Back to a future for mankind : What is BioGeometry?

This is an introduction of the book Back to Future for Mankind by Dr Ibrahim Karim and the concept of Biogeometry.

The beauty of living in this day and age is the accessibility of information. It is not only the opening and the liberalizing created by the world wide web. Information previously passed through lineages is now much more available to the masses. Generally, in today’s world, a person does not have to be in a certain religion or wisdom tradition. There is of course still much advanced and esoteric knowledge hidden from the general public.

It is in this vein of gratitude that I share the book Back to a Future for Mankind : Biogeometry by Dr Ibrahim Karim whom I met in 2015. I was attending the Foundation Course in Biogeometry that Doreya and Laila Karim were teaching in Cairo, Egypt. By profession Dr Karim is an architect and the son of Dr Sayed Karim, one of the pioneers of Middle East modern architecture and a scholar of Egyptology. Dr Karim, who continues his post as a professor of Architecture in Egypt, is fluent in many languages, an inventor, a scientist, and an environmentalist.

Back to a Future for Mankind is about a new science, the physics of quality. While renovating the museum of Ancient Egyptian medicine in the early 1970s, Dr Karim was introduced to the science of Radiesthesia. He later developed this science into the main tool in his research of subtle energy and the principles of architecture found at sacred sites.

From the BioGeometry website:

“Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information.”

Initially known as the BioGeometrical Way, this science is now called BioGeometry. The mainstream worldview is very much a quantitative and through BioGeometry, we are once again integrating the qualitative. As Dr Karim reiterates in this book, this is not a new approach but one that existed early on, with Pythagoras, for example. People have long been aware of earth radiation. It was once a common practice to work with nature, by observing and avoiding harmful energies. People used these principles and worked with harmonious energies in farming and town planning.

BioGeometry brings to light that which has been kept out of our perceived reality by the confinement of the senses, to form a broader worldview that could guide us back to harmony with all the laws of nature.

What is BG3?

One of the key concepts is BG3. This is a natural balancing energy quality on earth and sky, that is composed of three energies – the Higher Harmonic of Gold, the Higher Harmonic of Ultraviolet, and Horizontal Negative Green.

From his research, Dr Karim shares that this Horizontal Negative Green measures strongly in places such as the “central and holiest chamber of the temple” as well as the lakes or springs found in these places, and power spots.(For an explanation of Negative Green, please read from page 50 in the book. It is the energy quality that lies opposite the Green energy quality in relation to the sun.)

“This subtle energy quality is at the core of the forming process in nature, and is responsible for maintaining the harmony within energy structures of all systems (animate and inanimate), and providing balance among the different manifest energy qualities of the components of the overall patterns of that system.”2

How does BioGeometry Help?

Their tools, shapes, and principles “replicate and amplify this highly beneficial natural subtle energy quality” of BD3. This means that by using this “design language of shapes” we can neutralize harmful effects of frequencies. In a more positive reframe, we can create spaces of harmonizing energy through architecture, design, agriculture, livestock raising, and other disciplines, practices, and industries.

BioGeometry is a tool for our times, and essential given the EMF-rich environment we live in now. Many of us live in high-rises and spend much of the day in offices. Rather than immersed in nature, most people are in a man-made electromagnetic field that is interacting always with the biological electromagnetic field.

Our biological system, including our immunity, are constantly coping with EMF. We find increased levels of the unhealthy Vertical Negative Green from prolonged exposure. This happens when we use wifi for our computer and cellular technology. Or when we live close to cell towers and power lines.

Many people are aware of the effects. As a result, they have taken measures to minimize their exposure and use. Some forward-thinking people and institutions have even worked to ban wifi from pre-schools. Children are especially susceptible to EMF influences, as are we during sleep. This may seem strange as the world is becoming even more connected and wifi hot spots are continually being created, from cafés to airplanes.

Aside from correcting this with BioGeometry tools, Dr Karim suggests clearing the Vertical Negative Green by swimming in saltwater, walking in the sun or moonlight, or raising our arms and hands overhead.

#foodforthought – The sun’s rays have both a horizontal magnetic-like wave component and a vertical electric-like wave component. Through research, it’s been discovered that healthy humans and edible plants (versus poisonous plants) resonate only with the horizontal component. Cells also respond positively to this component. Disease and other imbalances on the other hand produce vertical components in the body. What we need are plants – or tools such as those BioGeometry offers – that transmute this vertical component.

Our technology is also disrupting the natural cycles in the Plant Kingdom.

To Dr Karim, “the plant system acts as an external biological organ of the animal system.” When we cause havoc in the environment, we are disrupting our own biological system. We are undoubtedly very much part of the earth; the human species evolved as the earth did, dependent on the natural cycles and the natural earth frequencies.

How can You benefit from Back to a Future for Humanity?

Back to a Future for Humanity is an in-depth book. The references at the end of the book explain key concepts. The glossary there will also help readers new to the subject to navigate through the material. Dr Karim shares a lot of knowledge about sacred sites, including the Pyramids. He reveals an ancient Egypt that perhaps not many people are familiar with. He also reminds us that we already hold many keys to incredible knowledge.

This is my second reading of the book. I first read it after an introductory talk and demo by Dr James Wong. This time I gain yet another level of understanding. In between the readings, I have also taken the Foundation Course (Levels 1, 2, and 3) which of course helped clarify and deepen the concepts discussed in the book.

However, a person does not need to understand all the concepts of BioGeometry to benefit from their tools. There is information for everyone, including identifying potential sources of harmful earth radiation such as the crossing of Hartmann Grids. Sleeping on this spot can cause ill health over time.

We can also identify spot harmful energy by observing nature. Trees will grow crooked, around these invisible lines of energy. Ants love it so you can look for ant hills. Some people may already know that cats love these areas while dogs avoid them.

You can try out some of the easy tools found in the book. This includes using salt or raising our arms in the air to clear the non-beneficial Vertical Negative Green. You can also benefit from the BioGeometry by purchasing a BioSignatures pendant to wear or the Home Kit to modify the energy of your space. For your routers, Wifi L Stickers. For your computer or laptop, try the the L66 stickers.

The name of the book is Back to A Future and not The Future. We have within our power to create a different future than the one being created right now, through the trajectory of our past and current choices. The future has not been written.

Read the book for ancient and modern knowledge that can help create a shift in consciousness. Often people are resigned to how things are because there seem to be no alternatives. Here, Dr Karim is providing alternatives – new tools, a different way to perceive our reality, and a different way to live.

“We have inside of us all the rhythms of the universe, manifested harmonically in the rhythm of the heart.” Dr Ibrahim Karim.

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