Who’s Got Your Goat? Here’s to Saturn in Capricorn

Got your Goat Saturn and Jupiter

There is a saying ” got your goat” which means to get someone angry.

Visionary Activist Astrologer Caroline Casey of Coyote Network News reminds us that autonomy is Saturn’s sacrament. Saturn is dedication, structure, boundaries, “eyeliner”, wit & humour, self-possession, father energy, authority … Saturn is powerful medicine, one that freaks out a whole lot of people. Saturn can be a stern teacher.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is the goat and Saturn, too, is represented by the goat. And now with Saturn in Capricorn (for the next little while), how do we magnetize Jupiter’s blessings with Saturn’s dedication?

It is time to anchor in our bones, to have appropriate boundaries, to be sovereign of ourselves, be autonomous so no one gets our goat. No one can get us angry by breaching our field, by eliciting unconscious behaviour patterns.

Caroline Casey reminds us of our addiction to having an enemy – so many people project their shadow self and all the attributes deemed undesirable at some point. It’s easier to look outward at what’s wrong, than to clean house. People can be so addicted to blaming, complaining, whingeing, argh. This is outsourced Saturn.

This is victimhood. She says that a part of us likes it, actually likes it when others goof up, so we can be all self-righteous, and ready to escalate it, perhaps so we can be distracted from what’s going on inside, so we can believe we are taking action. This would explain how social media comments can so quickly get out of hand.

I love what she calls the Saturn-Jupiter-Saturn dynamics. When we see something we don’t quite like, because it’s now in our attention field, instead of raising your hackles, let’s bless it, bless them, with a light-heart and awareness that it is “our own perversity”. Blessings. What also works? I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Gratitude. Appreciation.

Let’s remember that Saturn is also wit and humour. How can we be “more frolicsome and autonomous and creatively disobedient than before it got got.” (Caroline Casey)

Deciding to tap into the Jupiter intelligence, we can really open up. Making the choice to respond, rather than react, we are no longer victims of old programming. We are not abandoned; we have been liberated. We get to transform what Caroline Casey calls “complicitous chi” and animate endogenous medicine. With Saturn energies, we have the ability to hold complexity and multiple stories, and discern. We get to build through dedication and within structure, we can expand with focus. We can magnetize our blessings and opportunity and direct it to positive action.

So get your goat back.