Moon Time : The Book For You to Work with Lunar Energy

Moon Time
The Art of Harmony with Nature + Lunar Cycles
by Johanna Paungger + Thomas Poppe

Once upon a time, people were master observers of time. They followed nature’s rhythms and its cycles. The authors of Moon Time share what the moon phases are and how to maximize your activities, including health-focused ones by observing the lunar cycles.

The body’s detoxification capacity, for example, is at the maximum at new moon. The waxing moon is about building up and strengthening. At full moon, “moonstruck people walk in their sleep, wounds bleed more profusely than usual, medicinal herbs gathered at this time display greater powers, midwives arrange extra shifts.” As the moon wanes from a full moon, the time is better for operations, losing weight, letting go, and detoxing.

Moon Time a Book Review

During the moon’s roughly 28 days orbiting around the earth, it moves through the 12 zodiac signs.

Each sign “rules” a part or zone of the body. Aries rules the head.  Scorpio rules the reproductive organs. Pisces rules the feet.

In the two to three days of the moon’s transit through a sign, what you do has a “doubly beneficial preventive and healing effect.” Surgeries on the related body part during this time (plus the actual Zodiac time during the year) is advised against. Emergencies is a different story.

For each of the Zodiac, Moon Time also offers tips and a wider, more spiritual, perspective. On eye problems: “I’ve lost sight of my actual goal in life, and I’m afraid of the future (short-sightedness)”  or “The present has nothing to offer (long-sightedness)” or “I’m furious about what I see (dry eyes).” Their remedies for this include seeing the present as it is, eye exercises, and looking into a possible displaced second vertebra of the neck.

The Moon is earth’s oldest temple holding the potency of countless prayers since the dawn of time… a bell whose ringing brings you into the field of the Mother, where body and soul can quietly drink.

Dana Gerhardt of Mooncircles


Each sign is also associated with an element (fire, air, earth, or water), a food quality (protein, salt, fat, or carbohydrate), an organ system (sense-organs, blood-circulation, glandular system, or nervous system), and part of a plant (root, flower, leaf, or fruit).

These build the “flavour” or quality of the Zodiac days. Do you crave salty foods on Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn days? Do you do well with fruits on fruit days (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius)? “Plants that are in tune with one another in nature also enter into harmonious combinations on our plate.” The book provides an excerpt of a table of various combinations, mixed cultivation known to farmers. Pair spinach with carrots but not onions, for example.

This weekend (August 10 2.09pm EDT) the full moon will be in Aquarius (ruler of the lower leg). Being a full moon, when absorption is at the maximum, fasting may be a good idea.

  • The day-quality of Aquarius is airy-light, the mind moves a little erratically. Intuitive notions are heeded more often, impediments are not tolerated, even if only imaginary ones. The colour is light-blue, dark-blue on the ankles.
  • Inflammations of the veins are not a rare occurrence on Aquarius days. Time permitting you should lie down with your fee high and treat them to a salve (comfrey, etc) gently rubbed in.
    Aquarius is the ruler of the lower legs, ankles, and veins. Anything you do can to improve their condition will be extra effective. Elective surgery on these parts? Try to skip for the full moon and the three days leading up to it.

A ‘balanced life’ means that one does not continually disregard the cyclic rhythms to which our body is subject or constantly try to swim against the stream…On the other hand, a balanced life certainly does not mean being absolutely obedient to the wind and the waves and leading one’s life by the calendar or the hands of the clock.


About the first third of the book covers the moon phases and the journey through the body via the zodiac. The rest of Section I is looking at health in greater depth, including what to do for skin and hair, different forms of therapy from movement to homeopathy, and lunar dentistry.

Before covering Healthy Building and Living in Section IV, the authors share a wealth of information on Diet Made Easy (Section II), including the Six Pillars of Healthy Diet and Digestion and the rhythms of medicinal herbs, and The Pulse of Life (Section III), which talks about the Three Rhythms of Life and the Daily Rhythm of the Organs. Health Building and Living goes into the timing for building, extending, renovating and the different types of materials and timber to use plus tips for healthy house maintenance.

Did you know that which Zodiac day you go to your hairdresser can make a difference?
Cut hair during Virgo to keep the style longer. Or that Capricorn days are best for nail care? Treat in-grown nails during the waxing moon. What about teeth cleaning? Try Capricorn days with a waning moon. Crowns and bridges also seem to last longer when done during a waning moon, versus a waxing moon.

Looking to detox?

Try the blood purification cure with stinging nettles, which are best collected, dried, and stored when the moon is waning. Drink the nettle tea daily when the moon is on the wane, until the new moon. Repeat again at the next waning moon until detoxification is complete.

The authors suggest taking it between 3pm and 7pm. Three spoonfuls of nettle juice is suitable for healthy people.

Under the herbal lore section, along with suggestions for different ailments, the authors share the best season, the best time of the day, the best moon phase, and the best moon position in zodiac to plant, and harvest the different parts of the plants. If in doubt, the full moon and the moon in Scorpio are “the ideal gathering times for all herbs and areas of use.” So it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Another easy-to-use part of the part is The Science of Place. Where we sleep, for example, is very important. Cats and dogs can be used to gauge the energy of spots around the house. Cats are “ray-seekers”, absorbing negative radiations and dogs are “ray-fleers.” Take note of where your cat prefers – is that your bed? Your work desk? Maybe move your bed or clear out the energies there. Of course, as noted by the authors, our pets may have lost their instinct and just prefer to lay close to (or far from) their owners. They go on to discuss different objects and their energetic radiation. “Plastic toys (especially battery toys) have no place in a child’s bed.”

Useful tips to discharge energetic build up? Washing the hands and arms and moving in the open air. Easy!

Moon Time is full of information, ancient information. Some of it may sound familiar. Maybe you heard it from your grandmother. Many people chalk it up to be old wives’ tales. But are they?

The book is based on the authors’ personal experiences and what’s been gathered. The only way to know is to experiment yourself. For some people, the information can be overwhelming. Start with the zodiac and the body part or the vegetable combination. Be your own testimony. Whatever your conclusions, you will have become more attuned to the natural rhythms and come to a better understanding of yourself. How you deal with certain foods and activities on different days and moon phases.

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