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Nicole Gilg-Geymayer – Grinberg Method

Everything we experience in life happens not just mentally but also in the body. While the body strives to be in the present, in order to reach its full potential, the mind wanders back and forth in time and aims to create patterns of recognition. Over time we build and hold patterns in our body to cope with situations and the stresses in life. These patterns hold us back in the present moment. The Grinberg Method is about bringing awareness and attention to the body to allow a person to stop the patterns and habits that are limiting their level of well-being and engagement with life.

Diana of The Elemental Practice offers elemental yoga classes based on the five elements, meditation, and song circles in Singapore.

Amber Sawyer

Amber is a yoga instructor, Elemental Yoga Therapy practitioner, and Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultant. She is also the founder of Singa Satsanga, a centre where she holds her yoga classes, consultations, and workshops, as well as where she hosts monthly kirtans and other community events.

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