Earth Chakras

You are probably familiar with the seven major chakras in the human body. As a sentient being, Mother Earth also has chakras. These are places of high vibrations, sites for pilgrimage still today.

Mother Earth’s pulsing energetic veins run through her entire body. These are the ley lines; also called Dragon Currents, Dream Paths, Fairy Paths, Holy Lines, and Spirit Lines, depending on where a person hails from. Known since ancient times as energy paths, they became used as “Pilgrimage Paths”.

Along the ley lines lie an abundance of sacred ground used for ceremonies. Ancient sites were built where they intersect – temples, shrines, cemeteries. Large stones and dolmens also mark these places. These virtual cosmic ley lines were the soul’s pilgrimage path in the afterlife. Power spots or the “thin places” are filled by Presence, an undeniable energy, watchful. The Spirits of Place.

What are Earth Chakras and How Were They Formed? 

Earth chakras, like ours, are spherical with energy spiralling in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Most experts believe that there is a major chakra on every continent (except Antarctica, where some believe has a more subtle chakra) and a major sacred site at the centre of each. You may have already visited these places and felt the powerful energy there. Also being non local beings, you may have also tapped into them without physically travelling to these sites.

In her Complete Book of Chakras, Cyndi Dale shares several theories and beliefs. I’ve included a brief summary here. Be sure to read her anthology of cultural beliefs and practices regarding chakras for a more detailed understanding.

  • intersections of grid lines form earth-based chakras though not every intersection is a chakra – these are vortices that are electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic.
  • the chakras form some of the grid lines and are doorways between different worlds, the physical and spiritual.
  • what Cyndi Dale calls “communications centres” use the high energy of these sites to relay messages with higher and star beings.

Where are the Earth Chakras?

In central Australia, in the outback, stands the stark beauty of Uluru with its undulating and ever-changing colours. Rising over 1000 feet above ground, this monolith is sacred ground to the Anangu people. This is their “Cosmic Mountain” with areas reserved for “women’s business” and “men’s business” and where the Spirits still dwell.

The Aborigines believe that in the beginning the world was flat and unformed. In their journey across the land, the ancestral spirit beings in Dreamtime created all living creatures, the elements, and the physical we see in the boulders, waterholes, cracks, stones and so everything is alive, with its own story.

This is the same with the sacred Uluru, which to the Anangu, is a primordial reptile symbolizing creation and destruction. To those initiated into Tjukurpa, the spiritual basis of the Anangu culture, art and storytelling come alive with deep meaning. A tree, though beautiful, is more than the tree as we see with our physical eye.

For some people, Uluru and Kata Tijuta are the solar plexus chakra of the planet, holding the energy of vitality and Dreamtime. The Female Great Dragon Ley Line travels around the world and connects Uluru, Lake Titicaca in South America (sacral chakra), and Avebury, Stonehenge, and Glastonbury in the UK (heart chakra), which is currently conjunct with the third eye chakra, the only one that moves with each age and exists in our consciousness.

Other major earth chakras are located in Mt Shasta, US (root chakra), Great Pyramid of Giza and Mt Sinai, Egypt and Mt of Olives, Jerusalem (throat chakra), and Mt Kailas, Tibet (crown chakra).

At night, Machu Picchu slips outside of time. When the tourists leave, the numinous dwellers of the city of light roam the citadel. With the help of visionary plant medicine like the San Pedro, you understand the place is inhabited.

Alberto Villoldo, The Heart of the Shaman

There are several earth chakra systems including Erickson’s, Coon’s, and Steiner’s.

Some intuit the root chakra is Grand Canyon, the sacral chakra Machu Picchu, and the third eye chakra Mount Fuji. There are many more high energetic centres aside from the Earth’s major chakras. Some are positive and some are negative vortices, including Bermuda Triangle, Dragon’s Triangle, Bali, Lake Taupo, Sedona, Findhorn, Calgary, and Maui.

Great channels of energy – arteries, pathways of undulating widths – course through Mother Earth, across all borders and boundaries. When we respect and work with these energies, through raising our own individual consciousness and doing earth work and ceremonies at chakra points, the artificial and the illusion we have created will dissolve.

The discordant voices from the Middle East, our throat earth chakra, reflect where we are as a whole organism. The throat chakra, in Rudolf Steiner’s Astrogeographia system, is related to the planet Mars. As a warrior, this planet embodies and symbolizes assertive courageous energy.

“The spiritual warrior is ruthless with him- or herself and also in defending the innocent. But the warrior is supremely merciful in that he or she sees the innocence of all experience.” (Almine, Secrets of the Hidden Realms)

The question is – what is the fight for? What is it bringing strength to? It is fair to say that what is being expressed is the shadow side of Mars – anger, violence, frustration, ego. Channelled in its highest octave, we are able to tap into Mars’ energy to voice the mysteries of the universe and stand with a courageous heart for Truth.

The great song of humanity is being sung – are we listening?

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