Oneness Awakening

Kathrin speaks her truth.

That’s what she can offer, she says. That’s what any of us can offer.

The truth is available when we let go. Of what we believe must be. Of fighting and struggling against what is. Embrace instead all, even the hurt and the pain. Allow it to move through you.

No matter what has happened, it is never too late to heal. Never too late to say sorry. And never too late to move into and be One.

The Oneness Awakening course is simply “eight baby steps” to go from a conflict state to Oneness state. Anytime a part of us is different from the rest, we are in conflict. All the “should”-ing we do, sticking to beliefs that are not even ours, and staying in low consciousness emotions keep us locked in this state.


Do you spend most of your day in conflict or Oneness state?


Kathrin laughs as she tells everyone how she can now recognize it when she’s out of Oneness. Instead of feeling angry or guilty, she merely laughs now. It is not about perfection. Life is not “perfect”. Being mindful helps us see where we are. When we see we are where we don’t want to be, we can make the intention to be somewhere else.

Have the intent to live the vision of what we do want.

Decide if you are going to respond to life in an inferior, mediocre or extraordinary way.

Decide if you want to live your life as a window shopper, a cynic or a fanatic? Or maybe as a child or a warrior?

Life is about choices. Why spend our energy to push against what is when we can just enjoy life’s energy? Like Byron Katie says, we can’t argue with what is.

Are you ready to live an auspicious life of creativity and constructiveness? And connect with those around you, and with yourself, in an authentic vulnerable way?

There is another way to be. It’s more than getting out of the rat race. It’s knowing you are born an eagle, destined to soar.

If you are ready, sign up for the next Oneness Awakening retreat, which Kathrin offers for free. You will see things happening once that intention to participate is set. Really.

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Oneness, with Kathryn Andersen

Like so many things in life, “Oneness” is simple, yet some of us perceive it as something protracted. The mind can be a stubborn creature, – semantics often playing its role as a gleeful troublemaker. But it can also be a beautiful vehicle for self discovery.
This dawned on me over the course of an enlightening two days, spent under the astute tutelage and loving guidance of Kathryn Andersen.

Kathryn personifies Oneness, hence she is the perfect person to conduct this soul-defining course. She teaches from the heart, guided by Source, – self-deprecating and humble, ever ready to answer questions, always open to new and novel viewpoints that arise during the 2 days we spend together, learning, laughing, sharing and meditating, as a group.

Content may vary from course to course, but i am confident that Kathryn’s endearing style remains consistent, and uppermost is her hope for all present to achieve positive outcomes.
Hence she delivers the Oneness teachings and blessings passionately, – her commitment, and belief in the veracity of her words is inspiring. It fuels the deep, meditative journeys that she guides us through, 3 in particular that are fundamental to the course.

We attend diligently, 8 to 10 of us at any given time, – all women, from different walks of life, cultures and nationalities. Each with a unique agenda, yet as a group, I felt our Oneness from the outset. A unified circle of pulsating feminine energy, designed to serve the good of all, present and incidental. During those two days, I felt strongly that we were actively functioning from the higher plateaus of our consciousness.

A we peel away the layers of our personalities, we become increasingly aware of the games we play in our relationships, – the roles we assume within the concentric circles of our communication spheres. The theatricalities of our lives become exposed, and we are reminded to live simply and truthfully, – to put an end to “dramas” and other repetitive patterns.

Awareness of who we are and why we do the things we do, is key.

Kathryn’s Oneness message during the 2 days rings clear, – to embrace life and live it to the fullest, free from emotional shackles that often prevent us from fully unleashing our potential, – achieving our life purpose. Just as belief systems are built and inculcated, they can just as easily be dismantled and discarded. When the mind shifts, perspectives change. That which supported previous perspectives becomes redundant. New and positive vibrations give rise to fresh perspectives. These were aspects of rejuvenation that I had been seeking prior to attending the course.

Hence, it was no surprise that the email circulation on Kathryn’s Oneness course showed up in my Inbox. I was instantly drawn to attend. I knew it would assist in paving the necessary stepping stones for my smooth onward journey.

The 2 days I spent in the company of Kathryn Andersen touched my life in a profound way. I had been searching for a means of clearing childhood memories, teenage traumas and a mishmash of adult experiences. To this end, the course was life changing for me. In the process of sweeping out the cobwebs, I found clarity, alignment, grounding and focus. I experienced recalibration, and rebirth.

I remain grateful to Kathryn, and the unseen forces, who had a hand in the ripple effect of positive outcomes I experienced afterwards. At the drop of a hat, I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a fresh perspective on life, a second chance, a new beginning!

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