Do this before 10Am (ish) for your Good Health

Want to be in good health and confused about the wealth of health information out there? Try this one practice to get started.

Several years ago, there was a study showing how it’s best to start work after 10AM. I completely resonated with it. I still do. At the time, I had two dogs and my mornings were centred around getting myself out of bed to walk and feed them. I was never a morning person and I struggled to insert contact lenses *that* early. I was grateful for my dogs who patiently waited on those days I just couldn’t roll out of bed. So for me the work day naturally started after 10AM.

Now, now that I don’t even have dogs, life (not work) starts at sunrise. Ish. Well, it’s trending that way. These days the sun rises around 6AM, with first light at 5:45AM, though the roosters are up crowing, way, way, way before then. It does make a difference that I’m usually in bed by 10PM (on average), sometimes even by 9PM. Life is much different now. Sometimes I was still walking my dogs then. Sometimes I was still washing my Goldie who had decided to launch herself into a muddy pool.

Do *This* By 10AM

Disclaimer: I’m all for individual rather than homogenized advice since we are all unique. What I’m sharing here I think everyone* should check out as part of their well-being journey. As always, go with how you feel.

Our world has changed so much and we have moved away from nature and what is natural, innate. Many people have come to rely on outside authority. Most of us take what we’ve been told as the truth, “conventional wisdom” passed down from history, especially when we’re given “scientific proof” which by the way, should be investigated. If anything has become clear over these past couple of years. Check out what and how studies are funded, by whom, and which get published. For example, I never questioned my short-sightedness. My head hurt, my mom thought it was my teeth, my dentist figured out I “needed” glasses. Boom, just like that, I got glasses. Or so the story goes. Now I’m exploring different ways to regain, enhance, and build eye and overall health. And to remedy my general short-sightedness.

* – aside from people who have indirect light as determination

So what is *this*?

Get outside for the sunrise.

So simple. Nothing to buy. Nothing to sell. Not complicated.

Your DNA and genes are still wired and designed to be in sync with nature and the suns full spectrum light throughout the day. 

Jackie Jolie

We are beings of light. We are energy beings. As a species, we evolved with the Sun. The body’s processes, such as energy production, are catalyzed by light. Changing frequencies during the day communicate the different environmental information to our body, turning on and off functions as needed.

We lived with the rising and setting of the sun, until rather recently. Until electricity was invented and we moved more and more indoors and became more and more reliant on technology that interferes with our biology. Living in an artificial environment further removed us from Nature, our nature, disconnecting us from our innate knowing. It’s also created chaos as our circadian rhythms became disrupted.

Syncing with the sun is something so basic and foundational.

And free.

Yet people have come to fear the sun and being out in the sun. It’s right along with the demonization of fat, eggs, and meat, including organ meats. This is what I fed my dogs while I’ve been mentally conditioned to feel gross about eating livers. Ancestral foods. My parents tried. I was eating tripe and chicken feet at dim sum until I connected to what they were!

Human body receives information from the environment through four organs – the eyes, the skin, the lungs and the gut – all playing an essential role to keep the body running properly. But the most overlooked and most important organ is the eyes. Did you know melatonin production begins with the eye, and studies have found melatonin receptors distributed across the retina, including the retinal pigment epithelial (RPE) cells? The eyes are involved in driving all growth, hormone production and metabolism.

Nic Tan

My own Practice & Experiment

This is why I started rising to see the sunrise or at least early morning sun without glasses or contact lenses. And without any lotion or sunblock. In our new neighbourhood, I can safely walk around without glasses, only to put them on to cross a major road. Maybe you can too.

What I’m suggesting is to start slow. Start where you are and work towards the goal of going for sunrise walks with naked eyes and naked arms and legs (or more!).

Can’t get up for the sunrise? Start going to sleep earlier to wake up earlier. Open your windows and face east, even if only for a few minutes to begin with. Do this at whatever time you get up. Can’t get buck-naked to expose your skin to the sun? That’s okay – just be mindful of the layers you can remove.

Your DNA has over 25,000 vitamin D receptors waiting for sunlight.Cholesterol in your skin is converted to a neurohormone vitamin D to activate your genes. A single gram of DNA is now known to store over 215 million gigabytes of data os the sky is the limit. Sunlight speaks an ancient language to your DNA that you can learn to speak again.

Dr Steve Lin

I’m also not saying go out and be in the sun all day long if you haven’t seen sun for decades! Or if you’ve been lathering on sunblock.

By getting sun exposure before 10ish AM, you are already taking that first step. You are beginning to reset your biological clocks that exist throughout the body. You are also preparing your body to respond to changing frequencies during the day. So that you can be out in the sun throughout the day. The more time you spend in the sun from sunrise to 10ish AM, the longer you can do so safely from 10ish AM to 4PM. You can also use the app DMinder to calculate safe sun exposure as you begin and continue.

(Before the sun is at 30 degrees (or about 10AM usually), there is no UVA or UVB. The early morning exposure prepares the body to respond to these frequencies, which are necessary. UVB for making hormone D. By the way, we need cholesterol in our skin as a precursor for this process.)

Tips & Next steps Plus Resources

  • go to sleep earlier and earlier to get up closer and closer to sunrise
  • look east (not at the sun)
  • build up to a sweat-inducing walk from just getting up and facing east
  • get as much early morning sun with the least amount of clothing on
  • see the sunrise and morning sun without any glasses and contacts
  • switch from contacts to glasses so you can take them off anytime to get full-spectrum sunlight into your eyes throughout the day
  • prioritize natural light (switch to red light bulbs for night lights; look into flashlights with red bulbs to get around); make it a habit of seeing natural light before artificial light
  • install apps such as f.lux on your laptop and nightshift on your iPhone to reduce blue light or get blue light blocking screens
  • wear blue-light blocking glasses to reduce exposure especially after sun down
  • keep or switch back to incandescent light bulbs or use candlelight at night
  • expose your belly (your gut microbiome will thank you!) and genitals to sunlight (I have a tan-through bikini bottom from Kiniki)
  • be hydrated
  • Use apps such as DMinder
  • check out : Jack Kruse, Dr Steven Lin, Dr Courtney Hunt, Jackie Jolie on the Higherside Chat

Mother Nature is the boss of a cell. Only under the superintendence of Mother Nature, will the janitors inside our cells be able to fully scrub our defective mitochondria of their defects. This is how our cellular blueprint rebuilds itself. Timing, specifically circadian timing is the most critical piece of wellness to get right. What if I told you that light from your environment controls the timing mechanisms inside of your cells?

Jack Kruse