Lead Up to the Human Design Rave new Year(Part 2)

In Human Design, we see the new year – the Rave New Year – beginning when the Sun transits Gate 41. In this Part 2, we continue with the last two weeks leading to the Sun transiting Gate 41. The Sun moves into this gate on January 22, 2022 at 2:49:37 GMT. Gate 41 relates to the only start codon in our genes. This provides instructions to begin protein translation. This is why in Human Design, this is the time for the new year.

So if you have been feeling pressured to ring in 2022 with fervour, hope, and rejoice and not feeling quite there, the mechanics of the Sun transits may be part of the reason. We are still wrapping up this last cycle, releasing, looking back, and coming into the wisdom stage of a cycle.

In Part 1, we look at stages 1 and 2 and we continue with the last two and with the Quarter of Mutation, which goes from November 5, 2021 to February 3 2022. Also to note, it is the same four stages each year. leading to the Human Design new year.

Sun transits account for 70% of the celestial impact on us. The gates that the Sun transits are activated for everyone and so this is a collective energy. How they relate or activate different areas of our design depends on our conscious and unconscious activations at birth and 88 degrees prior to that. We are not the transits. These are an opportunity to observe the collective energy. Also how do we respond, what becomes a pressure and what becomes clear?. The key is to continue to navigate with our inner guidance and authority. No matter the wave, we ground in who we are.

Stages 3 & 4 Approaching Human Design Rave New Year

Stage 3: Sun enters Gate 61

20°45’00” Capricorn January 11, 2022 at 1:37:16 GMT

Gate 61 is Inner Truth – Mystery, “the awareness of universal underlying principles” (The Definitive Book fo Human Design) and “the potential of inner truth is silence” (Daily View). This is the energy for thinking about the cosmic mysteries, the unknown, the occult, the unknown and unknowable. It’s common when thinking about death or mortality to ponder why we are even here. What we discover or receive as inspiration is not logical or explainable. Life is a mystery. It is a wonder. Do you believe in the divine, in something beyond the mundane?

Are you comfortable not knowing? How does this show up in how you approach other people, challenges, passions, and life? Can we enjoy the mystery?

Gate 61 is an individual gate in the Head Centre and part of the Knowing Circuit which is the energy of empowerment. People with individual gates and circuity are here to express and live as themselves, their uniqueness bringing change, mutation, and example. The Knowing Circuit is about intuitive knowing, being attuned to oneself, the environment, and the moment. It is neither logical nor abstract so not based on facts or what’s learned through experience. With Gate 24, Gate 61 forms the Channel of Awareness, the design of an individual thinker. Without the 24, 61 is here to enjoy the mystery and allow your inner truth and knowing to be revealed and emanate in its own rhythm and timing.

From the Daily View :

Gate 61 is the pressure to know, to unravel the mystery, and to inspire with unique moments of absolute recognition. This knowing moves us toward deeper levels of self-acceptance where we can embrace what distinguishes us from others. We love to spend time musing, and mentally delving into the unknown. When we ‘know’ that we have a unique insight, and wait for the right time to express it, we feel liberated. When our knowing inspires, empowers, or mutates others, we feel empowered. Compared to the Collective mind, which is either focused on what happened in the past or predicting what may happen in the future, our Individual mind yearns for silence now, for all the voices and dialogue to stop. If we give in to the intense pressure, and let the unknown haunt us, our inspiration can become confused by delusion, leading to deep uncertainty and anxiety. The secret is to enjoy our thoughts and let our inner knowing, our inner truth, reveal itself in its own unique timing.

When you get to the Sun in Gate 61, Inner Truth, and on the other side Gate 62 (the facts please, just the facts), you look back and see whether purpose and spirit have been fulfilled. You take a look at the forces around you that have been there for you, and those that have not, so you can lay the groundwork for a new beginning.

Then you look within yourself, that Inspiration (through Gate 61) will be there: based on fact, based on what’s possible, on your own Authority, on your power to realize your potential. (Then you get to Gate 60 and you just let go, but we’ll get there.) It’s a key to this coming week (61-62), a week of thinking. We’re in such a hurry to move forward that we don’t give ourselves time to assess. It’s time to assess! If you’ve missed looking for purpose and spirit, if you have not looked back at those forces to see who was there for you and who was not, then it’s time to do so and to put that in perspective, to give yourself what you need.

Ra Uru Hu, Human Design

According to the Gene keys, GK 61 is “The Holy of Holies”, with the shadow frequency of psychosis, gift frequency of inspiration, and siddhi frequency of sanctity. For creator of the Gene Keys Richard Rudd, “creativity is the single most important Gift for drawing humming out of its mass psychosis.” We can clearly see now that collectively we’ve been dealing with mass psychosis. The last two years demonstrates this, though the psychosis and hypnosis began long before our global shut-down.

The 61st Siddhi is neither a place nor a state. It is the inner experience of sanctity – of being one with the Divine. Within this Siddhi, true reality dawns. The pressure that creates humanity’s mass psychosis is no longer routed directly into the human brain but is refused and rerouted through the solar plexus system (which houses a far more advanced system of awareness).  Once the pressure of awareness is removed from the brain, the question of why finally ceases, and all other questions emerging from it such as how and who also die. However, the pressure must go somewhere and indeed it does. Through the medium of the solar plexus centre, it goes everywhere. It is through the constantly vibrating wave frequencies emerging from the solar plexus that awareness is carried beyond the body into every corner of the universe. You immediately find yourself both completely empty and yet endlessly full.

Richard Rudd, Gene Keys

Stage 4: Sun enters Gate 60

26°22’30” Capricorn January 16, 2022 at 14:10:09 GMT

Stage 4: Sun enters 60, the Gate of Limitation. This gate is also part of the Knowing and Individual Circuit. This is the Gate of Acceptance – “the acceptance of limitation is the first step to transcendence.” Part of the Root Centre, which along with the Head Centre is a pressure centre, Gate 60 is the mutative energy to become form. This can be experienced as an on-off push or restlessness to create, to change, or to affect change. Together with Gate 3 of the Sacral Centre, Gate 6- forms the Channel of Mutation. People with this channel in their design has a strong energy for renewal and innovation. They may experience difficulty or confusion at the beginning, with Gate 3 and that is something to be transcended if mutation is to take hold. When the mind desires change and when that change is not at hand, a person can experience melancholy, this waiting, this pressure building up. This is not depression and it is good for all individuals to understand that melancholy is part of their design and to discover how to move with it, work with it. Otherwise they can experience depression, frustration, chaos, instability, and resistance. There is a timing for mutation that is beyond logic and reason. Not identifying with emotions or trying to find reasons with the mind is essential.

Now we move onto the 60th Gate of Limitation. It’s about letting go, it’s always about letting go. I think this is one of the most difficult things for human beings trying to live their lives as themselves, letting go of the seduction that mind puts in front of them all the time. Letting go of this sense of insecurity and needing to take care of business themselves, when in fact it just blows them way.

How beautiful and peaceful it is to be able to rest within yourself, and find the truth within you. Getting to this place is about letting go of the past, letting go of it all. Not just simply letting go of what didn’t work, but ready to step forward into a new experiential cycle with the Sun entering the 41st gate, and away we go.

Limitation is something extraordinary because it’s all about transcendence. The moment you can accept limitation, it no longer exists. This is all about mind, and the way mind distorts things, keeping you uncomfortable in your life. If you can accept the limitation of who you are, the way it is, and live life as yourself, this is a beautiful thing.

Ra Uru Hu

From Brian Browne Walker’s translation of The I Ching : Book of Changes,

Hexagram 60 reminds us that “life lived without guidelines is confusing and troubling. However, limit that are over strenuous are not helpful; having too many rules causes rebellion in the one on whom they are imposed, whether one’s self or another. Therefore there must be limits even on one’s limits. To yourself, the setting of limits means defining your purpose and responsibilities so that you have a clear idea of where your energies are to be aimed. Your limited should be determined by yourself, not another or the culture in which you life. Avoid harshness and impatience with yourself. Allow yourself pleasure, but avoid careless self-indulgence.

Brian Browne Walker’s translation comes in a light portable book that we enjoy having. We have one in the car and one in the house. Another translation I enjoy is the one by Carol K. Anthony. Like many people, we also have the Wilhelm/Baynes version.

With these insights from the I Ching, Gene Keys, and Human Design, may you have an expanded perspective of the ending of this cycle. I invite you to spend time to contemplate and observe, and may the Human Design Rave New Year be one of alignment, correctness, and self-love.

Moving towards the Human Design Rave New Year

It is common and natural to look back at the year, to process and come to some understanding. The last two years have been a radical departure from what most of us have experienced in life. I have heard from many friends who grew up in former communist countries, such as the Czech Republic and it’s interesting to hear their perspectives. Because sometimes we don’t realize we are in fact sitting in a pot of slowly boiling water.

What these past two years have shown me is that the external world can dramatically change overnight and we can feel restricted and without choice, scratching our head in disbelief how it all went south, how our liberties were taken away, and how a fear-based narrative has distorted so much. It’s also shown me, and reminded me, that our experiences and thus reality are subjective.

The important thing is that we all find what is true for us, from the deepest and highest places of who we truly are. For those who have been on a spiritual journey, looking at, healing, integrating, wholing wounds and ancestral patterns just got real. No more bypassing. Where we are fearful and judgmental really showed. And this journey has likely gone yet another layer for many people.

Or perhaps you’re in the Human Design experiment and you’ve been deconditioning for a while. These times are an opportunity to further release coping strategies born from conditioning and homogenizing influences we did not realize were pressuring us. These have impacted us, whether it is correct or not, and it’s not about placing blame.

We are now approaching the end of a cycle, and what Human Design calls the Rave new Year. Navigating these times aligned with who we are, our inner truth, and respecting others is essential, though probably not quite easy. Be assured that we do have the tools, experience, insights, wisdom, and community.

Happy Rave New Year.