decisions.

Start here. Have fun. Not sure what type you are? Here are are few free websites to get your chart – Jovian Archive, Genetic Matrix, and My Bodygraph.

Adding to that, begin contemplating your four prime gifts. You can get your free Hologenetic Profile. You can go deeper to unlock your Genius with the Activation Sequence. Maybe you feel drawn to The Art of Contemplation course with Richard Rudd to explore this path to wisdom.


The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell