The Creative Processs

What is creativity, the creative process, and is everyone creative are common and much-discussed questions. Here, we will look at the creative process through Gene Keys.

Briefly About Gene Keys

Gene Keys is a “system” birthed by Richard Rudd. As he began as a student of Human Design which itself is a synthesis of several systems, we will find similarities with Gene Keys. Both for example are based on our birth time and 88 degrees prior to determine the Personality (Conscious) and Design (Unconscious) information of our make-up and design.

At these two times, planets activate one of 64 Gates depending on where in the zodiac they are. The circle is basically divided into 64 and so specific degrees of the zodiac correspond with one of the 64 Gates. 11º22’30” to 17º00’00” Gemini is Gate 35. So if your Sun is located within this range, then your Sun Gate is 35.

In Gene Keys, at present we work most closely with 11 of the 64, although in both systems, each of us has all 64. They are called Gene Keys to reflect the primacy in philosophy of their relation to the 64 codons. These 11 Gene Keys make up our hologenetic profile, our blueprint and map of genetic sequences that awaken and unlock who we are. These 11 include our Life’s Work, Purpose, Vocation, and Culture.

The Golden Path

One way to explore our hologenetic profile is through the Golden Path. At present, this consists of three sequences – Activation, Venus, and Pearl, with a fourth one – Harmony – in development. It is recommended to start with the first one though jumping into the Venus Sequence first, if you are so called, is also fine. The Pearl Sequence, however, because it is “the harvest that arises from the first two sequences”, is best done after the others, when we have begun to anchor our purpose as an embodied knowing and to open our hearts. The Pearl Sequence is the outer manifestation of our inner world and where “we also learn to further refine our outer expression through a continual contemplation of the essential in life.”

If you are interested in walking the Golden Path through these journeys, do take a look at the self-study courses, online retreats, and the physical books for each sequence. I have taken the self-study courses and participated in the online retreats for the Activation and Venus Sequences and am currently reading about the Pearl Sequence, as I await the online retreat anticipated for this fall. The insight from the contemplation and listening to Richard’s transmissions has activated a deeper understanding and an expanded perspective of the I AM.

Activation Sequence self-study course

Venus Sequence self-study course

Pearl Sequence self-study course

upcoming Activation Sequence Virtual Retreat : Deep Dive into Genius

From time to time, I’ll also return and review to deepen my contemplation. Re-reading my Radiance (1st GK), which is a part of the Activation Sequence, is the water nourishing a seed long planted before. It’s provided another layer to my understanding of the creative process, and to my own.

Melancholy & The Creative Process

There is a deep misunderstanding of melancholy. From the Human Design and Gene Keys perspective, melancholy is a chemical state that is not depression though it may lead to it. We put stock and meaning to our internal weather changes, when we feel down or when we feel up. The mind gets involved and is determined to craft a story, rationalize, or otherwise give reason to how we are feeling. We can also deepen our melancholy by listening to sad music, which can make us feel depressed about life, justified or pressured to feel better and put on a “brave face.” Music is especially impactful as individual activations are acoustic.

In Human Design, melancholy is part and parcel of having individual activations. The individual is here to be mutative, to bring change to the tribe and collective. This process does not have a timeline we understand and more importantly control. It shows up when it shows up. Surrendering to its flow helps us become the empty vessels for a new expression.

1st Gene Key & Melancholy

Each Gene Key has three frequency bands that make up its specific spectrum of consciousness. For the first Gene Key, Entropy, Freshness, and Beauty are the Shadow, Gift, and Siddhi frequencies.

Here are some things Richard Rudd writes in The Gene Keys about Entropy:

“Energy manifests in human beings as numbness, and this numbness is actually an extremely fertile state of awareness.”

“The state of entropy is rather like a vacuum state. Your system is recharging, so the energy within you withdraws into a kind of stasis….provide a delicate environment for something quite special to occur, if you are patient to allow it. This something is the creative process. Your low energy means something intangible is gestating inside you…Only when the state mutates to its expressive state will you see what the process is about.”

“These low times…generally require aloneness and withdrawal in order for the seeds sprouting inside you to germinate.”

So whenever we resist or try to fix any of the Shadow frequencies, we can more easily experience depression. The key is to accept how we feel, feel it without attachment, and allow the energy to flow through and complete this process of being. This is essential for everyone to remember and to explore, and especially for people who have an individual design. Richard reminds us that the more creative we are, the more potent the melancholy. When misunderstood, it feels like a curse and a downward spiral into deep depression. Once we shift our perspective, we can experience it as the gift and strength that it is.

The Creative Process for Humanity

“Because of this 1st Shadow, humanity as a species is not nearly as creative as it could be.”


We in general deny this melancholic state, doing what we can to minimize it, fix it or explain it away. In this way, we are not fully allowing the creative process to unfold.

Many artists do create deeply moving pieces in this state and may come to depend on it. I personally wonder how many creative people allow the process to naturally unfold, rather than jump in and use melancholy itself to drive their external output, which is something I completely understand and have done myself. Do we perpetuate this Shadow in our world because we are expressing the darkness of the void, of the womb, rather than the light that emerges as Freshness, Beauty, and other Gift and Siddhi frequencies? It’s when humanity lifts from Shadow frequencies (by embracing them) that the higher frequencies awaken from within our DNA.

So what to Do?

First it is to recognize how you are feeling. Many people are so disconnected, through conditioning, trauma, etc, that feelings are uncomfortable, unnatural, and painful. If this is true for you, do look into working with someone.

It is natural to question what and why we are feeling a certain way. When we attach a story, a past event, or pattern, we can get trapped by the mind, in our fear, in our resistance. Experiment with letting it go. Maybe it’s going for a walk, doodling, or some kind of movement to allow the energy to flow through. If it’s too overwhelming, naps work for me. The key is not to get stuck in it, not to believe our own thoughts, and observe. Be okay with our aloneness; there’s no need to explain or defend. Then that fresh idea appears, ready for expression.

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