Spring – Rebirth, New Beginnings, Fresh Start

The archetype of Winter is stillness, retreat, contemplation, gathering by the hearth, and death. It is the most yin season of all, most receptive and passive.  Each season has its rhythm, energy, and archetype for us the microcosm to reflect and align with the macrocosm. It is time we stretch and expand into the next season.

February 4 2023 is “Start of Spring”, according to the 24 Solar Terms used by the Chinese. “Beginning of Spring” or Li Chun (立春) is the first solar term of a new cycle. The Chinese New Year, which is the second new moon after Winter Solstice, is also called the Spring Festival.

Just as Persephone of mythology shows, her return signifies vitality, fertility, and renewal.

Spring is an upward/outward energy, pushing through the darkness of the soil just as we emerge from the darkness of our own underworld journey to sit in the void. This is new beginnings, rebirth, and fresh starts. New growth.

In Chinese Medicine, this is the Wood element, which relates to Liver and Gallbladder. This is the season of vision. And of making short-term decisions to bring our dreams to fruition, with the understanding that all decisions can have a longer timeline. The realm of longer trajectories and “destiny” is Kidney, Bladder, Winter, and Water Element.

The attitude related to this season is anger, frustration, resentment, and bitterness…You may have heard “You’ve got some gall!” While it’s usually not a positive statement, let us turn that around.  What if we trust ourselves? And with full acceptance, we just do us, respecting everyone and their life force? It’s when our vision and the path to it is blocked that our anger rises, triggered by fear and filled with sadness. What minor adjustment can we make? How do we pivot to this apparent block?

As you know, part of the liver’s job is detoxification. Spring is a great time for a detox – to reduce and remove inflammation. Maybe it’s to detox parasites and pesticides which alter our eating habits and flora landscape as well our outer world.

Do you have dandelion growing in your backyard? Adding more bitter to our diet helps to strengthen our Liver and Gall Bladder, while also highlighting this frequency that may be out of balance in our life.

Perhaps in your winter meditation and stillness, you met up with some old beliefs that are ready to be channelled out? Did you come across locked-up areas within, from unforgiveness?

Detoxification, the elimination of all that leads to heaviness, sluggishness, and other ill effect, increases our energy and vitality. There are many methods of detoxification, all of which will have some emotional component to an extent.

Our Resurrection Story

Winter to Spring
Spring is the time for rebirh and resurrection. Regardless of your religious leanings it’s an archetypal time. What does resurrection mean for each of us?

Spring Navarathri

Invoking Shakti for All
While you may not be Hindu or a Shakti initiate, you can still benefit from this potent time of Navarathri, an important 9-day festival that takes place twice a year. No matter our spiritual practice, we are all seeking liberation. This means to see clearly who we truly are, which is limitless beyond words. We can invoke Shakti who is all and lies within us. In Devi Mahatmyam the Goddess says to the demon Shumbha that only she exists. This means you and I are Shakti, as are the asuras, ego, ignorance, and illumination. Shakti is all. Knowing this, perhaps it will bring more ease to our cultivation of compassion for all in existence. In 2023, Navarathri begins on March 23.
wood element spring

The Wood Element

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Ready for Spring?

Ready for Spring?

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