Human Design & New Year’s Resolutions

It’s 2020 and people are talking about their New Year’s resolutions. I thought about them, not making them, just the idea of them. In light of my recent Human Design reading.

Back in 2013, I received my first Human Design reading – amazing! I then attended this fantastic and enlightening workshop. I even bought a physical copy of The Definitive Book of Human Design by Lynda Bunnell and Ra Uru Hu. Since then, I have been marinating in this information and different aspects have surfaced for me to play with.

Recently Human Design has come up again for me and it’s actually the impetus for this two-part series on New Year’s resolutions. I looked at the idea of New Year’s resolutions from a Human Design perspective. I re-learned about my energy centres, channels, and hanging gates, and so much more. My friend gives fantastic readings, so insightful and practical.

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Super Brief Intro to Human Design

According to Human Design, we are 9- energy-centre beings. These energy centres can be defined, undefined, or open. With a defined centre, we have consistent access to the energy of the centre. Through the undefined or open centres we may fall to influences from other people’s aura, the neutrinos, and other energies. By being open, however, we are also able to tap into what’s not defined within us. So defined, undefined, and open centres all provide us with ways to learn to be our authentic selves. It’s all about exploring and being aware of who we are.

Now, we make New Year’s resolutions for all kinds of reasons. Without knowing our Human Design, we may be making them for incorrect reasons.

Being honest with ourselves about our true motivations is revealing about our belief systems and our judgments about ourselves. These resolutions are like promises we make to ourselves, and often for other people’s sake. Cutting out meat, hitting the 10,000 steps, or quitting smoking, for example, are sometimes for loved ones. And here’s the thing about promises. Far too many people make them hastily, even if in sincerity at the time.

Human Design Example

Let’s look at this from one Human Design example.

63% of the population, according to The Definitive Book of Human Design, have an undefined Heart Centre. This is about will power.

People with an open Heart centre feel a deep need to prove their worth. They can over promise. Because they don’t have consistent will power, keeping their promises and fulfilling their New Year’s resolutions can be a struggle. Nothing is wrong with them; they aren’t broken. Nor are they aren’t less devoted or capable. They just aren’t necessarily aware of their own design and how to live it. Remember, we all have a role to play in the world.

They may not have really even wanted to make these resolutions in the first place. Perhaps they felt pressured. Or maybe they thought it was the right thing for them to do. To be a better person, to prove they can, to prove their love to someone.

They push themselves to achieve, in ways that they feel will make them acceptable and valuable. When these people are not affirmed, their “failures” become self-loathing, which can manifest as disease in the heart and digestive system.

Is it any wonder issues of self-esteem and self-confidence, which drive so many conflicts, are magnified in our world?

Being our Authentic Self in the World

We do live in a world (at the moment) where competition is the way of life. The message we receive is that we need to be better, more successful, fitter, richer, or whatever. Take a look at your resolutions, whether you are looking for happiness and success or if you are looking to be a better leader in your field. Even for those who firmly believe in cooperation and collaboration, the infrastructure and structure in place do not support them, making the idea and achievement of success a restless pursuit. So what to do? We observe ourselves and become more aware of our patterns and what works for us. And we stand by what we know is true in our hearts – there is a different way of being. A new way forward. It’s 2020.

I know the word “authentic” gets thrown around a lot these days. You can think of it as living your purpose, being open to life itself, trusting life…I remember what Albert Einstein said is our single most important decision – do we believe we live in a friendly universe. There are many approaches, pretty much all of which invite us to take off the mask, unload false and fear-based beliefs, and see ourselves as more than physical beings in a physical realm.

The undefined/open Heart centre is then only one example for how we can struggle with New Year’s resolutions, according to Human Design principles. Now full disclosure, I am not trained in Human Design. These are insights from my own experience and my most recent reading. Therefore I’ve reached out to my friend for an interview to get deeper into what Human Design is. And if you can’t wait, let me know and I can connect you to him for a reading.