New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio November 18 2017 7.42PM UTC+8 | 6.42AM EST | 3.42AM PST

The New Moon in Scorpio calls us to delve into the deep dark waters of our psyche, reflect on the inner dynamics, and see what patterns need to be healed, wholed, transformed.

Ruled by the Lord of the Underworld Pluto, Scorpio is the sign of transformation, closely tied to fertility, occult, and deaths/rebirths. This connection to Spirit is deepened as Scorpio moves from the low-to-the ground reactive survivalist (and stinging) instincts of the Scorpion, to the higher-view of the free Eagle which sees details missed by others, to the rebirth from the ashes of all that need to die as the mythological Phoenix.

What does a New Moon bring?

A New Moon is the time to purify and with extra sensitivity, this is a good time to detox. Try a 12-hour fast or minimize oily and heavy foods. Do note that Scorpio being a Water sign, “the most intensive passionate and determined water sign of all (maybe most intense of all signs)”1 and “the most complex and misunderstood of all the signs”2, this New Moon in Scorpio is full of extremely strong feelings.

Some of Scorpio’s trademark dark side energies include jealousy and possessiveness, and other socially not-so-acceptable emotions. Some people hide their true emotions, appearing emotionless. Others may choose to over-exaggerate.

What emotions are we repressing or have dispossessed? What of the hidden must we now face? Plunging into discomfort, the dark, and what we have made secret is transformational and an awakening.


The Egyptians, who accorded great honour to scorpions and beetles, recognised the spiritual alliance between the creatures that dwelt beneath the earth and the magical, alchemical processes of life, death and regeneration. The most blessed state was to be born in a ‘rich compost’ of power, and the black, fertile mud of the Nile delta was their Prima Materia, the bubbling melting pot of creativity where decomposing elements underwent an attractive reaction that allowed the emergence of new life.

Deborah Houlding


Instead of being reactive like a wounded Scorpion, set the intentions to release your habitual behaviour and thought patterns this New Moon in Scorpio. The personal mastery is all about choosing how to respond and behave, consciously.

You may get plenty of practice, and deepen your mastery, with Mars and Pluto going into a square, making power struggles a high possibility.

What is your relationship with and expression of power? How can we stand in our power while allowing others to do the same? This New Moon, with so many planets in Scorpio, can be a challenging time for many people.


I sit here, in the dim
iron excavation the soul (it heals, I’m told) and
trust that I am – we
are all – I am
I am
doing the best I can

Beth Morely, Night Cycles


The key is awareness – how do you want this new cycle to be? The New Moon is the time to set new intentions. What seeds do you want to plant?

Look back to the Scorpio Full Moon earlier this year in May and take note what deaths – large and small, literal and metaphorical – have occurred and what has been unfolding since then.

There is a lot going on this New Moon in Scorpio. Perhaps A Feisty New Moon of Ongoing Transformation by Henry Seltzer of Astrograph can shed more light for you.

May we all begin to recognize our true self-worth and with that movement as well begin to articulate our deepest values, that bottom line which we must defend at all costs, or go down trying. In the last analysis, everything else fades away to inconsequentials.

Henry Seltzer, Astrograph

All About Scorpio New Moon in Scorpio on What Therapy

Moon in Scorpio

When the moon is in an astrological sign, it is advised to avoid stress and surgery on the related body parts. Scorpio rules the hip/groin area – reproductive, urinary, and renal systems PLUS the nose. (Note 3 for more details)

Because of the rulership by Mars, this list also includes inflammatory illness and ulcers. And then there are STDs and “all secret and virulent diseases.”

Because of the watery nature of Scorpio, heed signs of and propensity for rheumatism.

Diana Booth Gilliam, author of Yogastrology, suggests pelvic tilt poses, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, the Chin Mundra, and the mantra “I live an authentic empowered life.”

A nice way to cleanse is use a salt scrub or take a salt bath. Salt is a very effective for getting rid of negative energy. (Do you use salt in your space?) Supercharge the salt with focused positive loving intentions. You can easily make a salt scrub by combining Himalayan Salt with essential oils, flowers, herbs, and a carrier oil such as almond or olive or whatever your body craves. Enjoy this scrub for the first three days4 of the New Moon, the most powerful times to seed what is to manifest at the Full Moon.





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4 It is best to only use the charged salt either once or for three days to release a major block. Keep this in mind when making the mixture.

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