Mental, Emotional + Spiritual Detoxification

We often think of toxins as physical – pesticides, mercury in the fish, BPA in plastics…Toxins are anything, physical or otherwise, that can cause illness in us. Many toxins exist and so many ways exist to remove them from our system. People talk about detox all the time – juicing, sugar-free, fasting, digital…what about kinds of detoxification?

Dr Cynthia Thaik left her conventional practice as a cardiologist to open her wellness centre. The Holistic Healing Heart Centre provides wellness plans for clients, with the goal to transform them at the core for truly healthy living. Her plan includes alternative therapy such as hypnotherapy and Reiki.

In her book Your Vibrant Heart: Restoring Health, Strength, and Spirit from the Body’s Core Dr Thaik shares her journey, along with how to heal the heart on multiple levels. This includes background on the development and potential illness of the heart, food for the heart, fitness for the heart, rejuvenation of body chemistry, and restoration of the emotional heart, mind, and soul.

I especially liked the focus she places on mental, emotional, and spiritual detoxification, which she believes to be “critical to obtaining optimal health.”

Gratitude and appreciation for all that you have, both the good and the bad, have the power to transform the way you live your life and the manner in which you manifest your health.

Dr Thaik

The three aspects she shares are:

  1. Minimizing stress, anxiety, and fear
  2. Eliminating the feeling of lack
  3. Practicing forgiveness

① Greater Ease

The first thing she addresses here is minimizing stress, anxiety, and fear, which we know have a negative impact on our health. A cascade of biochemical reactions takes place in our body that is great when we are in actual physical danger but when triggered chronically wears down our body.

How is the stress level in your life? What is your go-to tool?

Dr Thaik suggests having a practice of gratitude to shift our perception. There are many ways to practice gratitude. Elizabeth Gilbert uses a gratitude jar. Dr Thaik suggests starting every morning by listing five things you are grateful for. This is a “thank-you-in-advance” practice of gratitude.

② Greater Abundance

Many people actually do live in a world of lack and scarcity. Not necessarily physically; also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do you?

Many people who believe in lack actually have a lot of abundance. It is a matter of perspective. What this also means is that oftentimes people feel if this happened or that happened, they would be happy. If I got the promotion, if I won the lottery, if I had a child, if I had more money…Get in the present moment and follow your heart and go after your dreams. Yes! What Dr Thaik is saying is let us not tie our inner state of being to an outer state of affairs.

When we live in lack, we shrink. We want to protect ourselves and sometimes that is hoarding. Hoarding money. Hoarding things. Hoarding time. Hoarding energy.

Dr. Thaik’s remedy for a feeling of lack is to give. Give freely of your time and money. So next time, when you see someone asking for change on the street, give. Sometimes we ruminate and wonder how real is this person, how honest, how sincere, how needy. We don’t want to be the fool. Let’s just give without attachment or expectation. Maybe invite that person to coffee.

③ Greater Freedom

Dr Thaik’s third suggestion for a mental, emotional, and spiritual detoxification?


This is not an easy one though it is powerful and potent. Forgiveness is not for the other person, not directly anyway. We forgive for ourselves. We forgive to free ourselves.

Forgiveness also really shifts our perspective, like nothing else! (Well, maybe gratitude) Forgive those you feel have trespassed upon you, little or great grievances. Forgive yourself for anything and everything.

The emotions that tie us to the inability to forgive are low vibrations, like shame, hate, and anger. Through resonance, we feel these emotions more easily and we find within our world more of the people with the same emotions.

When we detox, we want to release the toxins that undermine our health and well-being. We may think we consume toxins such as pesticides. Or that the toxins are outside of us, like toxic people and energetic vampires. We are not refuting that there are those who consciously or subconsciously lean into other people in unhealthy ways. What we can do is to release our own toxins – our fear-based defense mechanisms, auto-piloting, and other unhealthy habits. #ChangeBeginsWithMe

They say that “the dose makes the poison” and accordingly for what conventional science calls toxic, we are given safe limits. Then there are those we cannot measure in these ways. It requires self-awareness to let us know how we feel, moment to moment, day to day. Mindfulness of our behaviour, thought patterns, and emotional balance is the foundation of robust detoxification practices that keep us vibrationally high.