6 Tips to Minimize EMF Radiation

EMF radiation is still a controversial topic these days, even as technology is moving toward to 5G. We are bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies which disrupt us on the cellular level. Thankfully there are ways to minimize EMF radiation.

We may not be able to see it but we are surrounded by radiation – both natural and man-made. Radio waves, microwaves, gamma rays… It is an electromagnetic world we live in. If we could see or hear the whole frequency range, it’d be a much noisier world.

What many people may not know or remember is that we too are electromagnetic.

Science 101: changing electrical fields produce magnetic fields and changing magnetic fields produce electrical fields.

Electrical and magnetic fields are interrelated and electromagnetism is intrinsically part of nature.

It’s not only our heart that is electrical. Biological processes are based on chemical reactions, which produce electrical fields. Digestion. Brain activities. Nerve signals.


Low-frequency magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body. The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes.

World Health Organization


The question is not whether or not electromagnetic fields can cause biological responses. The debate is about what level is safe and what are the longterm effects of regular and chronic exposure.

Research is stacking up on both sides of the issue and it can be confusing for the layperson.

Humans have always been exposed to radiation. But what about now, when our world is increasingly outfitted with electronics and other convenient and innovative measures? When those using them are getting younger? And when stress is diminishing well-being and the body’s natural ability to adjust and heal?

Many people may be surprised by the language found in manuals that come with electronic devices. With the how-to-use getting more intuitive, people are less likely to read the manual, never mind the fine print. When was the last time you read the manufacturer’s warning about your iPhone or iPad?

We all love convenience. We live in a digital 24/7 connected world. Most people can’t live without their smartphones and laptops. It’s not about throwing out the baby with the bathwater. We don’t have to live without them. We can however learn more about how to live with them safely such as finding ways to minimize EMF radiation. Remember kids are more sensitive so restricting their exposure is key.

Simple Tips to Minimize the Impact of Living in Electrosmog

Talk Less

Minimize your talktime on the mobile and DECT phones. These are both sources of microwave radiation. Use a (non WIFI) headset or earphones. Try the air-tube earphones.

Go Wired

Being wired is a good thing. Hardline your computer instead of using a wireless router. Use wired keyboards and mouse. Even, and probably especially, when you are on the laptop because of the internal battery.

Off It

Turn off and unplug electrical devices as much as possible. Modems. Routers. Toasters. Dehumidifiers.

Good for the environment and good for you. Even when off, plugged-in appliances run on low-level voltage. For modems, even when your WIFI devices are off, the field is still active.

This is ultra important at night, when the body is relaxed (and susceptible) and rejuvenating. Sleep is when we are healing, and also the time we take in the benefits of the powerful antioxidant, melatonin. EMF disrupts melatonin!

Go Far

Create an electrical-free zone. If you must have electronics in the bedroom, put them 6 feet plus away from you. Be sure to remove anything head level. Think clock radios and cell phones. If you must use your mobile as an alarm, put it on airplane mode.

Keep electronics away from the body. Take that cell phone from your pocket. Keep the laptop off your lap. Invest in a separate keyboard instead of using the laptop’s.


Metals are conductors. Spring coils in mattresses act like an antenna and generate an electrical field, which can be disruptive to sleep and the body’s rejuvenation processes at night.

Neutralize it

The marketplace is full of neutralizers, from crystals to cell phone shields. It can get confusing what works and what’s a gimmick. Neutralizing EMF radiation is by far the best option. The other tips can only minimize, not eliminate, your exposure. They don’t help with the negative natural radiation and they don’t protect against your neighbour’s wifi or the radiation from cell towers near your house or in your office building.

I had my house assessed by Nixon Neo of EMF-Safety. The most surprising thing? The high level of ground radiation. Singapore seems to have high gamma readings, ranging from 0.2 to 0.45. The bedroom (the most important place to neutralize EMF radiation) is now outfitted with three Geo-Safe-E® and sleep has been great. The biggest noticeable difference? Since having the Geo-Safe-E®, my dogs are more settled. Animals are highly sensitive to EMF.

The topic of EMF radiation is controversial and can be daunting. There are many ways to reduce the effects of EMF. Start with the easy ways. Remember the motto – Avoid, Reduce, and Neutralize. I also use BioGeometry tools to harmonize the energy of a space plus the pendant.

While the world moves to 5G, it is ever more important to minimize EMF radiation. We can create a personal harmonious field with many consumer products such as those from BioGeometry and orgonites.

Even without purchasing anything, there are many ways we can minimize EMF radiation. Despite the dangers of the electrosmog for our health, it is also important to maintain an abundance thinking. Always focusing on these negative effects increases stress which is also debilitating.

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This article is not a review of Geo-Safe-E® products and What Therapy Editor did not receive free products in exchange for mentioning or highlighting Nixon, EMF-Safety or Geo-Safe-E®.