PEMF The 5th Element of Health : The Energetics of Health

PEMF stands for “pulsed electromagnetic field”, the earth’s magnetic field and Schumann frequencies. According to Bryant Meyers, PEMF is the fifth element. The other four elements are earth/food, water, air/oxygen, and fire/sunlight. He is the author of the book PEMF The Fifth Element.

What are Schumann Frequencies?

Schumann frequencies are named after Dr Winifred Otto Schumann, who discovered that the earth has its own frequency. Initially calculated at 10 Hz, the Schumann frequencies are found to be 7.83 Hz. This is the same as the alpha brain waves, found during flowing thought and in some meditative states.

The underground bunker study by Dr Rutger Wever showed that without exposure to the Schumann resonance, the people inside the bunker fell sick. Depression, headaches, and emotional problems were among the conditions reported. Their health returned after they set up a 7.83 Hz magnetic pulse generator inside the bunker. This is because the human body is tuned to the earth’s energy.

The Challenge Today

Bryant Meyers writes in his book that the problem today is two-fold. We have a weakening magnetic field and increasing electrosmog. We are therefore not connected to the health-promoting natural frequencies of the earth as much as we need. He advocates a healing-centred model of reconnecting to the earth. This includes recognizing and working with the five elements of health and making changes that do not continuously add stress and toxicity to the body.

PEMF Elements

The Role of Energy in Health

PEMF The Fifth Element includes information on all five elements to give a holistic perspective. He goes into detail about what an electromagnetic field and pulsed electromagnetic field are. He also cites several interesting studies, including the 4-year landmark research by NASA. This particular study shows among many findings that a healthy human body requires the frequencies, at the intensities provided by the earth. Additionally, lower frequencies are better to stimulate cellular growth, repair, and healing.

“The most effective electromagnetic field for repair of trauma was the square wave with a rapid rate of change, which saw cell growth increased to 4.0 times.”

The key is not intensity but rather frequency resonance. For people who are already chemically-sensitive, this therefore is a crucial piece of information. They therefore may even need to dial down the intensity of their PEMF devices. This is somewhat counter to what many people may believe – that stronger is better.

“In living systems, extremely weak fields may have potent effects, while there can be little or no response to strong fields.”

The author Bryant Meyers has spent years to explore the PEMF technology and different equipment. He has also researched a wide range of studies to better understand it. Based on this comprehensive knowledge base, he gives suggestions on what to look for in a PEMF device. He recommends a full body mat with pure tightly wound copper coils that decrease in magnetic flux as you move from the head to the feet and alternating polarity. NASA research shows that, having local applicators with square wave forms, is ideal, for example, for pain. Biofeedback that takes into account the organ clock is also beneficial.

He also gives the “safe” distances for a cellphone (1″), cell phone tower (100 meters), and a baby monitor (2-3′). Bluetooth and baby monitors, which operate at microwave frequencies, emit a beacon when turned on, even when not in use. Suggestions – use a corded or a voice-activated baby monitor. Turn off wi-fi routers as much as possible or use an ethernet connection. If you are interested in minimizing EMF radiation, here are some tips for EMF hygiene.

Happy thoughts create happy neuropeptides; angry thoughts create angry ones.

Bryant Meyers

A Healthier View on Health

Chapter 9 in PEMF The Fifth Element goes into psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics. This is very useful and necessary as there certainly have been a lot of breakthroughs in these areas. We must stop thinking that genes are the destiny. Research shows our daily habits can turn on and off certain genes, thereby changing their expression. “Happy thoughts create happy neuropeptides; angry thoughts create angry ones.” Depending on your thoughts and emotions, different cascade of biochemical changes occurs in your body. “Every cell in your body has neuropeptide receptors. They are constantly listening to your internal dialogue.”

Another way PEMF and PEMF devices help our wellbeing is their action of harmonizing our emotions. This then leads to the production of more positive hormones and neuropeptides. The research from Institute of HeartMath shows that intentionally-generated positive emotions can move the body systems into greater coherence.

As Bryant Meyers points out, it is far more powerful to view health, not as the absence of disease, but as an “open-ended journey into greater levels of strength and energy. Health is about thriving, not just surviving.”

Here are the top 8 benefits of PEMF therapy from PEMF The Fifth Element:

  • Stronger Bones (FDA approved to heal and strengthen bones!)
  • Pain Relief (This is often the reason people use PEMF devices)
  • Better Sleep
  • More Energy ATP
  • Better Oxygenation and Circulation
  • Improved Immunity
  • Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Grab a copy of PEMF: 5th Element of Health and find out what PEMF is, how these benefits come about, and why they are important to your well-being. Being exposed to earth’s frequencies (earthing) and using PEMF devices is only part of the wellness approach suggested by the author. PEMF is the 5th element for health, along with the other elements that are also essential. For health and well-being we therefore work with all five elements.

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