Andrea Rivers McIntyre

Andrea Rivers McIntyre

Andrea McIntyre Rivers, a UK registered medical herbalist and practitioner of natural medicine, received her postgraduate diploma from the University of Wales in 2001. She has trained with many of the world-recognized contemporary herbalists: Anne McIntyre, Christopher Hedley, Alison Denham, Michael Woods, and Greame Tobyn. Andrea also studied TCM under Dr. Xu Wenbing (Hope Institute, Beijing) and pregnancy massage under Carol Osborne Sheets.

Within a naturopathic framework, Andrea uses a wide range of natural therapies including herbal and nutritional medicine, aromatherapy, bodywork, and dietary and lifestyle advice to restore your health and wellbeing. She looks for the root cause of the problem and works with you to tailor a treatment plan specific to your needs and goals. She supports your healing journey along the way.

Andrea works with a wide range of medical conditions: children’s ailments, women’s and men’s health allergies, fertility, digestive disorders, skin complaints, adrenal fatigue, and insomnia. All ages can benefit form naturopathic healthcare.

Andrea is based in Scotland.

07535 562278