Are you Missing Key Nutrients living in our Modern Environment?

If you are sensitive to EMFs, check that you are getting your key nutrients.

Are you missing key nutrients? Our modern environment can mean a lifestyle of poor food quality, low nutrition, chronic stress and anxiety and exposure to EMF, other non-beneficial energies, and toxins. It’s lifestyle that can be taxing on our nutrient stores. When health trends shift and focus on a new “this one life-changing” thing, we can forget about some foundational information. Remember when Vitamin C was the important one?

In researching different health topics, we quickly come to see that there is no consensus on root cause or solutions and protocols. What we get is usually confusing and conflicting information. While it can seem like a minefield, this, for me, is a solid reminder that as unique bioenergetic beings, we each need to seek out what’s right for ourselves. There is no one-size-fits-all and no magic pill that can help everyone. Homogenized advice does not help. It’s easier, from a marketing point of view. Granted it takes more effort and often it is just starting somewhere, following a path that honours our bio-individuality is so important. For many people it can mean working with different practitioners you trust to approach your health and well-being from a variety of ways.

As someone who is sensitive to EMF, looking at different approaches has now brought me to a nutrition perspective.

The EMF Question

Let me preface the EMF Question that I am biased due to my own sensitivity, which you can track over the years by my EMF research focus. I have tried and use a variety of tools, mostly energetic mitigation and also a smart meter shield at one rental. If possible, I recommend avoiding these situations. Smart meters and solar panels. Some places just don’t feel right for me, as I’m sure it’s true for many people as well. I can feel EMF in specific places in my body while other people seem just fine.

Discovering from Human Design that my cognition is “feeling” did help me understand my sensitivity more. We each have a sense that is more finely tuned than others. It’s a physical sense as well as being energetic and esoteric. Some can smell a rat. Others can taste the winds of change. Or they can visualize with their inner eye. You may know someone who can touch an object and share details about it. Those with feeling as their cognition are sensitive to frequencies. This may be why some people are more impacted by EMF. Still, I wonder when I see a cell phone peeking out of someone’s pant pocket or use a laptop on their lap, because even though we don’t feel it doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I do recognize that it’s birthed a huge industry, perhaps another “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” and being in a silo.

So does EMF have detrimental biological effects?

Here are some compilation of sources (for both yes and no) for you to investigate:

Approaching EMF with Nutrition

When you research EMF and well-being, the search engine will bring you websites for all kinds of blocking devices, from personal protection to paint and fabrics. While there appears to be much positive feedback for these products, personally, I’m not keen on them. I prefer to mitigate its effects with BioGeometry tools, such as the home kit and pendants, and other energetic tools. For those interested in balancing their home and workplace, there are also certified BioGeometry practitioners who provide these services. Many people, myself included, also use crystals such as Indigo Gabbro or orgonites such as these 5G Towerbusters from the Orgone Donor. If you’re familiar with Slim Spurling‘s work, you may already know about tensor rings.

☞ What Therapy articles on BioGeometry

So coming from this background, I was intrigued to hear about the nutritional approach from health researcher Matt Blackburn who wrote on Facebook (August 23, 2023) about “the high non native EMF environment no matter where we live causing unnaturally increased oxidative stress like we’ve never seen before on the earth.” He used to block EMF and now, because “nutrients are taxed by EMF”, he makes sure he has sufficient levels of key nutrients, including magnesium.

Magnesium for EMF mitigation

I first heard about EMF’s cellular potential effects from biochemist and professor Martin Pall who has been researching EMF for more than a decade now and specifically about its effects on voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), which are cells that regulate the amount of calcium that enters into a cell. Calcium is essential for cell signalling and almost all cellular processes. It also plays a role in neurotransmitter synthesis, mitochondrial function support, and muscle contraction, to name a few. Balancing the calcium levels inside and outside the cells is important and at rest, extracellular concentrations are much higher.

☞ Here’s an article about calcium channels and calcium signalling.

Studies show that EMF activates VGCCs, which leads to a rapid increase in intracellular calcium levels. (One research focus on Alzheimer’s is on calcium levels in the brain and some have made this connection with EMF.) Some VGCC activation downstream effects, which are cumulative, include oxidative stress, cellular DNA damage, endocrine change, and calcium overload.

It’s important to note that electronically-generated EMFs (non-native EMF) are coherent, producing stronger electrical and magnetic fields, as compared to natural EMFs, which are primarily incoherent. (The coherence is required for wireless communication.) The effects in these studies were observed from low-intensity non-thermal and non-pulsed millimetre-wave (MM-wave) electromagnetic fields. Note that 1) 5G is high-intensity, which brings into question the current safety guidelines, and that 2) this is only one environmental factor, before taking into account non-beneficial energies, heavy metals, and pathogenic substances. Our body is exposed to a lot and then has to digest, process, integrate, and eliminate.

The interesting thing is that the effects of VGCC activation can be blocked by pharmaceuticals. These blockers are prescribed to lower blood pressure, reduce chest pain, and help control irregular heartbeat. Magnesium, potassium, lithium, berberine, curcumin, and other herbs were listed as natural alternatives by the Natural Heart Doctor.

While we often hear about magnesium’s role in 300+ processes, its importance in EMF mitigation as a natural Calcium Channel Blocker has not been shared as widely. Thanks Matt for talking about it on your podcast.

Other Key Nutrients for EMF Mitigation

In his podcast episode, Five Health Trends I wish I Never Got Into (December 8 2023), Matt shares his list of key nutrients to deal with EMF, including Vitamins C and E, and zinc, the “unsung hero for EMF mitigation”. He wrote this about Vitamins C and E on November 26, 2022 on his Facebook page:

About Vitamins C & E (click icon to read)

“The mechanism whereby ELF-EMFs cause biological harm is oxidative stress that is not scavenged by antioxidants. This can induce lipid peroxidation, cell apoptosis, DNA breaks, and affect cell transduction pathways such as p53, PI k-Akt, JNK and NF-kB.⁣

Vitamins C and E are free radical scavengers. One is water soluble and the other is fat soluble. Due to their different subcellular locations, a combination of both of them has been shown to have a better antioxidant effect than either of the two alone.⁣

Vitamin C is primarily found in the cytosol and extracellular fluid. There it protects proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and nucleic acids from damage by pro oxidants.⁣

Vitamin E is primarily found in cellular membranes. It interferes with the propagation of lipid radicals and prevents lipid peroxidation chain reactions from occurring.⁣

One study looked at rats exposed to 2.45 GHz Wi-Fi routers. They found that elevated blood glucose and cholesterol was reduced (Shekoohi-Shooli, et al 2016). They noted that 500 mg of ascorbic acid was not enough to reduce blood glucose but 1000 mg worked.⁣

Another study looked at intermittent 50 hZ EMF powerline exposure in cultured marmoset cells. They found increases in early and late apoptosis. But when they added vitamin C and E, apoptosis was substantially lowered (DING, et al 2017).⁣”

Here are the others on the list from the Mito Life podcast episode and why:

  • B9 – prevents the reduction of cell numbers in the cerebellum and the brain
  • Melatonin – protects cellular membrane against EMF-induced oxidative stress, lowers neurodamage in the hippocampus, and protects the kidneys.
  • Vitamin A – protects cellular membrane from cellular stress
  • Magnesium – as a natural calcium channel blocker, mitigates the effects of EMF activation of these channels (while the activation of VGCCs has the most effects, other voltage-gate channels are also impacted, including sodium, potassium, and chloride.)

Getting Your Key Nutrients

Knowing what key nutrients to explore is one thing. Getting good sources is another. Matt actually does sell the nutrients on his EMF mitigation list, including Rosita’s Cod liver oil. For Vitamin C, the two places I purchase from are Vimergy and Earthley, which offers Vitamin C powder (also in capsule form) and the newer Vitamin C tincture.

For magnesium, I currently use the unscented Good Night Lotion, also from Earthley. I’ve used several topical sprays as well as the cream from Kabana Organic Skincare. Another brand that I really like is Ancient Minerals, which offers lotion, oil, and bath flakes. I also love Fractal Forest. Perhaps their Shilajit resin or liquid drops is for you. Shilajit contains 84+ essential minerals and trace elements, including zinc, magnesium, potassium, iodine, and fulvic and humid acids.

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