Traditional Chinese Medicine for Kids

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a track record spanning thousands of years and is effective as a preventative medicine for young children. There are hundreds of herbal formulas for children, which are clinically proven to improve the immunity and resistance to common bugs.

Herbs such as cordyceps, in particular, are effective in improving the lung and kidney functions and are safe for children. Traditional Chinese Medicine infant massage can also prove helpful in preventing many sicknesses by improving Qi levels and clearing excess heat in the body. Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors also advise on the types of foods that are phlegm-causing, “heat-y” or spleen-nourishing to minimize the time to recovery.

Common challenges that Traditional Chinese Medicine for kids can help with include:
→ Asthma
→ Cough
→ Eczema and other skin problems
→ Bedwetting
→ Hyperactivity (i.e. ADHD, ADD, etc.)
→ Digestion problems (i.e. colic, constipation, diarrhea etc.)
→ Allergies
→ Ear infections
→ Common cold
→ Strep throat and Tonsillitis



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