Summer is Coming! Sun Tips.

Summer is coming! Are you ready? Here are some tips to be healthy this summer.

According to the 24 Solar Terms, summer begins on May 5, 2022 for Southern China and other similar latitudes. This part of the solar cycle is called lì xià (立夏), the midpoint between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. As we approach the peak of summer, yang or active energy continues to strengthen.

Tips for Welcoming Summer

Between seasons we have an interseason period. This is a time where the weather and temperatures are in flux so it’s important to be grounded and balanced. The interseason is the Earth Element. We can nourish ourselves and harmonize the earth element energies within us by adjusting the organ energies of this element. An easy way to balance the Spleen and Stomach Function energies is holding our thumb. You can hold either thumb or both for five to ten minutes.

You can also support this time by eating foods that are more easily digestible, going for walks to get grounded, and getting good sleep.

Tips for Welcoming Summer

Summer is the Fire Element and relates to the Heart and Small Intestine Function Energies and the attitude “trying to.”(Find out more about the organ clock.)

An easy way to harmonize Heart and Small Intestine energy is holding our little finger. This also helps people who find saying “no” problematic, struggle with healthy boundaries, and always put others ahead of them. This attitude of “trying to” reflects not living from our heart’s desires and and obligation to make others happy, proud, and loving.

I invite you this summer to observe any of these instances, of any need to prove yourself, and it may be subtle or so pervasive it calls for a profound surrender to that deep place of self-love.

Being in the Sun

Another focus of Summer is sun exposure as more people get outside. We’ve internalized that sun exposure is dangerous for our health. Sunlight has been demonized and instead of being nourished by nature, we’ve been told to take vitamins and supplements and slather on toxic sunscreens.

In the past two years, the popularity of Vitamin D has skyrocketted, as part of the protocol recommended by many practitioners. Are you familiar with the Vitamin aka Hormone D controversy?

Here’s an article to introduce you to Vitamin D.

You may wonder about incidences of sun damage. The thing is our farming and manufacturing processes have depleted minerals, including copper which is essential for overall health, including mitochondrial function. This “energy factory” is responsible for multiple functions, including initiating apoptosis or programmed cell death. This process removes damaged cells from mutating. Mitchondrial health has been on the decline as our diet has become altered with the removal of copper and addition of iron. A diet that became low fat, which has its own implications. Furthermore, wearing UV protection, be it sunscreen, sunglasses or clothing, disrupts a natural process of transmitting environmental cues for the body to adjust. Such as to sun exposure.

Thoughts for consideration and research

We are beings of light. Dark and light activate processes in our body, including our circadian cycle. Our internal clock, the suprachiasmatic nucleus, governs these rhythms. During the day, environmental cues lead to the activation and the ending of specific processes.

Insomnia, resistant weight balance, poor gut health, and depression are symptoms of dysregulated circadian cycle. Here are some regulation tips:

  • Rise and retire with the sun. Watch the sunrise and take a sunset walk naked – no contacts, glasses, sunblock, and clothing as much as appropriate. This syncs up the circadian cycle, releasing melatonin to prepare for sleep.
  • Minimize blue light exposure by wearing blue light blocking glasses or shields for your devices and minimize your time on the devices, especially when on data/wifi, especially after sunset. You may also want to use red incandescent light bulbs or candlelight for the evenings.
  • Reduce or eliminate processed food. The depletion of minerals and addition of Vitamin D upsets the mineral balance we require.
  • Hydrate with clean water. Add electrolytes.
  • Boost your magnesium daily with whole foods, maybe a dip in the ocean, and a good magnesium lotion. Magnesium is quickly depleted in times of stress.