4 Simple Things to Do For Your Health

There are basic simple things to do for your health. We often forget because they are so basic. Instead people look for quick fixes and the magic pill.

Technology has certainly opened the gateway to possibilities and our convenience-oriented culture reinforces instant-gratification.

Modern living and its perks have allowed much of the world to move up the pyramid from mere survival to more personal fulfillment. While we have expectations of quick-fixes, we have also been overthinking and overcomplicating many aspects of our lives.

What if simple things are the game-changer?

Simplicity doesn’t always mean easy – preserving is not necessary our strong suit as a culture these days. Simplicity definitely doesn’t mean it has no power or oomph when it comes to our seemingly complicated world and myriad of dis-ease. Well-being is something we work on every day, with the things we do every day.

4 simple things to do for your health

Here are 4 simple things to do for your health to get back on-track.

① DRINK…More Water

Most people know about 8 glasses of water a day. Of course, that’s just a general guideline and not a formula. How much water to drink depends on the person, and on the day – how we are feeling, how active we are, how hot it is, what we are eating, etc.

There is NO doubt water is essential to life. Our body is on average 60% water which is needed for processes such as flushing out toxins and transporting nutrients. A lack of hydration is not only about dry skin – it skews our entire system and internal environment. Our energy level drops and our brain lags. Even mild dehydration has adverse effects on our well-being.

Good clean filtered (non fluorinated) water is the best way to replenish our fluids. Of course there are other ways.

Eating foods high in water content such as fruits and vegetables is a great way to boost your hydration and nutrients.

Always drink when you feel thirsty. Listen to your body. The best is to sip room temperature water throughout the day. Add some lemon to up the alkaline factor. When not to drink water? During meals! Chew your food well -to the point that you are drinking it and do not chase it down with water. Try to refrain from drinking water 30 minutes prior to a meal and a couple hours after, as well as during it.

When you are feeling under the weather, increase your fluid intake. Herbal teas and broths are good alternatives to water but nothing beats plain old water!

Water is definitely making a comeback.  Why? Because it really is good for us.

② BREATHE…Deeply

Breathing is the first place, not the last place on should investigate when any disordered energy presents itself.

Sheldon Saul Händler, MD The Oxygen Breakthrough


Breathing is the one function we can do consciously and subconsciously. And yes, sometimes we forget to breathe!

Shallow breathing is associated with anxiety and the reverse is true. When you breathe just from the upper lungs, you feel less relaxed. The chicken and the egg?

Breathing brings in oxygen and prana. The Breath is life! It is so much more than moving air in and out of our body. Poor breathing can worsen diseases.

Simply extend your in and out breaths, comfortably and easily. Throughout the day, take a few breathing breaks and observe your breath. Allow your breath to move from your abdomen.

“Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.” (Andrew Weil, MD).

Try these three breathing exercises from Dr Weil.

③ MOVE…Often

The body really is built to move.

Moving does not mean exercising. Going to the gym or playing tennis several times a week is great but how active are you in between? Many people schedule exercise time to combat a sedentary lifestyle, which has given rise to all sorts of pain and repetitive strain inures. But really, inactivity is still dominant.

What may be more powerful is adding activity throughout the day. Get up from the computer every 20-30 minutes. Go get a drink of water or have a breathing break. There’s always chair yoga. Ride the bike instead of the car for errands. Take the stairs. Walk the dogs yourself. Get a pedometer and see how you track to 10,000 steps daily.

You probably have heard of the Paleo diet? Essentially eat like our ancestors? What about moving like they did? They did not run marathons or pound on the treadmill. Most of their activity was actually low-intensity like walking and gathering food. Most people would be surprised how beneficial to our health walking is.

④ EAT…Slowly

Multitasking and an imbalanced focus on work mean many people are likely eating quickly, on the run, or just chowing down while staring at the computer screen or on the phone.

One of the best things we can do for our health is to eat. Just eat. Nothing else. No watching the TV or Bloomberg. No reading a book, chatting on the phone or texting. Just eat. And no guilty pangs! Eat slowly. Chew completely and stop eating when you feel full.

Incomplete digestion of food is one of the primary reasons for ill health, from digestive challenges to food allergies. Digestion starts in the mouth so take your time and break down your food before swallowing. Taste the food!

Mindfulness anything is good. Mindful eating is definitely a must.

We tend to overthink what we need to do to feel better. Sometimes we get distracted by the seductive trends that we overlook or simply forget the very basics. Without these solid habits, healing is limited in many ways. Try these four simples things to do for your health. Incorporate them into your life and start to see the difference. Let’s see what happens. Want more to do? Here are some biohacking tips for you.