Got Jet Lag? Here’s What to Do

With school holidays just around the corner, travel is in the plans for many families. Travelling across time zones isn’t always easy for everyone. So what to do for jet lag?

A few basics to start with to help your jet lag:

  • stay hydrated – skip or minimize alcohol consumption
  • adjust to the destination time zone on the flight
  • plan to land during the daytime; go for a walk and grab some sunshine to reset your circadian rhythms

Here’s what to pack for your flight.

what to do for jet lag stock photo by Valerie Elash

Here are a few more natural suggestions for jet lag.

Homeopathic Remedies for Jetlag

The underlying principle of homeopathy is “like cures like”. Created by Samuel Hahnemann in the 1790s, homeopathy is widely practiced in many parts of the world, including the UK, France, Germany, and India. The Swiss government commissioned a report to look into all the studies on homeopathy. This seven-year review has led to homeopathy being covered by the Swiss public health insurance. Many people may also know that members of the British Royal Family use homeopathy, including the Queen herself and Prince Charles who uses it on his dairy cows. Many elite athletes also use homeopathy.

Homeopathy remedies support the body by stimulation. They do not inhibit or interfere with conventional medication. When disposed of, they do not cause environmental contamination, that chemicals from pharmaceuticals. Homeopathy is safe and easy to use. Many potencies are available, the higher the potencies, the stronger the effect. 30c or even 12c for a longer duration is recommended for home use. Generally, homeopaths suggest taking a remedy (30c) three times and re-evaluate. If there is no change, then a different remedy is needed. Homeopathy for constitution, however, requires consultation with a practitioner for best results.


Arnica is a wonderful homeopathic remedy to have on hand for jet lag. Many people know it for muscle soreness, strains, and sprains. Perhaps less known is its effect for those in shock, when the body is oversensitive. Take arnica three times on the day before your flight.


For symptoms such as dizziness, weakness, and heaviness, try cocculus. This remedy is also for those dealing poorly with a loss of sleep.

Nux Vomica

Have you ever felt hungover after a flight? Spacey, irritable, nauseous, or sensitive to noise? This remedy is good for people who are just exhausted, whether it is from travelling, overworking, or an unhealthy diet.

JIn Shin Jyutsu

Jin Shin Jyutsu is an art of healing based on releasing blockages that impede the proper flow of energy in the body. At the core of Jin Shin Jyutsu is Self-Help that allows everyone to awaken themselves the body’s innate ability to heal. It can be as easy as holding a finger or placing your hands on certain parts of the body.

Holding Your Fingers

Holding your fingers sounds so simple and yet, it’s so powerful. It’s also easy to do, whether you are waiting in line at the gate, watching the in-flight movie, or before drifting to sleep.

When we hold our fingers, we are harmonizing organs and 144,000 energy functions.

As the effects are cumulative you can start holding your fingers daily or on a regular basis before your flight. You can hold your fingers at take off and landing, and during the flight.

Spleen Flow

The Spleen flow is a revitalizing flow. It’s great for jet lag as well as a daily Self-Help. Place your hands on the areas as indicated below for a few minutes and switch sides.

Step 1 Place your left hand on your tailbone and your right hand on the inside of your right heel, below the ankle.
Step 2 Keeping your left hand on the tailbone, move your right hand to the bottom of your rib cage on the left side.
Step 3 Keeping your right hand on the rib cage, move your left hand to your chest near the midline.
Step 4 Then move your left hand to your left collar bone.

The Spleen flow helps jet lag by stimulating the immune system, supporting the digestive system, and addressing other common jet lag conditions such as anxiety and fatigue. If you cannot comfortable reach all the areas, you can do just the first step. Also, you can place your hands on the collar bone to help adjust and adapt to your environment.

Jet Lag Flow

Place your right hand (index, middle, and ring fingers) on your left cheekbone near your nose. Place your left hand the right side of the neck. Find your comfortable position. Try wrapping your left hand from the back and the front of the neck to see what’s easier. Also find a light and pleasurable pressure. Do this flow for 5 to 15 minutes for each side.

The Jet Lag Flow also helps with sleep challenges and disorders.


“Acupuncture without Needles”, Nutripuncture harmonizes and restores cellular communications. Nutris work on restoring meridians, including Meridian 27 (Time) which balances the vital currents of the Thyroid and being in the present. Disruptions can result from events such as a loss, difficult move, or shock. Nutripuncture helps jet lag with the following association – Nutri Yin, Nutri Yang, 27, 26, and 21 (for men)/28 (for women).

Jet lag happens when we move across timezones, disrupting our circadian rhythms. Common symptoms include digestion issues, fatigue in the day, and troubled sleep. What really works for me is holding my fingers before, during, and after the flight. I often fall asleep on the plane, holding one of my fingers. This Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help has also helped many friends and clients. Give it a try. Experiment with the other suggestions to see what helps your jet lag.