Andrea Rivers McIntyre

Andrea McIntyre Rivers, a UK registered medical herbalist and practitioner of natural medicine, received her postgraduate diploma from the University of Wales in 2001 and since then has practiced in the UK, China, and Singapore. She works with a wide range of medical conditions in people of all ages employing a variety of natural modalities including herbal medicine, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, pregnancy massage, diet and lifestyle counseling to address the root cause of the problem to bring the body back to health.

Gallery helios

Gallery Helios is where the art of people helping is augmented by the science of method. Gallery Helios is housed in a conservation house tucked away in a quiet enclave near the MRT station. In this discrete space practitioners collaborate to provide coaching, training and therapeutic solutions, simultaneously and at multiple levels as needed, so that you can progress quickly from strength to strength.

Medi Therapie – Arut Siva

Using our effective strategies, you can overcome stress, disease, and pain to live the meaningful and healthy life you deserve. Through wellness therapies, nutritional support and more, Medi Therapie can turn your life around.

Visionary Art Workshop – Dipa Ein Siak

Dipa Ein Siak is a Professional Artist and Art Education Specialist. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of Creativity, having guided over a thousand local and international students in their various degrees of artistic quest. Trained with an Honours Degree in Fine Arts and a Postgraduate in Arts + Design Education in London, Dipa is also certified as a psychotherapist as well as a Family Constellation Therapist. Dipa has vast experiences in a variety of alternative health and inner wellness modalities. She is the founder of 400+ and growing Inner Wellness group, Garden of Consciousness.
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