Human Design For Parents

Human Design is a fantastic system, tool, and language for parents. Many people come to this system as adults and it takes time to release conditioned beliefs and coping mechanisms. It also takes time address the distortions of the body that arise from not living authentically. This is why many people are excited about understanding Human Design for their own children.

Four Aura Types

According to the Human Design System, there are four aura types – Manifestor, Generator/Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. Each type navigates this world in their unique way, or what we call Strategy. Understanding this can help parents on a very important fundamental way.

Ra Uru on GeneRator Kids

Here’s an excerpt from Ra Uru Hu, the original messenger/teacher of the Human Design System. He is a Manifestor which is a very different aura type than a Generator and he had said numerous times how important Human Design is for parents.

“Generator children; I don’t directly teach my children Design; I don’t. It isn’t going to work. What I do is that because I have Generator children, I always tell them things about themselves after something has happened. And they’re always interested in themselves, because they’re Generators.

So my son was riding his bicycle for eight hours; he’s got an open Root with nine potentials in the open Root. And he’s riding with somebody who’s got a powerfully defined Root Center. And he’s bragging to me—undefined Heart Center—about he’s been driving for eight hours and he did it all over and whatever. I say, yeah, taking advantage of your friend’s defined Root. I said now you’re going to be exhausted. And of course he slept for 11 hours.

The technique is that in raising Generator children, tell them about themselves relative to their experience. In other words, don’t give them abstractions. It doesn’t work.

And I can only do that as this is what he’s experiencing. And as long as he I keep on referencing to the experience through the language I have, I’m beginning to open up this process of them beginning to understand mechanical things about themselves. As they mature I can get more sophisticated.

I didn’t teach my daughter Human Design until she was 16. I waited until she was mature enough to take all of it, the concepts and everything, and to be able to deal with the fact that it’s her father teaching it.

This is a technique that is very, very healthy for Generators. It’s very healthy for them. Because those experiences that your children have, they’re mostly incorrect experiences. So, the way in which they respond to those things, when you actually give them the information something clicks.”

Being in Your Own Experiment

It takes time to decondition, or the deep process of releasing what we’ve taken on as our truth and which is not. As we align with who we are by honouring our inner guidance and navigating correctly as per our aura type, we change on a cellular level. Our frequency shifts.

Alignment happens one decision at a time.

What’s important is to be in the experiment.

Deconditioning is a continual process and not a destination. So we can continue our own Experiment, while learning about it to raise children with this knowledge.

Just knowing the very basics of our design – our Strategy and Authority is sufficient to begin our experiment. Knowing the basics of our design, what energy centre is defined and what is undefined, gives us insights on our impact on others and how we condition each other. In this way, parents can understand how to honour their children’s natural beingness and life force and how they impact their children on a mechanical level.

The world we grew up in is very different from the one we are in now. One of the best ways to equip your child is to support them in being exactly who they are. Claiming their sovereignty is aligning with what is authentic and correct for them. This is how they can discern what is true for themselves.

If you are new to Human Design, a Parenting Your Child Reading may be for you. Human Design for parents reveals a new understanding of who we are and how to live as who we are.

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