Moving energy to Boost Immune Function

Wellbeing is intention, presence, and movement. Stagnation is both a reflection and a cause of disharmony. So by moving our energy, we can enhance our wellbeing, including boosting our immune function. Understandably this is high on many people’s minds.

Moving energy is as simple as moving your body, through stretching, walking, and dancing, for example. It is also allowing our emotions to flow naturally, rather than clutching to the past, what-ifs, and our wounds. Our emotions and our thoughts.

In this article, we are focusing on three approaches, with three levels of energy. There is no clear delineation, as everything is connected, and when we touch our being on one level, we are touching all levels. I suggest going with what resonates with you, through your heart. Be not desperate to seek out what will “save” you. That is where intention comes in. And have fun with these approaches and find your own connection and journey with each.

In these intense times, also address your level of stress, sleep quality, support community, and attitude/mindset.

Facial Reflexology

Recently I started a routine of facial reflexology. I started with accupressure points, then this year with a roller and facial gua sha. It’s been very relaxing and helps with lymphatic drainage, for example.

Then I discovered Dien Chan® and then Dien Chan Zone® through Amala Black of Mirror Medicine.

In this Instagram video, Amala shares a simple way to boost respiratory function. It is also very relaxing and one of my favourite go-to’s.

I also love her philosophy and her message of not relying on tools, at least not as the entry point into the experience. So you can use the rounded end of a pen, a crochet needled, a makeup brush…your finger.

Dien Chan also uses many reflexology maps, which differ from the familiar ones we see at reflexology places. To me, it’s another reminder that there are many systems, and that’s a beautiful thing. Diversity, something for all of us, and the journey of alignment.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a powerful way to harmonize our energy. Boosting our immune system is definitely one way to benefit from this modality. We work with different energy spheres around the body, as well as our fingers and toe, to unlock stagnation, deficiency, and excess. We can also bridge the manifested and the unmanifested.

For immunity, the top of our shoulder blade is the focus, being the door that lets in or keeps something out.

☞ Drape your right hand over your left shoulder and allow your fingers to rest at the top of your shoulder blade. At the same time, place your left thumb over each of the fingernails of the other fingers. Start with the pinkie. Then switch sides.

We can help chest stagnation to shift, which supports projects such as chronic cough. Open your chest to allow deeper fuller breathing with the self-help below:

☞ Place your right hand under the left upper calf and your left hand on the outside of your left ankle, below the bone. Then switch sides.

We can also support our respiratory system by harmonizing the attitude of grief and the Lungs Function Energy.

☞ Hold your ring finger or place your left hand on the left bottom part of your ribcage and your right hand on your left collarbone. Switch sides. ⠀⠀

There is no right or wrong way to hold your fingers or working with these energy spheres. First return to the breath, exhaling completely and inhaling fully and staying present with our life force. Trust how long to do the self-help and where exactly to hold. This self-discovery is part of the beautiful art that is Jin Shin Jyutsu, and you.

Quantum Resonance Technology

This technology is working with subtle energy and works through resonance. Using proprietary methods, energy is extracted from energetic signatures.

For more information on energetic signatures – Basic Code of the Universe by Dr Massimo Citro.

Visit the Subtle Energy website for more immune-boosting quantum technology.

Nano Silver

Did you know that silver has been used to treat infections for ages? Silver disrupts the replication of viruses. It is known for its antimicrobial properties. The Nano Silver Quantum Mandala is an energetic imprint of colloidal silver, ionic silver, and energetic silver. Here’s a testimonial from Kevin, a friend of Eric (Subtle Energy’s founder). He was struggling with an infection that caused him to feel worn down and to breathe with difficulty. Using the Nano Silver, Kevin shared that “it was like my lungs were 30 years younger.”

We may be surprised how many viruses we are actually surrounded by and yet we don’t get sick all the time. We can further boost our immune system with Eric’s suggestion of using this mandala 20 to 60 minutes daily.

“I was amazed at how clear my sinuses were for sleep and I didn’t even have the program running! It was the after effect of using it earlier in the day! That’s an amazing long term effect!”

Scott Marshall

Elite Shungite

This is a very rare mineral that contains 98% carbon. It is sought in the general world of shungite as gold is sought among the rocks  It contains all the benefits of regular shungite, but is much purer, so the benefits are more p

Shungite is known for clearing, purifying properties due to its carbon structure, fullerene, which links together 60 carbon atoms. Fullerene is known for absorbing toxins, including heavy metals and its effects on EMF. With many types of Shungite, Elite Shungite is the purest form, with 98% carbon.

read more about Shungit

One way of enjoying the benefits of Shungite is making Shungite water. You can also use the Elite Shungite Mandala, which you can amplify through using multiple copies, even in black and white.


The Carbon 60 molecule is known as fullerene. Like Shungite, it has many powerful properties. C60 is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals, enhances immune function, improves energy levels, reduces oxidative stress, and is anti-viral, for example.

C60 is also many times more potent than Vitamin C.

Subtle Energy’s Digital C60 is the first vibrational energetic version of C60.

DC60 Powerful Antioxidant Quantum Medicine

My body and mind felt so clear today . . . . My digestion seems to have noticeably improved. I also feel physically and energetically lighter and clearer, similar to how I feel after doing a 1 day juice fast – not the same, but pretty similar. This also seemed to eliminate brain fog, which I sometimes get in the morning and late afternoon. This one is a winner, I can’t wait to see the benefits after using this for a few days.”

David Scott

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