Liver, Anger, Father & Solar Plexus

The right side of the Solar Plexus relates to Liver, Gallbladder, anger, and Father, along with Kidneys and Adrenals. We can look here to gauge the health of these aspects of our being.

The Solar Plexus, our inner sun, is a complex energy centre. It relates to our power, confidence, drive, and courage. Here we deal with our lower and higher emotions, whether we are ruled by ego-driven emotions or our higher self. When the Solar Plexus is balanced, we are assertive, without being aggressive or dominating with others.



In eastern medicine, Liver and Gallbladder both relate to anger, which includes frustration, resentment, and bitterness. It’s also believed now that the electrochemical peptide for the information of this emotion is stored in the liver. Modern science validating ancient wisdom?

There are may reasons we have these feelings, and it’s important to contemplate. However, an imbalanced Liver and Gallbladder can increase them. To deal with these still largely socially-unacceptable emotions, people turn to what creator of the Biofield Tuning method Eileen McKusick calls “liver pacifiers.” These include sugar, chocolate, alcohol, carbs, and dairy such as ice cream, in amounts that dampen the fiery anger within. These may “work” in the short-term, however, excessive sugar also disharmonizes the Kidney and Bladder energy and the reason for feeling angry has not been addressed.

Many people also suppress their anger and other uncomfortable emotions. Sometimes it’s spiritual bypass. It can also be they are afraid of the force of their own anger or the anger of those who were the “rule makers” in their childhood. They may have been taught anger is “bad” and has denied any expression of it. This labelling so often stunts our natural emotional expression, affecting our self-esteem, a key aspect of the Solar Plexus.

Emotions buried alive never die.

Candace Pert, neurologist

Stanley Keleman (1985) distinguishes emotions from feelings as “pre-packaged programs of behaviour that have pathways for action”, with “direction and intent, a logic of their own.” Chronic stress and other “insults” to the body change the somatic shapes of the body system, leading to a decrease and even loss of the range of emotional expression.

Emotions are electro-chemical and when experienced, their vibrational and chemical patterns circulate in the body. This way they move through our systems and get digested. If we suppress or avoid our emotions, they are stored and find their own way to be expressed, manifesting as different physical ailments, excess weight, mental breakdown, and emotional numbness, for example. Stanley Keleman further shows how emotions can be compartmentalized or layered. An example he gives is the contractions of the neck muscles that occur in stiffening (fixated muscular expansion) localize anger in the head.

Eileen McKusick (2014) sees emotional accumulation as a lump or fatty area on the back of the neck. She’s called this “the gatekeeper” whose role is to determine which emotions can pass to the brain for conscious cognition. And which don’t.

When anger accumulates in the Liver and also our biofield, electrical flow meets resistance in the body. As we are vibrational and electromagnetic beings, electrical flow is essential to the proper functioning of the body. Moving through our emotions is healthy, though not always easy for a variety of reason.

Liver’s Other Roles

The liver is a primary metabolic site. It serves as a vast factory for the biosynthesis of numerous substances essential for life. It also processes most of our food, converting nutrients and other substances to their active forms and providing storage for several nutritional elements.

Ralph Golan, MD, Optimal Wellness

Liver is an amazing organ, a self-regenerating one. It was Prometheus’ liver that was devoured each day, as punishment for stealing back fire for Man.

In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is called the General, storing blood and regulating the flow of life force energy to the organs for their proper functioning and to meet external events. It is also responsible for storing and regulating blood, the smooth movement of emotion and qi, and digestion.

According to Nutripuncture, living beings have two regulation poles – the metabolic and cerebral/nervous poles. These poles are hubs where all information for self-regular passes through, making the vital currents that make up these poles very important. Liver and Gallbladder energies form the metabolic pole. A healthy liver supports our wellbeing by restoring both connection and energy in the body. “The Liver, the preeminent metabolic centre, provides the necessary fuel to guarantee vitality of the organism, thanks to its production of ATP and its glycogen reserves.”¹

In Human Design, Liver is associated with the G centre (sternum area), where the Magnetic Monopole is. A function of the Magnetic Monopole is to guide us along our trajectory (what some may call destiny), this movement through space in time. Through the Magnetic Monopole, life (our life) is pulled to us.

A role the Liver plays that we are all familiar with is detoxification. Liver is the primary organ for it and as Spring is Liver-Gallbladder season, Spring detox is a powerful practice. When we live a balanced life, the liver is usually well-equipped to detox. This means minimizing or removing obvious toxins such as pesticides, parabens, and chronic stress by looking at our lifestyle, eating non-GMO, local, homegrown food, drinking clean filtered water, and using natural personal and cleaning products. We can also support our lymph system by not sitting so much, walking, and generally moving. (Yoga, tai chi, and walking outside in greenery (green is the colour of liver/wood element) is better for those with liver imbalance, rather than strenuous and fast exercises.) For stress management you can improve your  emotional intelligence and being radically honest with yourself about the sources of stress in your life and your own mindset.

More information about the liver and detox.

Signs of imbalanced Liver

In Chinese Medicine, Liver is the seat of the soul and the Liver meridian opens to the eyes, the window to our soul. A chronically disrupted Liver energy leaves us feeling separated, furthering a sense of anger. Our eyes can also suffer from conditions such as acuity, glaucoma, nearsightedness, and cataracts.

Because the liver regulates the smooth movement of qi to all organs, liver imbalances can show up in many other ways as well. This includes respiratory concerns, gastrointestinal ailments, heart trouble, and thyroid issues.

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, we work with Liver energy on a different level. The energy flow pattern for the Organ Function Energy differ from the pathways of the meridians. The idea is the same, though. Anger disrupts the energy flow pattern of the Liver Function Energy. Signs of an imbalance which reflect the blockages along the flow pattern include astigmatism, jaundice, dry throat, abdominal discomforts, stiff neck, hay fever, cold feet and hands, nausea, poor nail health, and vomiting of yellow substance.

Solar Plexus & Father

The solar plexus relates to both mother and father. The area about 10″ from the body on the left holds mother energy and on the right side, father energy. You can access these areas to gain insights into your past and current relationship with both parents. Biofield Tuning practitioners can access encoded information in these areas, including the personality of the person’s parents. Eileen McKusick has shared about finding energetic walls and other structures in the field. She’s found that the functioning of the organs on each side of the solar plexus is affected by these structures.

Harmonizing Solar Plexus

The balance for Manipura Chakra [Solar Plexus Chakra] is selfless service, that is, serving without desire for the reward.

Harish Johari, Chakras

Be in Sunlight

The Solar Plexus is a solar chakra which means the sun’s golden light rays have a positive impact on it. The third chakra is a solar chakra. Take a walk and take in the sun’s warmth to re-activate your own inner light.

Use Colour

The colour of the Solar Plexus is yellow. You can incorporate more of this colour into your life. Consider if these are suitable for you. Foods include sunflower seeds and bananas. Or you can add spices such as cumin and chamomile. Wearing yellow can also make a difference.

Increase your Emotional Intelligence

Become aware of your emotions and your response patterns when it comes to challenge and stress. How do you handle your anger? The energy of a balanced Solar Plexus is proactive rather than reactive or avoidance.

Essential Oils

The most commonly used essential oils for the Solar Plexus include Mandarin (supports the liver and digestion), Roman Chamomile (purifies the liver and helps liver to detox and balances the emotional system), Lavender (releases stagnant emotions and energy).

Along the lines of the vibrational effect of essential oils, we can also work with crystals and stones. To harmonize the Solar Plexus, you can work with hexagonal crystals which support the Wood Element (Liver and Gallbladder). Or cubic crystals for the Earth Element (Spleen and Stomach). Amorphous crystals support the Water Element (Kidney).

Emerald is a hexagonal crystal that is also green so it’s great stone for the Wood Element. Aquamarine is another one for this element. While a stone like the cubic crystal of pyrite is a good choice for Earth Element organs of Stomach and Spleen/Pancreas. A good amorphous stone to work with for the Water Element (Kidney) and emotional conditions is obsidian. It’s great for acute conditions and those that run in the family, working short-term.

Release Energetic Blockages

The organs associated with the Solar Plexus are Liver and Gallbladder on the right side, Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach on the left side, and Kidneys and Adrenals on both sides. Liver and Gallbladder relate to anger and bitterness, Spring, and wood element. Spleen/Pancreas and Stomach relate to worry, Late Summer, and the earth element. Kidneys/Adrenals belong to the water element, Winter, and fear.

It may be easier to see which elements, seasons or emotions are out of balance. Is there a season you don’t particular feel well in? What about the element? Wood element is about growth, renewal, change, and assertiveness. Earth element is about grounding, feeling secure and safe, and practical. Water element is about movement, including emotions.

Both mother and father also relate to the Solar Plexus. Healing our relationships with our parents is transformative. This can be done whether they are still on the earth plane or not. Many people have found tapping a great tool. There are many modalities that can be helpful for this work.


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