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Organic Pai Facial Products

I have known Helen from Pure Tincture for about three years now. I stumbled onto her previous shop at One Raffles Place. Using organic skincare products is important to me and finding Pure Tincture was serendipitous. I don’t recall what I was doing on the fourth floor of One Raffles Place that day.

To say Helen is passionate about organic skincare is a definitive understatement. And she does her research – including being her own personal guinea pig.

Before products are available at her shop, Helen has tested them and knows what works for what skin types or for what conditions. She knows her stuff!

Because of the array of chemicals we come in contact with, minimizing our exposure whenever we can is a key strategy to well-being.

Changing our personal care products is an easy way to do this. The skin’s absorption rate is astonishing – about 60% of products we apply to our skin get absorbed directly into the bloodstream, with nearly 100% through the underarm area. People are constantly surprised by this.

Helen brought Pai skincare into Singapore, especially for sensitive skin. Somewhat of a skincare junkie, I have tried my fair share of cleansing milks, serums, and eye creams. Skin changes and so do my products. One thing I insist on is time for my wonderful skincare ritual – it’s part of my meditative and mindfulness practice.

Helen recently invited me to try the Pai facial, exclusive to Pure Tincture. Having been under Helen’s lovely fingertips, I trust her when it comes to what is suitable for me, for my skin. A facial can leave me skin pink (not of the glowing kind) and irritated from the products or from the massage technique. Helen explained that the Pai facial technique is designed for people with sensitive skineczema, rosacea, or just prone to redness and breakout.

For the trial Pai Facial, I was treated to the Restore + Rejuvenate. The other facial available is Detox + Decongest.

Restore + Rejuvenate

Restore + Rejuvenate, as its name implies, is to bring back the skin’s suppleness. The Pai organic skincare products for this facial are packed with essential fatty acids. The core ingredients of Lotus water, Echium, Perilla oil, and Creamy Cupuacu butter were chosen specifically for hydration, elasticity, conditioning, and calming.

The whole facial was fantastic from start to finish. Not only did I feel pampered, refreshed, and rejuvenated from the products themselves, which left my skin soft and glowing, the massage made it extremely difficult for me to stay awake! Helen’s technique is wonderful.

The Pai facials incorporate therapeutic acupressure techniques that are targeted to maximize the benefits of a facial – boosts blood flush, stimulates detox effects, kicks stress in the butt, tones up the skin … and generally lets you float off on a cloud of relaxation.

In the days after the facial, my skin looked and felt great. So soft to the touch. Thanks to Helen and thanks to Pai skincare.

A basic regime of cleanse, tone, moisturize is good for maintenance, while a facial is for a deeper cleansing to remove toxins, improve circulation, and hydrate the skin to get an even-toned radiant skin. A facial is not a luxurious treat but an important part of good skincare.

Thumbs up for the Pai facial! And the lotus water? WOW!

Pai Facial $160 (75min)

The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street B1-10
Singapore 179803
+65 6337 6411

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