Indigo Gabbro – Your New Friend for good EMF Hygiene

Thanks to Dr Robert J Gilbert and Sarah E Thomas, I now know about Indigo Gabbro or Mystical Merlinite, not to be confused with Merlinite.

What is Indigo Gabbro?

Hailing from Madagascar, Indigo Gabbro is an amazing volcanic stone that’s perfect for our modern day lifestyle. According to Dr Gilbert, this stone has a centering vibration. With the three colours – black, indigo, and violet – we get a stone that has a high capacity to absorb toxic frequencies, clear and transmute energy, and provide spiritual activations and connections. [source] According to Dr Gilbert’s research, when indigo and violet bands are present, they work together to create “alchemical transformations.”

What does this mean?

⥤ Indigo Gabbro absorbs detrimental energy from people, things, and places and transmutes it into beneficial frequencies.

Some Ways to Work with Indigo Gabbro

You can use the palm stones on the body or in water to make an elixir. They can also be placed on the back of cell phones, inside their soft cases, to transmute the EMF. Or place them directly on Hartmann and Curry Grids, especially if the lines cross your bed and other highly frequented living areas. You can find this info and more here.

Indigo Gabbro is one of the best, according to Dr Gilbert, for dealing with EMF. Unlike other black stones which require energetic cleaning, such as Obsidian, this stone is also pretty much self-cleaning. An easy way to clean these stones is to put them under running water.

If you want to make a crystal grid to cloak your home from unwanted energies, check out Sarah Thomas’ youtube video below. Indigo Gabbro is one of the stones Sarah Thomas recommends for the grid. And it’s thanks to her that I’m being introduced to the amazing and beautiful Indigo Gabbro. It’s through her that I first got wind of this stone.

Other uses? Use it in meditation, especially in times of change and when you are exploring your shadows. Our projections can muddy the field and all our relationships like nothing else! Work with Indigo Gabbro to discern between your desires and your needs. This wisdom can pivot how we approach life and other people.

Indigo Gabbro
Indigo Gabbro courtesy of Crystalline Light

From Crystalline Light –

Indigo Gabbro helps us connect to our higher self and opens the third eye, but does so with a gentle balance. It connects us to the earth and the stars, and it’s energy is supportive of expanding our consciousness and energy to multi-dimensional work, and can open a connection to the star realms. It helps us understand and enhance our intuitive skills, reawakening anything we may need to access at this time. Indigo Gabbro is a great stone to help move energy and clear the aura.


When I need to go deep into healing or connecting with a dark aspect, Indigo Gabbro is my stone. It helps me excavate the crud to get to the light.
Jennifer, Crystalline Light


Find your Indigo Gabbro at Crystalline Light.

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