Spring – Rebirth, New Beginnings, Fresh Start

According to Chinese cosmology, we moved into Spring with the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. It is also called the Spring Festival. March 20 marks the Spring Equinox and the middle of the Spring season. We’ve been noticing the signs of Spring for a while now and it most certainly feels like Spring weather now. The bulbs my in-laws brought back from Holland had been blooming beautifully for a few weeks now.

In Western Astrology, we begin a new year with the ingress into Aries. The Aries energy, the Wood Element frequency – this is dynamic and fresh. And Persephone’s return signifies vitality, fertility, and renewal.

Spring is an upward/outward energy, pushing through the darkness of the soil just as we emerge from the darkness of our own underworld journey to sit in the void. This is new beginnings, rebirth, and fresh starts. New growth.

In Chinese Medicine, this is the Wood element, which relates to Liver and Gallbladder. This is the season of vision – Liver is closely related to the eyes. The energy also supports short-term decisions to bring our dreams to fruition, with the understanding that all decisions can have a longer timeline. The realm of longer trajectories and “destiny” is Kidney, Bladder, Winter, and Water Element.

The attitude related to this Liver and Gallbladder season is anger, frustration, resentment, and bitterness…You may have heard “You’ve got some gall!” While it’s usually not used in a positive way, let us turn that around.

The Gallbladder is related to the Ego Centre Gate 51. This is Willpower and when Will is correctly used, it is beautiful and clean. Only about 30% of people have this energy centre defined, which means for them, it is a consistent for them. (This does not mean it is healthy for them to consistently wield it). With most people having an inconsistent Will energy, it’s a significant pressure and theme on the material world to prove ourselves. For many people the defined Ego energy, even when healthily expressed, is comfortable. It’s not surprising that “you’ve got some gall!” is often not a positive statement.

To have gall, to have will, to pursue what they know they deserve and not accept anything less – this is healthy for those with a defined Ego centre.

The Liver, according to Human Design, is in the G Centre. This is the Higher Self and Identity centre. Those with this centre undefined can be wise about the themes of this centre, if they are not lost in the conditioning which will be a pressure for them to always be focused on finding the love and direction. From a health perspective, those with an undefined G centre have a sensitivity with their Liver. Watch for any burdens on the Liver and perhaps a detox this Spring can help reduce and remove inflammation.  A detox comes in many shapes. Adding more bitter to the diet can be helpful. This may be including dandelion which could very well be growing in your own backyard! Find what works for you.

Energy Balancing

Jin Shin Jyutsu


Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle and yet powerful modality that balances the body’s energy and releases the blockages that we feel as tension, pain, and discomfort.  Book a session with What Therapy editor & Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help Teacher & Practitioner to discuss your wellbeing concerns. Learn easy-to-do and effective sequences you can do on yourself.

Discover Your Energy Map

Human Design


Human Design provides us with an energy map that gives us insight into how we make decisions, how we relate to ourselves and others, how we are wired to take in food & information, the deepest conditioning forces and pressures, and how to align with ourselves.

Energy Check in

Quantum Biofeedback


Quantum Biofeedback is an amazing program that scans our energy field. We can see where there are acute and more longstanding energetic imbalances. Stand-alone sessions are a great way to do an energy check and weekly sessions are available by subscription.

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Spring Navarathri

Invoking Shakti for All
While you may not be Hindu or a Shakti initiate, you can still benefit from this potent time of Navarathri, an important 9-day festival that takes place twice a year. No matter our spiritual practice, we are all seeking liberation. This means to see clearly who we truly are, which is limitless beyond words. We can invoke Shakti who is all and lies within us. In Devi Mahatmyam the Goddess says to the demon Shumbha that only she exists. This means you and I are Shakti, as are the asuras, ego, ignorance, and illumination. Shakti is all. Knowing this, perhaps it will bring more ease to our cultivation of compassion for all in existence. In 2024, Navarathri begins on April 9.
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Ready for Spring?

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