Tips for Spring Allergies & Gut Health

I love Spring. There’s this freshness, and lushness. I do know that many people feel miserable this time of the year, dealing with allergies with all kinds of symptoms. Congestion, drippy noses, and watery eyes. They tell us this is histamine at work, as a reaction to pollen in the air.

Seasonal allergies seem to be on the rise. So did our environment change or something internal? Are you struggling this Spring?

Research is showing that the cause of allergies is poor gut health. The gut affects our immune system, how it is modulated.

What Affects our Gut Health?

Our modern lifestyle affects our gut health in many ways.

Diet is the most obvious factor in gut health. Processed food uses a whole slew of chemicals, from dyes to preservatives. They also have all kinds of sugars and sweeteners, such as high fructose corn syrup. Our meat is mostly factory-farmed and high in antibiotics. Food are also fortified by synthetic vitamins, including Vitamin D which specifically worsens our health in the long run.

In Earthley‘s guide to seasonal allergies, another factor they mention is “being overly hygenic” which refers to overuse of hand sanitizers and antimicrobial soaps. Antiobiotics also upset the gut flora by removing both harmful and beneficial bacteria.

In the past two years, people have increased their use of sanitizers exponentially. I wonder how this has affected their gut health and if their allergies became worse.

Modern day lifestyle is primarily sedentary coupled with high chronic stress. Both of these affect our digestive system in a negative way. We’ve also moved more indoors, rather than being in the sun and nature.

“If you suffer from gut issues, it’s critical you understand how the gut microbiome changes to sun exposure. Trillions of bacteria respond to sunlight hitting skin. When UVB light hits your skin, if healthy, your body makes beautiful spectrum of 20 vitamin D analogues.

Picture a rainbow running through your body.

To heal the gut, you must regulate UV light and vitamin D levels in the body. UVB light can rapidly modulate the gut microbiome because the bacteria rely on sunlight themselves. It also changes the viruses or virome that live within the gut. To heal the gut, you need to connect to full spectrum sunlight, that is stored in the liver and carried in your blood.

Quick tip? Explore your belly button to sunlight. This is where a newborn absorbs nutrients from its umbilical cord and provides a quick pathway for sunlight to the gut.How has this season affected your health?” – Dr Steven Lin

Tips for Allergies & Gut Health

I love using Quantum Technology. For Allergies, my partner has used Allergy Relief which has been effective. You can easily leave it on your laptop or print copies, increasing its strength with multiple copies. Digital C-60 is also another powerful one. C-60 is one of the most powerful antioxidants, more than 170 times more powerful than Vitamin C, strengthening your immune system and neutralizing free radicals. Another antioxidant to consider is Glutathione.

Spring is Liver and Gallbladder season. This is a great time for a detox and other ways to support these two organs. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is the “General”, in charge of directing the smooth movement of qi to all other organs. You can speak with your naturopath about taking herbal remedies such as milk thistles or taking homeopathic remedies. A five-star product from Earthley is their Liver Love Herbal Tincture, which comes in the original version or alcohol-free. This, along with their Lymphatic Cream, plenty of clean fluids, and movement, is great to help open the detox pathways.

Stress management and reduction is a tip for all health conditions. Do you have good tools and support for this?

Earthley Spring Allergy Event Sale

Enjoy 20% off on the Lymphatic Cream, Breathe Well Salve, Sinus Saver, and Immune-Aid from April 22 to 28, 2022. Find descriptions of these four items below. A bit about the company – Earthley is a family-owned and family-run company that is committed to 100% clean natural products which include face, body, and hair care, personal care products, cleaning products, nutritional support, and herbal remedies. Last year, they were 42th fastest growing company in the Inc 5000 Midwest region in the United States and 21st this year, reflecting a growing customer base who trusts and loves their products, ethos, costumer support, and commitment.

I discovered Earthley more than a year ago and have been looking at the social media of the owner and lead herbalist, Kate Tietje. I’ve been using their Good Night Lotion, which is a magnesium lotion, Lymphatic Cream, Whipped Butter, and Black Drawing Salve Stick. I also just ordered the Gut Health Oil.

Since using the Good Night Lotion, I’ve been sleeping really well. Most of us are deficient in Magnesium, which gets depleted quickly in stressful times. Magnesium is also depleted in our soil so it’s missing in our food. This makes this essential macro mineral important to supplement.

I also love the Black Drawing Salve Stick which is made from castor oil, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, candelilla wax, extra virgin olive oil, and lavender essential oil. I’ve applied it to bites and a potential pimple. Feels good on my skin and works quickly. This salve helps so much with itchiness from the bites! I also love the Lymphatic Cream, which is a great support for my lymph system.

The following items are on sale for 20% (use code SPRING22) and for the other items, use NEWTOEARTHLEY for 10% off your first items or COMEBACK for 10% if you’re a returning customer.

Lymphatic Cream

Lymphatic Cream is a lotion created to help relieve achy parts of the body caused by swollen lymph nodes. This cream tackles lymphatic congestion at the source and gently encourages drainage to help detox, reduce soreness, and improve overall wellness. 

“I love this cream! I would get such a sore neck and shoulder area. I started using this cream and the pain goes away within minutes! I let my sister and mom try some for their aches – and afterwards, I helped them order some too! they also love it.”

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Breathe Well Salve

Breathe Well Salve helps provide relief from chest congestion, coughs, and stuffy noses. This natural vapor rub is a healthy alternative to traditional OTC medications that aren’t safe for little ones and have potentially harmful side-effects. Our salve is safe for ages 6mo+ and is perfect to have on hand for occasional sickness and colds.

“When 2 of my favorite companies – Plant Therapy and Earthly – team up, you know it’s going to be good! I got exactly what I expected with this salve: great application, great smell, and great results! We’ve used this for allergies, as well as a few minor colds, and I’ve been pleased every time!”

Sinus Saver

Sinus Saver is an herbal tincture that provides natural support during allergy season and beyond! Enjoy relief from sneezes, sniffles, sinus pressure, watery eyes, and other annoying allergy symptoms. Sinus Saver uses the power of herbs to help clear the body of excess histamines and calm allergic reactions. This comes in two versions – original with organic cane alcohol as a preservative and alcohol-free.  

“My husband loves this, not only for his seasonal sinus issues, but for when he has a sinus infection as well.”

Immune-Aid Vitamin C Powder

Immune-Aid is a Vitamin C supplement made with 100% real food. Organic berries and orange peel provide natural Vitamin C to give your immune system a boost. This powder makes the perfect nutrient-rich addition to your daily routine.  Immune-Aid comes in powder form (which includes stevia leaf) and capsules (without stevia leaf). Since this is sourced from whole Vitamin C and not synthetic and isolated forms that are the Vitamin C commonly sold, you actually need less.

“I LOVE this vitamin C powder! I couldn’t find one that wasn’t filled with sugar, gelatin, or synthetic ingredients. Both of my kids take this with NO problems. I mix it in their drink or applesauce and they eat it right up!”