Reminder : We are not the Weather

We are not the weather. We are the sky.

We are not the clouds. We are the sky.

We are not the rainbows. We are the sky.

This is what I’m reminded of when heavy feelings and external energies pull me away. Clouds and storms are temporary and they blow by. Yes, this too shall pass. And life is not about chasing rainbows and only sunshine.

Internal weather indicates imbalances, pressures, build-ups, etc. What within myself is being triggered? What am I ignoring or overlooking? What is ready for releasing, or deeper integration?

We can also become affected by external weather. A bad hair day, anyone? Feeling like it’s a movies day when it’s pouring outside? Maybe you get headaches from barometric changes. It can be the local weather from the people you live with. Or maybe it’s the lunar cycle, Mercury retrograde, or your Chiron Return.

When we are imbalanced or not anchored in who we are, we can more easily be impacted by the external. Planetary retrogrades, for example, can seem to intensify the chaos we already feel. When centred, we are more present and resilient. This enhances our ability moving through the shifts, sitting in silence, letting go more gracefully, and staying present to whatever arises from within.

I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway.

I am not your carpet ride, I am the sky.

I am not your blowing wind, I am the lightning.

I am not your autumn moon, I am the night… night.

Chris Cornell, I am the Highway

The weather can provide us with information about ourselves and where we are on our journey.

External weather reflects and energizes impersonal trends and collective energy. It is insightful to observe it around us, through us, and in us. Planetary transits, for example, are a potent way for us to experience these energies, try on something for a short while, and take on a different perspective as a way to raise awareness of ourselves and others. Large cycles can furthermore indicate themes in our evolution. We may be transformed by our experience; we are not the experience. Transits are passing weather; we are not the weather.

We can also see how much and how easily we can be pulled away from who we are. This information is for us, to be more aware of the current pressures and how we respond. Do we let our mind take over? Are we able to centre and connect with ourselves? Maybe we place a greater emphasis on rest and rejuvenation, noting that we have been running on empty. Or we recognize it as a time to shift gears, shift focus, and remember everything has its own timeline and season. Instead of obsessing over a project that may have lost its steam or it’s just a natural pause, for example, we let go and re-focus on what brings us joy.

Our consciousness dictates what timelines will play out over these coming months and years, nothing is more important in every now moment than us undoing the matrix by remembering who we are.

Andrew Genovese (@BreatheHealEvolve)

According to Human Design, the not-self responds to the pressures, the mind, and from our conditioning. The not-self believes it is incomplete and that something is wrong with them. The not-self takes over with its fears and coping strategies created for survival. This is the mind that is incessant, trying to control uncertainty, chaos…life.

The Human Design term “not-self” of course is part of the whole self. It is that part of us that acts, unaware of how we’ve been conditioned, to behave like other people, rather than as ourselves. It is that part of us that has built walls to protect against potential hurt, pain, and suffering.

Given that the majority of people have an Open Ego/Heart Centre, a major not-self theme in our world is trying to prove and improve. It is this great pressure to succeed. The not-self seeks an external strategy to survive, to beat the system, or make money in a way that’s not naturally aligned with their passions, desires, and talents. Is it success when we meet the metrics of success as defined by a 7-centred consciousness and homogenized world?

Knowing the weather forecast helps us see the bigger picture. Evolutionary Astrologist Steven Forest’s approach is one of working with astrological forces, rather than be a victim of them. It’s knowing it will rain, to bring an umbrella with you. Or if solar flares are coming, know that there may be an energetic impact, and be more compassionate with yourself and others. It’s knowing that Mercury is in retrograde and internal communications is the focus. It’s time to review, re-consider, re-do, reset. Of course planetary activations will impact each of our design differently. It depends on our bodygraph characteristics and also on how much we are living according to our nature. The best way to navigate any weather is to follow our inner authority and honour our personal sovereignty. Focus on ourselves and take responsibility.

Nodal changes are shake-down, a time in which the illusion of the last four months, the scenarios that the not-self mind have been caught up in, begin to fall apart.

Without the window dressing, without the focus and emphasis by the Nodes, things lose their glamour, the attraction and powerful hold on the mind stops, and many people out in the world will be surprised that they are holding on to fool’s gold instead of a powerful new beginning that will transform their lives.

Ra Uru Hu

Nodal Environment

Gates 34 and 20 plus Channel of Charisma :: A Human Design Perspective

The Nodes recently shifted. The South Node is now in Gate 34 (Gate of Power) and the North Node, Gate 20 (Gate of Patience). Until January 17, 2022, this will be our nodal environment.

The Nodes of the Moon are the background. They set the stage. Not only do they set the stage in the sense that they provide the scenery, but more than that, they provide the scenery and the forces that are going to populate that scenery. They provide the background characteristics.

Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design

Unlike other activations in our Human Design bodygraph, planets do not determine the nodes. It’s the position of where the Moon’s orbit intersects the Earth’s path. The nodes are the environment, including people. For the next several months, with the nodal environment in Gates 34 and 20, we will also experience the powerful energy that is the Channel of Charisma which these two gates together create. This is the energy and design where “thought must become deed.” This is the pressure to do, to act in the now.

It is the most powerful Channel in the Human Design chart, giving us the theme of sustainable responsive energy that is expressed in response to what’s needed.

The mastery of the theme of this channel teaches us to trust that when our response and power is required, the opportunity to take the lead will show itself. To fully activate and utilize this incredible power to “do”, we have to manage our energy so that it stays sustainable. We must be dialed in to the needs of the world so that we can respond to the call to unify our energy with the energy of others and do the “work” to create something new, something more sustainable and better for all of us.

Karen Curry, Quantum Human Design

34-20 is an individual channel, which has the keynote of empowerment. It’s about doing what you love and living in the now for your survival and as yourself. This is a very self-focused energy, which when incorrectly expressed is selfish and a misuse or wasted use of life force energy. Those with 34-20 in their design are here to respond. It’s not about initiating, which can lead to incorrect display of power and action. In living as themselves, they can bring great change to the collective.

In Gate 34 reside might, power, violence. But only their application each moment (20) determines whether they are helpful or destructive, healthy or unhealthy (57). In any case it’s the base energy for one’s composure, the stance toward ourselves, our way of life (10), our individual, healthy (57) being each moment (20) of life. Life wants to happen, wants to be with great power.

Martin Grassinger, Human Design System

As the global nodal environment, 34-20 is the background frequency and characteristics. Remember, this is the external environment for everyone and so there will be great pressure on everyone to do, to be busy. As most of the world live as their not-self, many will succumb to the programming and we may see much incorrect action. Correctness requires awareness, including awareness of the mechanics in play. The 34-20 nodal environment calls for awareness, to guide action and to use power for the common good.

I invite to observe your environment and any additional pressures you may feel “to do” in the coming months. Are you bypassing an inner knowing to wait, to witness, to be, to rest? How is the ebb and flow of your energy? How much are you honouring your need to rest?

Remember we are not the weather. It may be correct for us to be active and “doing”. Where does that impetus come from? What is our motivation? Are we seeing what is for us to see?

By raising our awareness of our energetic and physical environment, we become more attuned to where both external and internal pressures are, the internal and external weather. We can better connect with ourselves, to hear that inner voice, that instinctual splenic response, those body signals, and however else you hear your inner authority.

For me, the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu has been instrumental in me centering myself. It helps to be in nature, like being in the ocean. Or I give more time to what is fun for me. The key is to find what works for you, without it becoming a crutch or a substitute in some way to avoid sitting with myself.