Medical Medium

Medical Medium by Anthony William is not a book for everyone.

This book contains a tremendous volume of information that can be helpful to everyone, especially those with chronic and mystery illness, and really for anyone who wants to live with more vitality and health. Some of this information is known but most of it remains unknown to the medical community, though recent research is proving him right.

What may be the hiccup for some people is the source of this information. You see, Anthony William is a Medical Medium.

Anthony is a channel between Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Man. He does not channel and is not a medium in the way many of us understand. He does not project some disembodied voice or go into a trance.

Since age 4, Anthony has heard the voice of Compassion who has given him crucial information and insights about people’s health and taught him how to scan the body for causes of illness. The Spirit of the Most High is “literally the living essence of the word compassion. I sit at the fingertip of God.”

Remember Edgar Cayce?

Receiving health-related insights from beyond is not new. Many people are familiar with Edgar Cayce, known as The Sleeping Prophet, who gave “readings” in trance for over 40 years. 14,306 readings can be found on the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment website. Many of Edgar’s predictions have come true and the information from the readings has helped many people around the world with their health.

About a decade prior to his death in 1945, Edgar Cayce wrote: “The life of a person endowed with such powers is not easy. For more than forty years now I have been giving readings to those who came seeking help. Thirty-five years ago the jeers, scorn, and laughter were even louder than today. I have faced the laughter of ignorant crowds, the withering scorn of tabloid headlines, and the cold smirk of self-satisfied intellectuals. But I have also known the wordless happiness of little children who have been helped, the gratitude of fathers and mothers and friends… I believe that the attitude of the scientific world is gradually changing towards these subjects.”

Will we take the same attitude to medical medium Anthony’s contribution?

Or will we take Anthony as a person with an extraordinary gift? And set aside our beliefs, at least long enough to read his book, ask our health practitioners different questions, and perhaps to try some of the suggestions?

If you or a loved one is sick, do you feel you have 20 or 30 or 50 years to wait for answers? Can you bear to watch your daughter or son grow up to face the same health issue that you have, and the same limits of medicine?

Anthony William

If the number of likes and the copious activity on the Medical Medium Facebook page is any indication, his book, his knowledge, and his friendly advice are being received with an audible sigh of relief from many people. Anthony runs a thriving business – many of his clients are doctors looking for advice for their own clients and the wait list is years-long, consultations picked by lottery.

Anthony generously answers questions and gives recommendations on FB, has a weekly radio show on Hay House, and gives online seminars on various health topics. There are many ways to connect with the messages he and Spirit are giving us.

Medical Medium on SOUL HEART SPIRIT

What struck me as I read this book is how Anthony goes beyond physical health and suggests more than food, herbs, and supplements in healing. While he concentrates on physical causes such as the Epstein-Barr virus, Anthony knowledges that we are more than our physical organs, which has been forgotten perhaps by too many people.

In Medical Medium, Anthony speaks about a person’s soul, heart, and spirit. The soul is a person’s consciousness and where memories, experiences, hope, and faith reside. Traumatic events can damage the soul which can mean a loss of energy or life force. Someone with soul loss is more vulnerable to illness, both of which may fuel a fervent spiritual search for completeness. The concept of soul loss is echoed in shamanic practices.

Love. Compassion. Joy. Good intentions. These live in the heart, which is our guide. “A strong heart will get you through until your soul has managed to heal.”

Spirit is our will and physical strength. A strong spirit helps us while we heal our heart and soul.

medical medium

Remembering that we are soul, heart, and spirit will help us restore our faith, which to Anthony is sorely needed in this day and age. “Part of the reason things go wrong is because of this lack of faith. When a person doesn’t believe in the good of the world, it can cause her or him to behave recklessly-which can have extremely negative consequences for everyone else.”

It can be very easy to lose faith, especially when we have to keep “doctor shopping” as Anthony calls it.

This book also gives many suggestions for restoring our faith – in ourselves, in our body, and in what is bigger than us. Emotional resiliency cannot be understated on our journey to wellness.

Medical Medium on MYSTERY ILLNESS

Mystery illness is the crux of this book. He has categorized them into unnamed illness, ineffective treatment, and misdiagnosis.

One of the key messages Anthony has for us is that our body does not attack itself. There is an underlying cause.

He says Epstein-Barr virus is the reason for this “secret epidemic.”

This virus is “responsible for mystery illnesses of every category” because instead of the one version the medical community is aware of, there are actually 60+ varieties, belonging to six groups which characterize their general behaviour.

This virus nests in different parts of the body, depending on which of the four stages the virus is in. Stress makes the body more vulnerable, an opening the virus is waiting for to move through the body’s systems, causing a variety of symptoms.

Epstein-Barr & Co-Factors

The information about the Epstein-Barr virus, its co-factors, and its evolution through the stages is very enlightening and will likely shed light for those struggling with Hepatitis C, Lupus, Thyroid disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Vertigo, Multiple Sclerosis, migraines, TMJ, and Ménière’s Disease, and even perimenopause and menopause. Just to name a few.


Anthony also shares a lot of information about diabetes and the effect of negative-emotion-based adrenaline, which over time wears down the pancreas. Emotional eating, as many of us realize, is not healthy, and neither are heavy rich meals. The problem is not sugar (fruit sugar, that is) but the combination of fat and sugar, found in junk food.

Another important message from the book is that this damage is reversible. Just believing this will help shift the sense of hopelessness and helplessness that often accompany difficult diagnosis and which play an important role in recovery or relapse.

Autism, ADHD, ADD

The major and most common conditions people are dealing with are discussed at good length, including the need to detox heavy metals which according to Anthony are the cause of autism, ADHD, ADD, etc. The lodging of these metals in the brain’s midline cerebral canal disrupts the communications between the brain’s two hemispheres.

This challenges or forces the child to develop alternative neural pathways, thereby accessing parts of the brain that most of us do not. This can account for some of the amazing abilities that these children exhibit, which can be retained even after the heavy metals are detoxed from their systems.

Detoxing heavy metals through healing food, herbs, and supplements is something we can all benefit from. “Mercury tends to stay in the body generation after generation, in some cases for centuries, unless specific steps are taken to detoxify it.” The need to detox prior to conception is of utmost importance.

medical medium blueberries

Medical Medium’s Heavy Metal Detox

The recipe for heavy metals detox from Anthony is wild blueberries, Spirulina from Hawaii, cilantro (stalks and leaves), Atlantic dulse, and barley grass juice extract powder which work together.

He also has suggestions to support the natural detoxification function of the liver, such as drinking water with lemon first thing in the morning.

He is not a big fan of bentonite as he believes it drops the heavy metals inside the body mid-route. Definitely not what we want! He also does not recommend removing mercury fillings before doing the heavy metal detox diet, unless something is wrong with the tooth.

For those who cannot do Atlantic dulse, Anthony has recommended on his Medical Medium FB page Nettle Leaf Liquid Photo Capsules. If organic wild blueberries are unavailable, try organic blueberries, wild organic powder, or ariona fruit. (Note: the recommendations change from time to time for different reasons – usually there is a change in the ingredients of the product that no longer meet his needs and standards)

(All except the wild organic powder brand are Anthony’s actual recommendations from his FB page)

Lyme Disease or Is it?

And then there is Lyme Disease. Anthony writes that he has been sharing information and shedding light on misinformation about Lyme Disease for many years, with both clients, laypeople, and practitioners. He gave a background on Lyme Disease, which hinged on the discovery of the “missing link” – Borrelia burgdoferi a bacterium passed onto people through tick bites. In his view, this discovery stopped the medical community’s search for the real culprit behind Lyme Disease and this animal-based cause “fed into the fear of nature already present in society.”

Lyme Disease, Anthony shares, is not from ticks, parasites, or bacteria, but from a virus. The virus is not detected by the immune system and is thereby eluded by our most important healing partner. This is because the virus can be in various locations including the central nervous ganglia, small intestinal tract, spleen, and liver.

The symptoms associated with Lyme Disease appear when the body is stressed, from a traumatic event or heavy metals. Stress is a major trigger of Lyme Disease; examples include mould, pesticides and herbicides, death in the family, a broken heart, spider bite, overmedication, and injury.

Tick bites are but one possible trigger, and not the cause of Lyme Disease. “This bull’s-eye is the ultimate misconception about Lyme Disease.” This is the ringed rash that appears when the body gears up to fight an infection. He goes on to emphasize that feeding the body antibiotics only feeds the virus, and weakens our immune system. A healthy immune system is our most powerful ally to eliminate the virus.

Anthony is very clear that Lyme Disease is caused by viruses and mostly neurological, and have a variety of cofactors such as mycoplasma pneumonia, H. pylori, and Streptococcus A and B. The focus should be on the virus, not the bacteria. The virus is “mostly likely one of the many strains in the herpes family such as shingles, HHV-6, Epstein-Barr, or cytomegalovirus.”

Medical Medium on GUT HEALTH

Gut health has become central focus of health these days and gut health is very important. The gut is a miraculous part of our body, with up to 125 trillion bacteria calling it home. A balance is needed not only for physical health but also emotional, as well as our natural instincts.

Take a moment and think of all the sayings we have involving the gut. “I knew in my gut…” “My gut instinct…”  “My guts told me…” “My gut reaction was…”

Anthony gives several reasons for poor gut health and this is good information for everyone. He suggests one thing that could profoundly restore your “leaky gut.” One thing.

It was not what I expected and it is certainly not counted as one of my favourite foods! Have this one food – rich in bioactive trace minerals and nutrients – on an empty stomach and over time your stomach’s hydrochloric acid will be restored. Celery.

Other foods that rebuild the gut flora are artichokes, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, papaya, bananas, and berries. His recommended probiotic is this one from Enzymedica.

Medical Medium Fruits


This chapter, part of How to Finally Heal section of the book, may be difficult for many people to take in, given the demonization of sugar that has taken place over the years.

He makes it clear that the sugar he speaks of is the naturally-occurring sugar in fruit, and not the processed ones such as corn syrup, which do feed viruses, fungi, etc. In this chapter, he also debunks beliefs such as eating in season and underripe fruits. He sees the need to champion this cause – making fruit a habit – not only because of the healing powers of fruit but also because the steep decline of eating fruit by children, especially in the US, will lead to deep repercussions in future health.

While most of the recommendations in the book do not come with “dosage”, Anthony does share tea recipes and the heavy metal detox. The list of food, herbs, and supplements for each condition are suggestions and the reader is meant to work with a health practitioner such as a naturopath to determine the best combinations.

It is also about trusting our own observations about how our body responds to different intakes. Many doctors and health practitioners have been working with the information Anthony has provided to improve the health of their patients.

Anthony also outlines a 4-week meal plan – based on raw fruits and vegetables – to address inflammation. Read the Medical Medium for full details and also the supplements and herbs to be added if you have a specific condition. It may sound spartan to many but the meal plan has some delicious options.

Also included in the book are Soul-Healing Meditations and Techniques to support you as your body releases toxins, which are not only physical but emotional as well. There are some really good and interesting suggestions for meditation and meditative techniques in this chapter. Unsurprisingly Anthony suggests we spend more time in nature and with nature.

As your cells release toxins from unproductive foods you’ve eaten in the past, cravings and memories may burst to the surface of your consciousness. Consider each of these mental twinges a gift. It means a pocket of toxins is leaving you.

Anthony William

The information contained within this book can be overwhelming for people, as it overturns many commonly-held beliefs in the medical community and questions the current treatment approach such as antibiotics to treat Lyme Disease.

Much of what Anthony writes about is currently unknown and he foresees another few decades before much of this knowledge will be discovered. Will this timeline be altered now that the information is “out there”? Perhaps an enterprising and open-minded researcher will follow these clues to mystery illnesses to uncover what has been stumping the medical community for far too long.

Even if you decide not to follow the suggested protocols, Medical Medium is a fantastic book to read to incorporate the messages into your life – that the body does not attack itself, health is our birthright, nature is healing, emotion plays an important role, stress is more than a buzz word, and there is something much bigger than us.

Key Takeaways from Medical Medium

  • The body is not attacking itself; it is attacking a virus.
  • Fruits are healing. Eat lots. Fruit sugar is different. Sugar + fat = health problem.
  • Wild Blueberries are an amazing superfood. Otherwise go for organic blueberries.
  • Detox. Detox. Detox. Heavy metals is causing many health challenges, including autism. Find out more about the 28-day Detox.
  • Change your beliefs to “I can heal.” And believe in the good of the world.
  • Mysterious illness is due to Epstein Barr or some virus from the herpes family. Heal that and heal the co factors including candida.
  • Foundational supplements for everyone – zinc, B12, probiotics, vegan Omega/EPA, Hawaiian Spirulina, and nettle leaf. Check with your health practitioner for dosage.

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