Have I Been Eating Wrong My Whole life?

Reading Steve Rhodes’ Bhan Tugh, I’m wondering if I’ve been eating wrong this entire time. We all have an idea of what is healthy and what’s not, even when the research keeps changing. I forget – are eggs healthy? Or just the egg white? The Medical Medium tells us that eggs, like heavy metals, feed viruses.

How we eat is mostly mind stuff. At least for most people. We eat according to what we think is good for us. Or what is healthy, detoxifying, and not adding pounds. That’s mind stuff.

What does the body want? What is correct for our design?

According to Bhan Tugh, there are six kinds of digestive systems. Three of them are driven by internal conditions and the other by outer circumstances. For each diet, there are two categories. Diet 1, for example, is eating one ingredient at a time, either consecutively or alternating. This means eating all the rice first before the beans (consecutively) or alternating between them, and not eating them together.

This sounds restrictive, right? What about Diet 2? This is the “very selective” diet. People with this digestive system don’t deal well with lots of different foods at the same time and so need time to explore what works for them. This means they may want to eat hummus every day for a month to see if they like it. Or however long they need to figure it out! And if they do, they may stick with it forever, or until they find something else they like even better. They may also spend time narrowing down which brand/kind of hummus they love.

With Diet 2, people are either open to trying new foods, though not too many at the same time or they may get tummy upsets. Or they are really resistant. That’s okay because that is their design and new foods or foods not correct for them should not be forced on them. And that happens, with good intentions. We end up eating wrong for our design.

And how do they know what they like? Through their internal cognition or senses. People with the first three of these senses like to focus on their food while those with the other three do not. The first three – smell, taste, and outer vision focus on the external for information. The other three – inner vision, auric feeling, and psychic touch – rely on the inside and are newer in our evolution.

Diet 1One Ingredient at a time
Diet 2Very Selective
Diet 3Stimulating
Diet 4Inner State
Diet 5Sound
Diet 6Sunlight
from Bhan Tugh by Steve Rhodes

What’s Your Environment Like?

Unlike Diets 1, 2, and 3, the last three diets are more about the environment, rather than the food.

For example, Diet 4 is about how they feel. People with this digestive system either need their environment calm or nervous. This is different from Diet 5 which is about sound, which is more about whether their environment is quiet or loud. For the nervous-type person, their digestion is stimulated by a lot of action. Maybe they are standing up or moving around the room eating their lunch. Or they listen to podcasts, have conversations, or watch TV. Even though people with Diet 5 have the same digestive system, eating together is not going to work for one of them.

This is a fascinating perspective on our diet. We’ve been told eating mindfully is the way to go, or eat before the sun sets. Steve Rhodes also shares that people with an open Heart Centre (that’s about 70% of the population) also have a weak stomach. Without awareness, those with an undefined Heart Centre have been conditioned to feel “not worthy” and so feel a pressure to prove they are.

What if we’ve got it wrong? How many of us are eating wrong for our design? With the incorrect diet, we are not being nourished and over time, we lose even greater touch with our body. We forget how to hear and listen to our body’s response.