Product Review: Homeopathic Migraine Blocker

All throughout my pregnancy I suffered from awful migraines. Paracetamol and ibuprofen didn’t even make a dent in the pain I was suffering from! Although following delivery of my baby, my migraines were gone for the most part (only to be replaced by headaches of another kind haha!), I recently had that dreaded feeling when you recognize the onset of an attack.

Since I knew that ordinary medication was no friend of mine when it comes to migraines, I decided to try Source Naturals Homeopathic Migraine Blocker instead. The packaging reassured me that it was completely safe, free from caffeine and medication such as aspirin and ibuprofen and would cause no drowsiness.  The main active ingredients consist of chamomile, white bryony, and various other flowers. The remedy also contains magnesium, a mineral that studies have found migraine sufferers to be deficient in and can produce relief when administered at the onset of an attack.

Source Naturals Homeopathic Migraine Blocker - What Therapy SingaporeTo my delight (and frankly also to my surprise), the migraine blocker did exactly what it said – it provided me with relief from my aura headaches and I avoided a full blown migraine attack.

All the more ironic then that I only discovered this homeopathic migraine remedy, which is so gentle that it is apparently safe for use even  during pregnancy, after I delivered my baby. Hopefully I won’t have the same problem with migraines during my next pregnancy but if I do, I will definitely give this remedy a try.

(NB: as with anything during pregnancy, I would recommend that if you want to try this remedy and you are pregnant you might want to check with your OBGYN first just to be on the safe side).

Article written by Tamara Sigerhal

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Natural remedies are best to be used as first aid. They are better effective and cure in very lesser time. I myself have experienced it.

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