Natural Skincare

Natural skincare is important to me, for more reasons than just keeping my skin healthy, resilient, and responsive. If you’re like me, you are probably sensitive, and maybe have sensitive skin. Our food, personal care, clothing, furniture – all of it has become more toxic. Chemicals are used to mass-produce and extend shelf life, to increase profit. And as a result, the planet, the ecosystem, the living beings pay the price. No wonder there’s been such a movement for natural, handmade, and toxic-free. Supporting businesses where transparency and simplicity is so important. Before dumplings were sold packaged in a store, families made them at home. You get the idea.

I love skincare. I love getting facials and massages, which to me are part of a natural approach to health. It’s about self-care, taking time for yourself, as well as ways of releasing stress, toxins, and energetic blocks. Stress is so understated in everything and it affects the entire body.

Being in an information age, we have access to so much more knowledge, maybe too much as we have to weed out the marketing spiels, sales scripts, and just misinformation. Like what about Vitamin D? Or getting sunlight for health? Everyone is unique so it’s important to know what’s correct for you, despite mainstream or collective messaging.

Over the years, I’ve found my own skincare routine becoming more and more simplified. I focus on the imbalances and releasing toxins through tissue salts, Jin Shin Jyutsu, etc, and not subjecting my body to unnecessary chemicals, especially when their longterm effects and interplay with the body chemistry is unknown. Some of the practices I have include Gua Sha, body brushing, castor oil packs, using the rebounder, and Jin Shin Jytusu. I go through cycles and sometimes I do more of one thing than another.

Detoxing for Natural Skincare

Many of my products are from Earthley. (I’m also now an affiliate) Most of their ingredients are organic, and definitely all their ingestibles. There are no fillers, parabens, colouring, flavouring, and other questionable additives. It’s a great time with their Black Friday sale (November 24 – 27) to try their products with a store-wide 20% off sale. (Use code “WhatTherapy”) They also have a 30-day back guarantee because the Earthley team does want to have the right products to you.

Some must-haves for me include:

  • Goodnight Lotion (Magnesium lotion as Magnesium is required for 300+ processes in the body and is quickly depleted in times of stress)
  • Lymphatic Cream
  • Liver Oil (Earthley just launched their Black Liver Oil earlier in the fall. I haven’t tried this one and just checking out all the amazing testimonials)

Natural Skincare 1, 2, 3

The skincare routine from Earthley is a simple and basic 1, 2, 3. They also have products such as masks and scrubs (used after cleansing) and serum, as the last step. While the Charcoal Facial Bar is well-loved, for some people, the Exfoliating Cleanser is more gentle.

Gut Health for Clean Skin

The gut flora, our microbiome, is now widely known to be involved implicitly with our overall health. This includes our skin. We can look at our skin conditions to see what may be out of order. Undereye circles and puffiness can be kidney energy. Persistent redness between the eyebrows can be liver energy. Check out this facial map. This is why support the gut. Here’s a Gut Health Guide. I was on the Gut Health Oil and loved it. It’s on my restock list this Black Friday sale.

Looking for more suggestions for natural skincare? Here are some graphics to highlight some of Earthley’s products.

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