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Adrienne Tan is based in Malaysia and travels regularly in the region, including Singapore, for Tarot, Bazi, and Feng-shui consultations and workshops.

+6012 223 6798 Wechat ID a1475759.
Andrea Rivers McIntyre

Andrea McIntyre Rivers, a UK registered medical herbalist and practitioner of natural medicine, received her postgraduate diploma from the University of Wales in 2001 and since then has practiced in the UK, China, and Singapore. She works with a wide range of medical conditions in people of all ages employing a variety of natural modalities including herbal medicine, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, pregnancy massage, diet and lifestyle counseling to address the root cause of the problem to bring the body back to health.

07535 562278
Fiorella Velarde, M.S M.Ed

Fiorella Velarde M.S. M.Ed is based in Florida US and is a psychologist, educator, and trainer committed to creating value with emotional intelligence by assisting organizations and individuals to reach their full potential in her role of Senior LAC Consultant with Six Seconds, The Emotional Intelligence Network.

Gallery helios

Gallery Helios is where the art of people helping is augmented by the science of method. Gallery Helios is housed in a conservation house tucked away in a quiet enclave near the MRT station. In this discrete space practitioners collaborate to provide coaching, training and therapeutic solutions, simultaneously and at multiple levels as needed, so that you can progress quickly from strength to strength.

+65 9459 8262
Julie Ann

Julie Ann is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Pineal Medulla Facilitator, coach, teacher, and author. She also runs workshops throughout the year and a monthly meditation group called Meditation Connection.

+65 9843 0317

Julie Bolduc RHN, RMT is a certified Brain Health Coach, nutritionist, wellness coach, and a complementary wellness and energy medicine practitioner based in Ontario Canada. She teaches Reiki and is available for Skype and in-person sessions.