Skin-Happy Detoxifying Juice Recipe

Want to shed a few pounds? Try this detoxifying juice recipe!

Bloating can come from poor food combination or a sluggish liver. Believe it or not, changing your nutrition and detoxing your liver will have a much greater impact on that orange peel skin than slapping on the latest “miracle” cream.

In Chinese Medicine, skin is the chimney of the liver. So if you have congested skin, this reflects a congested liver. If you target relieving the factors that burden the liver, you will also enjoy clearer and more radiant skin.

To shift fat and release toxins, you need to drink LOTS of liquids, such as green tea, still water or detoxifying juices. It is also a good idea to minimize your exposure to toxins, such as not using cans that are lined with bisphenol-A, extreme emotions, plastics, chronic stress, and allergens.


detoxifying juice recipe

Here is a scrumptious detoxifying juice recipe that stimulates fat metabolism, cleanses the lymphatic system, and shifts retained fluids. Enjoy it on an empty stomach.


  • 1 Apple or Pear
  • 2 Celery Sticks
  • 6 Mint Leaves
  • 1 Grapefruit

If you don’t have mint or grapefruit handy, you can use pure essential oils, as they have the same (if not more) potency than the actual fruit.

Did you know that Anthony William highly recommends celery juice as the way to detox heavy metals and alkalize the gut? According to the book Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods, celery is a powerful anti-inflammatory food that starves unfriendly bacteria, yeast, mold, and viruses. Celery is also a fantastic source of electrolytes and provides hydration at the cellular level.

Our body intelligence means it knows how to heal itself. Our lifestyle choices, increasingly toxic environment, and modern-life stresses increase the burden on the body and mind. Many factors feed into a sluggish liver, which compromises its innate detoxifying functions. As the toxic load increases, our health and overall wellbeing decreases.

Removing obvious sources of toxins, including chronic stress, is one way to alleviate the burdens on our detoxification pathways. Including health-boosting recipes such as this detoxifying juice recipe is an easy way to take responsibility for our health. This recipe sounds simple; don’t underestimate its healing powers!

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