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Gallery helios

Gallery Helios is where the art of people helping is augmented by the science of method. Gallery Helios is housed in a conservation house tucked away in a quiet enclave near the MRT station. In this discrete space practitioners collaborate to provide coaching, training and therapeutic solutions, simultaneously and at multiple levels as needed, so that you can progress quickly from strength to strength.


Telephone: +65 9459 8262
Julie Ann

Julie Ann is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Pineal Medulla Facilitator, coach, teacher, and author. She also runs workshops throughout the year and a monthly meditation group called Meditation Connection.

Telephone: +65 9843 0317
Telephone: 9785 0687
Sandra Shih

Sandra is a certified HeartMath Trainer and a practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu and Quantum Biofeedback with a special interest in working with animals. She incorporates the use of flower essences, SuperCoherence, and other tools when working with her clients. Sandra blogs regularly about positive living and runs an eshop with natural products, including incense + smudge sticks, oracle cards, and the mandala cards created at Mandala Code..

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