Get Ready for the Planetary New Year

July 26 marks the start of a new planetary year, with the planet Sirius conjunct the Sun. This White Magnetic Wizard year also ushers in a new 13-year cycle and the Lions Gate Portal opens. Exciting times. So here are some tips to get ready and level up.

First, let’s have a look at the energies leading up to the White Magnetic Wizard (Kin 14). This includes:

  • the last 13-day cycle of the year, the Red Dragon Wavespell (July 13 – 25)
  • a potent Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 16
  • Mercury Retrograde Epiphany Day (Sun conjunct Mercury) on July 21
  • Day Out of Time on July 25

(Take what resonates with you.)

Red Dragon Wavespell

We are always moving through cycles, cycles within cycles, spirals. The Red Dragon Wavespell is the last before the new planetary year starting on July 26 2019. This wavespell also begins a 260-day cycle culminating on March 29 2020. 260 days is the approximate gestation time of a human baby, by the way. Set your intentions for this wavespell and leading into the new planetary year. The Red Dragon is about birth, re-birth, nurturing, and primal energy.

Mariela Maya of Mayankin helps us navigate through each wavespell with questions along with the daily Kin and its correlations to the joints of the body. Mayankin’s Red Dragon Wavespell – website link and PDF.

The last day of this wavespell is Red Cosmic Skywalker, Kin 13. So that’s 13th tone, 13th day of this cycle. The Cosmic tone – the ray of universal movement – is the final of the 13 tones. Red Skywalker is a time/space traveller who can jump and connect dimensions. We can join the pillars of heaven and earth within ourselves through dynamic equilibrium. How will you be doing this?

This is place of re-entry into the infinite. Here a cycle of life has been made and lived through. The cosmic tone is all about transcendence and endurance. The presence of life and light bestows itself as all that is in existence. With the intelligence and zero point creative energy that the cosmic tone naturally holds new frontiers are felt coming forward in the distance of time.

13 Moon Peace Time Blog

If kins, tones, wavespells, planetary new year, and the Tzolkin calendar are new to you, discover more in our interview with Yvonne Lau. (Also see resources provided below.) The Law of Time is multidimensional laws. We are working with cosmic order, synchronized to a 13:20 pulse. As Jacob Rhythmic Dragon of 13 Moon Calendar Essentials says, “the 13 Moon Calendar’s unique purpose is not to keep track of something happening out there but everywhere at once. [The point is] the order underlying those movements and our direct experience of that order.”

Woman on landscape with Rainbow
Getting Ready for Planetary new Moon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

This is an especially potent and intense lunar eclipse. 24°04′ Capricorn at 2:39 PM (Pacific Time). The Moon conjunct Pluto and the South Node brings up themes of power and transformation. Let. Go. Completely, from our past beings. “Let what must die, die.” – Clarissa Pinkola Estés. We can ask if anything significant from our past or in our structures we are ready to release. As we are also in Mercury Retrograde, people from our past can also show up. Astrologer DK Brainard points out that the hidden is coming up in ways that become visible to us, so we can finally clear out the energy. Ah, the gift of the eclipse season.

What kind of nurturing home can we create within ourselves, and by extension in the outer world? Astrologer Elizabeth Jones reminds us to connect to our spiritual lineage for support.

With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction approaching, it’s important we use this eclipse to unearth any fears of leading our own livesand discerning our own destiny independent of mainstream propaganda. We must be prepared to do what we know to be right even if everything and everyone around us says it’s wrong. 

Sara Varcas, as quoted by Mystic Mama

The Full Lunar Eclipse on the Capricorn Full Moon pulls all the grids within and without into the energetic hormonic of union of matter and spirit through our physical vehicles.

Soluntra King, Evenstar Creations

More about Capricorn – the goat, the initiate

geting ready for planetary new year Lions Gate Mercury Retrograde Stock Photo by CandicePicard

Mercury Retrograde Epiphany Day

Mercury is in retrograde from July 9 to July 31, stationing direct opposite the Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday. We often hear about the shadows and the outward disruptions of this time. Read a fuller story about Mercury Retrograde to see how to surf the energies to powerfully pivot.

The key to Mercury Retrograde is going inward, reviewing, releasing, reassessing. Being quiet, still, yielding. At some point in a Mercury retrograde the Sun becomes conjunct Mercury, when the gifts of this planet are iridescent and brilliant. The Sun’s radiance can burn off the dross around our beliefs, intensely focusing on the most salient, with diamond clarity. These transmissions can happen a few days on either side of the conjunction on July 21 so fine-tune your dials and antennas, be ready to receive. Trust your downloads.

To boot, DK Brainard shares that after Mercury, which rules linear analytic thought, goes direct, what we have been processing in our depths will be fleshed out on the mental level.

Day Out of Time

July 25 is the day between the old and new year, belonging to neither cycle. The galactic year consists of 13 moons, with 28 days each (13×28=364 days). The focus of Day Out of Time is peace and celebration, the pause between the end of one cycle, releasing the past, and the start of the next, with new beginnings. Stepping out of time, we also remember eternal time and the unity of all.

This is also Global Water Appreciation Day, started by the late Dr Emoto. We’ve seen from Dr Emoto’s research that we can affect the creation of water crystals with our thoughts, projections, and words.

It’s not difficult to imagine what we are doing to the waters in our body and the bodies of water on our planet. Cleaning the streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans may seem a daunting task. What about we start cleaning up our thoughts and words? By changing our perspectives and beliefs, addressing our fears and shadows, being conscious of our vocabulary. Is our storytelling causing harm?

We can also cleanse our internal waters – by feeling all the feels, without hiding, projecting, disowning, and being shamed and ashamed. The water element is about our emotions.

Planetary New Year – White Magnetic Wizard

White Magnetic Wizard year initiates a Grand Reorientation of Consciousness. The Time is Now to encode the future and re-enchant the world with the memory of Unity.

Stephanie South, Lineage Holder of the Galactic Time Teachings

The White Wizard, as you may guess, is about magic. This is magic that comes from wisdom borne of the fires of the heart and empowerment that comes from self-acceptance. The White Wizard is a vehicle for the natural flow of magic, without grasping, without doubting. It’s joy, synchronicity, and play. The White Magnetic Wizard magnetizes, by seeing everything as part of unity. This means that everything and everyone is also part of us.

I unify in order to enchant
Attracting receptivity
I seal the output of timelessness
With the magnetic tone of purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled

Lions Gate Portal

Celia Fenn writes extensively about the Lions Gate. This is a portal that opens with the planetary new year on July 26 and closes August 12, with its maximum aperture on August 8. Guarded by Royal Sirian Lions – “Lions of Yesterday and Tomorrow”, the way to enter this portal is through anchoring in present time and consciousness of your path. This is the sacred time of new beginning, when we can initiate and create new timelines and time cycles. You can read Celia’s writings in full here.

Tips on Prepping for the New Year & Beyond

The more disconnected from Nature we become the more that amnesia of our true essence sets in. This results in a planetary identity crisis. When this disconnection occurs then we are easily swayed to respond to outer stimulus and preprogrammed matrixes of illusion.

13:20 Frequency Shift, Encoding the Future-Steering the Timeship
  • The energies of eclipse season can be intense! Go for a walk in the park, field, mountains… Be with Mother Nature. We NEED Nature.
  • Look at where we give our power away. Time to reclaim our power. Read about the four archetypes we all have, according to Caroline Myss, when dealing with power, safety, and security. Becoming aware of our energy leaks, poor boundaries, compromising, and ways of manipulation and control sheds light on our sources of false power aka force. Incongruent and fear-based structures will no longer stand. Let’s create from a higher level of consciousness. Have fun!
  • How do we stay anchored as the eye of the storm? How do we stay centred in our own zero point, at the still point of the turning world? Do we allow outer events determine how we feel, how we respond? Also how are we the turmoil and the tempest for ourselves and others?
  • How do we connect to the light of our spiritual lineage? Do you believe you come from a spiritual lineage? Are you a hybrid? Bring forth your talents and gifts. We are all here for a reason. Choose to see yourself and everyone else as their highest self.
  • What is your self care practice? How well are you taking care of your physical body? Find out what self care actually means.
  • What are your beliefs about your body? Your health? When we transform our beliefs, we can change the energetic blueprint from which we continually rebuild our physical vehicle and reality.
  • Where have changes occurred and we haven’t updated the script of the story we continue to tell? Astrologer Wendy Cicchetti reminds us that blocks exist to help us, protect us even, and when we are ready they dissolve. We can create a fertile environment, receptive to the changes and states of being by being receptive, discerning, compassionate, and present.

You may ask – what is this calendar? A planetary new year in the middle of the summer/winter? What people may not realize is that the Gregorian calendar is man-created, rather than following the moons and the stars. It is artificial time, machine-time. As people resonate with the artificial, comfort, trust, and familiarity with it increases, further deepening our separation from ourselves, nature, and cosmic energies.

If stars step constantly upward, why should the global interlace of humans, microbes, plants, and animals not move upward steadily as well? The horizons toward which we must soar are within us, anxious to break free, to emerge from our imaginings, then to beckon us forward into fresh realities.

Howard Bloom, Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang in the 21st Century

We are here in this juncture, this time-space insertion and we have choice. We can clear out the lingering interference fields from past existences, from whatever ancestral patterns coming up now. There is a self beyond all our individual, family, tribal, cultural, national, and planetary identities, woundings, and pains. As we clear and step more fully into who we are, it’s time for quantum leaps, frequency shifts, new timelines, and changing consensus reality. Stay your course. Choose, over and over again.

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Photo Credit : Candace Picard