Kidney Love

Kidney energy is the water in our system and when there is too much water, our fire can go out. This water is also where our life essence and ancestral information are stored. Supporting our Kidney energy and organ is indicated for many conditions, beyond kidney stones that may be the most common health condition associated with Kidneys. It can also help to release toxicity and trauma from the body, which is a barrier to well-being that can be understated.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, Kidney Function Energy, along with Bladder, governs the season of Winter, corresponds with the Water Element, and is the “bus driver” of energy from 6PM to 8PM*. Kidney also stores our essence and life force.

Jing is stored in the Water Element’s Yin organs, the Kidneys. The whole body, including all the organs, needs this energy. The foundation of each organ’s Yin and Yang, or life activity, depends on the Yin and Yang of the kidneys. “Thus the Kidneys are the ‘Root of Life.’ (Kaptchuk) “The Kidneys are the mansion of Fire and Water, the residence of Yin and Yang…the channel of death and life.” (Zhang Jie-Bing, “Illustrated Wing to the Classic Of Categories”)

Why Jing is King and Queen

*In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the time for Kidney is 5PM to 7PM.

Kidney Energy & Correspondences

Kidney energy relates to:

  • elimination and water circulation in the body
  • ears
  • reproductive system
  • immune system
  • nails, teeth, bones, and bone marrow
  • blood
  • muscles
  • hair
  • winter
  • senior years
  • fears
  • adrenals
  • Scorpio (“I Transform”)
  • life force and ancestral energy

Imbalances in Kidney energy can be seen in:

  • sweaty palms and feet
  • chronic asthma
  • painful little toe
  • low libido
  • fertility challenges and hormonal balance
  • blood pressure imbalances
  • discoloured teeth
  • dark cycles under the eyes
  • lower back pain and joint stiffness
  • ear infection and other ear problems
  • heart and lung projects
  • toxicity build up
  • muscle cramps
  • adrenal fatigue
  • burnout
  • panic attack
  • dizzy upon standing up quickly
  • hungry without appetite and cannot find anything satisfying
  • salt craving (kidneys need salt)
  • pain at the base of the sternum
  • trouble swallowing
  • easily gets sick

Ways to Support the Kidneys and Kidney Energy

1 Jin Shin Jyutsu

The core of Jin Shin Jyutsu is Self-Help, the practice of doing sequences and finger holds for ourselves. Self-Help supports the process in between sessions with a practitioner as well as providing the confidence to take care of ourselves.

The finger that corresponds to the Kidney Function Energy (and Bladder) is the index finger. You can hold this fingers when you notice any fear arises. Another Self Help is holding your left little toe with your right hand and placing your left hand on the pubic bone. Switch sides. This hold also supports the Liver and Spleen energy. These three are essential life force energies and helpful for critical situations.

2 Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are amazing, so long as the correct ones are used. It’s best to consult a practitioner. For educational purposes, check out these Kidney supportive and drainage remedies as suggested by UK-based Homeopathic practitioner Palin Brzeski of Form and Heal. She’s described how to determining which remedy by looking at the quality of urine.

3 Herbal Support

Herbs are another way to support our well-being. Earthley offers a wide range of herbal extracts such as UT Relief, Liver Oil, and Black Liver Oil that support the Kidneys.

4 Lymphatic Drainage

The Kidney energy and organ are also linked to the lymph system and there are many ways to open the pathways, including visiting a Lymphatic Massage Therapist. Regular dry brushing and rebounding help to move the lymphs. It’s also useful to gently pump the space just above the collarbones to help open the pathways. Companies such as Earthley also make a Lymphatic Cream which addresses congestion. Containing castor oil, apricot oil, calendula, yarrow, cleavers, burdock root, ginger root and kokum butter, this Lymphatic Cream helps to reduce inflammation, stimulate the lymphs, soothe pain, nourish the skin, promote gut health, and gentle detox. You can apply and massage a small amount into the lymph nodes in the neck, groin area, and inner thighs, underarms, sinuses, and any place that feels congested.


5 Flower Essences

The attitude and emotion associated with Kidney energy is fear. Fear is life force being frozen. There are many kinds of fears and commonly-used flower essences include Mimulus (for specific fears) and Aspen (for unknown or vague fears). Flower essences come preserved in alcohol or glycerin, which makes them available to those sensitive to alcohol, kids, and animals. You can take them directly in the mouth or put a few drops in a glass of water and sip throughout the day.

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