Rave New Year & What It Means for Our Human Experience

In Human Design, we celebrate the new year, a new cycle, and what we call the Rave New Year when the Sun transits Gate 41. Find out why Gate 41.

As Human Design becomes more mainstream, some of the deeper concepts are quickly surfacing, and this includes what is called the Rave New Year. While much of the world begins a new year on January 1, there are many other calendars. The New Year in Human Design begins when the Sun transits Gate 41 which is usually around January 21/22 and is in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Why Gate 41?

Even before Human Design, there’s been much exploration and research into the mathematics of the I’Ching and its correspondence with our genetic code. It is fascinating. You can see in the structure of the Hexagram in I’Ching that there are six lines, each one either yin or yang as symbolized by a broken and solid line, respectively. You can also see this structure as two trigrams (three lines) – lower and upper trigrams. And it’s in the binaries that we can see the correlation with codons. Each binary (two lines) gives us one of the four bases. Different combinations of three binaries (which make up the six lines of a Hexagram) create the codons. The four bases are Adenine (A) which is two yang lines; Guanine (G) which is yang over yin; Cytosine (C) which is yin over yang; and uracil (U) which is two yin lines.

From Codons in Wikipedia (Public Domain)

Codon, in genetics, any of 64 different sequences of three adjacent nucleotides in DNA that either encodes information for the production of a specific amino acid or serves as a stop signal to terminate translation (protein synthesis). Codons are made up of any triplet combination of the four nitrogenous bases adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), or uracil (U). Of the 64 possible codon sequences, 61 specify the 20 amino acids that make up proteins and three are stop signals.

Britannica (Science)

So the 41st gate is a Gate of Hunger. Now it can be a hunger for food, but it is a hunger for experience or a hunger for desire, for experience. It’s a deep hunger. But it’s more than that. The 41st Gate has something very extraordinary about it because of what it is as a start codon. That it holds inside of it the pressure to start all experiences. Think about that. It carries within in the pressure to start all experiences. That’s why that 41st gate, when it comes to sexuality, is the gate of fantasy. Now fantasy is not desire. Fantasy can lead to desire. Fantasy can incorporate desire. But first is the fantasy. And the fantasy is a potential of experiential possibility.

So the 41st Gate carries within it all the potentials of fantasy. All the potentials of the human experiential way. All the potentials of the human sexual way. All the potentials are there in the 41st Gate. It’s an incredible font. It’s one of these deep resources. 

Ra Uru Hu

41st Hexagram

In the I’Ching, the 41st Hexagram is called Diminishing Sun or Sun/Decrease, depending on the translation edition.

It is a fact of life that times of decrease come upon us: our resources are limited, difficulty surrounds us, and our egos generate angry and unhappy emotions. Nonetheless, such times are good for us. If we respond to them by quieting our egos and turning sincerely to the Higher Power for help, we emerge from the period of decrease stronger, healthier, and wiser.

Brian Browne Walker, The I Ching or Book of Changes

So why is the start of the Rave New Year when the Sun is transiting Gate 41, Decrease? Why in Aquarius? Why not Aries? Why not in Gate 53, Gate of Beginnings?

From a genetic point of view, the 41st Hexagram is methionine, the only Start Codon. The line structure of 41 is (from the bottom) yang, yang, yin, yin, yin, yang. Yang yang (refer to above) is adenine, yin yin is uracil, and yin yang is guanine. This is AUG, the singular codon that encodes Methionine. So Rave New Year is when the Sun, which provides 70% of the imprint, is transiting the start codon for humans. In Human Design, 41 is also the root impulse to begin the Human Experiential Way, which goes from Gate 41 to 40 to 36 to 35. This is a collective abstract stream.

The 41st Hexagram is the fuel or the pressure of an abstract stream in the sensing circuit, the stream of feeling. This stream is a uniquely human stream. It is the evolutionary and genetic material necessary for us to experience incarnation in a human form. Without this stream, the human evolutionary process would not exist. Not only are we speaking here of a fundamental pressure for a life process, but in particular, to understand it is not shared with any other form of life. This is a very specific pressure and a very specific stream that is directly associated with what we experience as being human.

The Rave I’Ching Line Companion